Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 7, Day 1 (Weigh in Day)

This week I am back down 4 lbs. to 207.  If everyone remembers last week I had gained 4 lbs. after doing week 5 and this week I lost the 4 lbs. that I had gained.  =)  I am happy about that.  I wished I hadn't gained to begin with, but I had a bad week.  Not trying to dwell on that.  Today we had really bad storms, luckily they waited until I got off the highway on my drive home from work or traffic would have been awful.  All this warm weather caused tornado weather and the sky was super dark.  Its still raining a lot, but I think the worst of the storm has passed.  My hubby already ate because he had a busy day working and just picked up something on his way home so I grabbed a Zaxby's salad on my way too because I just wanted to relax, watch movies, and enjoy listening to the rain with my hubby.  Mondays at work are always the most tiring because after the weekend schedule, I don't wanna pick myself back up to work so early. 

What I ate:

Breakfast:  Uncle Sams with unsweet coconut milk and regular coffee with creamer and pure via.  I have also started taking probiotics in the the morning, the one Rosalie suggested)  I think it helps, but not sure yet.  Its only been a couple days since I started taking.

Lunch:  Low carb/high fiber wrap with smoked ham and swiss with a side baby spinach salad with balsamic vinaigrette

Dinner:  Zaxbys salad with zaxbys ranch and a little bit of my hubby's horchata drink left over from his dinner.  I am addicted to this stuff!!!

I included my stats for today, and I really wish I could lower the fat, but it seems that its in everything!!!  I did good with the fiber intake, but ya know the more fiber I eat....the more my belly seems to hurt. : (  

Fat(g) Carbs(g)   Fiber(g)  Sugar(g)   Prot(g)    KCals
113.86 114.73 32.8 17.29 95.76 1795    

Hope every is having a great start to their week!! :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Weekend Week 6, Day 5, 6, & 7

 Well this weekend went way to fast.  I could use another couple of days.  Saturday I visited my grandmothers and then my family invited me for dinner.  Today I went to church and then back home to relax.  It was a beautiful day here in GA, almost 80 degrees!! This is crazy for February, but loved the beautiful sunshine.  Now on to watch the Oscars! =)  I love to see all the fancy dresses and such the actresses wear.  Wish I could own a beautiful dress and go somewhere fancy like that.  hehe!!

What I ate:

Breakfast- Whole wheat english muffin, two eggs, and smoked ham with my regular coffee
Lunch- Ham & Swiss on Natures own sugar free bread with dijon mustard
Dinner- Zaxbys house salad with ranch (slightly over the count for a meal, but not over for the day)

Breakfast- Sausage Egg McMuffin and regular coffee
Lunch- Half Applebees Reuben and a very few french fries
Dinner- (ate at my parents for dinner) Prime Rib, broccoli, salad with cheese and newman own dressing and 1/4 cup of fresh mashed potatoes

Breakfast- Uncle Sams and unsweetened coconut milk with one packet truvia
Lunch- Two eggs scrambled, two slices of nature own sugar free bread with two slices of bacon
Dinner- Taco salad with a couple tortilla chips

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week 6, Day 4

WELL I have great news!!! My hubby fixed the septic tank issue! Praise the lord!! Hallelujah!! Yeehaaw!! Yippittyduda!! What else can I say?  haha!  Can you tell my day is much better and less stressful. = )

He decided to cut the lines himself since he knows a lot about plumbing and he does a lot with pool drains and such.  I am just thankful he knows what he is doing because without him, I was about to have to figure out how to come up with $2400 to pay for new septic lines and a new outer tee.  But he fixed it for $18 !!! Can we say wow!!  All he had to do was the dig more of our front yard up.  Luckily we have a roommate that is one of his best friends that was so helpful!  SO they dug up the yard all the way to the front of the house and cut the pipes to the septic tank.  They then found massive massive roots growing into the lines and a HUGE clog that looked like this gigantic birds nest with roots and paper, etc.  It was quiet disgusting actually.  Haha! He text me a picture at work.  He just wanted to show me what he had found.  He then bought more piping and put it back together and walaa!! Fixed!! Thank the lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I will be jumping up and down the rest of the day filled with relief.  =)

Work was boring as can possibly be, so that made a difference from yesterday's crazy stressful one and tomorrow is Friday woohoo!!  Looking forward to a nice weekend, suppose to be sorta warm here.

Today I ate:

Breakfast:  High Fiber/Low Carb tortilla with two eggs scrambled topped with crema and queso fresco with two pieces of uncured bacon.  Also my regular coffee with creamer and pure via

Lunch:  Big salad with lots of romaine, topped with sunflower seeds, cheddar cheese, chicken deli meat with fat free balsamic vinaigrette.  I also had a few triscuits to keep me fuller and vitamin zero water.

Dinner:  small chicken breast and one wing, cup of broccoli and 1/2 cup of green cabbage steamed

Snack:  Redi whip in a small bowl (about 1/2 cup) and I grated a tiny tiny bit of dark chocolate on top (since I still can't stand to eat a whole piece)  I just don't like the bitter taste. 

Fat(g)   Carbs(g)    Fiber(g)  Sugar(g)  Prot(g)  KCals
62.54 70.16 23.1 6.81 78.95 1078

While I was at work bored out of my mind, I was looking around at blogs and came across some useful links with low carb meal ideas.  We can't use all the recipes on here, or possibly we could adapt them to be BFC friendly, but just thought I would share.  I love finding different recipes.

Sharing new menus from the email club

I got these emails the other day from the email club.  If you aren't already a member of the email club, you should join because every once in a while he sends these menus or videos or recipes out.  He suggested forwarding this to three or more friends in the email so I don't think it is wrong to share.  I know we aren't suppose to share certain things probably, but were all friends here and this is totally free to join the email club.
Just click this link above and join the email club to get free stuff every once in a while.  I like these couple of menus because it throws a couple extra ideas out there that are very very simple.

Just thought I would share with all you ladies!! Hope your having a great day, mine is getting better.  At least its better then yesterday's nightmare. =)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week 6, Day 3

Right now, I am about to scream!! The toliet downstairs which is the main pipe line for all the water to drain is backing up AGAIN!! ugh!!! Me and my hubby had to go to Home Depot and rent this massive electric snake and I do mean MASSIVE!!  I was trying to help at first but was sorta getting frustrated.  Now him and his friend who live with us are working on it.  My lord they have been at it for an hour now snaking with 100 ft of a snake that is suppose to cut through roots and everything but it doesn't seem to be working.  I am so frustrated, because I just wanna take a shower and relax and eat dinner but I can't.  I am trying to wait for them, but don't wanna leave the room because I feel like I need to help in some way.  So far I have not idea what I wanna eat, but I just want something I don't have to cook after this long long night.  I think I might have to use Katie's idea and have some calming tea or wine.  I might have to drink the whole bottle to forget about this night.  Because even today at work was awful in the morning dealing with a particular sales rep for one of the product lines we stock.  He basically told me I shouldn't question him about anything and that I should not be calling him directly anymore.  Only my father (who is the owner) should be calling him.  I was seriously offended.  He just has some male macho ego issue and doesn't wanna deal with me, but oh how all of you ladies can understand I am sure.  We probably have all had this happen sometime in our lives.  Some men are just assholes!!  After I had my father stick up for me (which I even hated to have to do).  The sales rep basically called and apologized but never used the words.  He just said let me explain some things to you so you can understand better next time!! Ugh still he had the nerve.

Anyways wow all I have done lately is complained about everything, and I know you all are probably sick and tired of reading my whining and complaining, but I need to vent and typing it out here makes me feel like I am talking it out with all you ladies.  So if anyone got through reading this entire thing, thank you for listening! =)  When it rains it really does pour!!  Well so in my life so far.  On top of the bad day, I pretty much depleted my checking account paying for this final modification mortgage payment that must be on time to finalize the permanent mod papers I signed and sent back.  I would have had a lot of extra money but all this septic crap has made me poor lately!!! I am not going to fall apart, I am standing with my two feet grounded and staying strong!!!  If anything after I get through all this crap in my life, I hope to be one skinny sexy lady!! Lol!! That is my main goal, and what helps me feel good about myself right now.  I like to look forward to that goal!!

What I ate today:

Breakfast - High fiber/low carb tortilla with two eggs, crema, and queso fresco & 2 slices uncured bacon.  Regular coffee with my usual.

Lunch - Wendy's Spicy Chicken wrap

Dinner - Still thinking what to eat as soon as this issue at our house gets fixed.  Right now I am thinking breakfast for dinner.  Maybe a couple eggs, a wrap or something.  I don't know...right now I just got the clog of our septic lines in my brain.

Thank you again for listening!! I promise, my blogs will get happier again eventually.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week 6, Day 2

Well this morning I was back down to 209 which is a good thing.  I think it was what I thought.  Just a little of a digestive issue.  Today I did decide to get my butt in gear and not be depressed about the weight gain and weekend sugar madness.  I ate very well today, I think.  Thank you everyone for yesterday's comments.  It meant so much that you were all there to encourage me.  Also I would like to give a big thank you to Rosalie who gave me a phone call after she read my blog.  Rosalie you are so sweet to check on me like that.  I was feeling really bummed last night and she helped me feel better.  As well as you girls that all commented on my post.  Thank you Katie, Helen, Sherri, Rosalie, Minichick, and Amber!!! Your all sweethearts in my book.=)

Today I ate:

Breakfast - 2 corn tortillas with scrambled eggs, cream, and cheese & coffee with the regular extras

Lunch - whole grain thin bun with Dijon mustard, chicken breast, and fat free Swiss with a side salad with fat free balsamic vinaigrette

Dinner - Pollo Sabraso (which is just marinated chicken) it marinate with apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, oregano, and sazon seasoning and 1/2 large zucchini with mrs. dash

I stayed well under my carbs and sugars for the day
Fat(g)   Carbs(g  Fiber(g)   Sugar(g)    Prot(g)   KCals
40.90 58.80 10.1 7.17 122.62 1097

Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 6, Day 1 (Also weigh in Day)

Well I am going to make this short, because I am feeling a little depressed by my weigh in day.  The scale said 211 this morning so that would be a 4 lbs. gain but I don't know why because I didn't eat that much sugar this weekend when I feel off the wagon... I think the sugar makes things not so easily digested or something because I have not been regular for a while now.  (TMI sorry...)  I think it was the fact that I started eating those Lindt choc. truffles after Valentines' day and the sugar I had over the weekend.   I took some medicine last night to help.  Also its about to be my time of the month.  I just feel bummed out so it must be that.  I attempted to start the fast track menu that I was emailed last week, and everything went okay for the first part of the day.  But not so great for dinner.  I did buy the probiotics that Rosalie suggest to use from Amazon and I hope that helps with some other things as well.  I might try the super seed or fiber in the coffee if this doesn't help enough. 

Breakfast - Two over easy eggs and two slices bacon (uncured kind) with water & my regular coffee

Lunch - Salad with cheese, bacon bits, chicken, and fat free balsamic vinaigrette and water

Dinner - not sure if I should tell anyone this but here it are all going to be like what was she thinking.  But I was starving for carbs!!  This fast track thing will take getting use too.  I ate two empanadas I homemade for a snack when I got home and then two slices of pepperoni pizza for dinner.

I did stay under the regular BFC guidelines for carbs and sugars, but I pretty much had them all within one meal which is really bad.  I am going to try to do better tomorrow and work on building up to this fast track menu.  I might have to add some toast for breakfast in the morning. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Weekend of Week 5

All I have to say for this weekend, is I am ashamed of myself.  I let the stress get the best of me, because I think we have to get our lines to the septic tank and the main tee replaced and that is $2400.00 that I don't have right now.  So I went into a sugar attack craving all weekend long.  I stayed under my carbs for the most part.  But the sugar, heck I don't even wanna share what I ate, because I am so mad at myself.  I was sooo good for 5 full weeks and now this.  I got that free menu for the fast track through Jorge's email club and next week starting tomorrow, I am going to try my best to use it for a full two weeks and see if I can survive.  Its going to be hard, because after this weekend I think I started to have sugar cravings again really bad.  But maybe its just my time of the month.  That should be coming soon and on top of all the stress, maybe I just feel into some black hole.  I don't know because I was doing so great.  UGH!!! I just wanna scream.  But I made this choice so I know I can't get mad at anyone for this, its all my fault.  =(    Well hopefully I didn't gain any weight atleast.  Maybe I will just stay the same as last week.  Keeping fingers crossed to not have any major setbacks.  I will post tomorrow.  Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Week 5, Day 5

Well this day is finally over thank goodness!!  This week has been horrible.  When it rains, its pours.  All the shit hit the fan this morning.  But finally its over and done with, I just gotta pay the credit card bill when it comes in for the awful septic tank issue this morning.  They pumped it out and then found out there was a blockage in the main line to the house so everything was stopped up and then it leaked into the garage.  Just no fun at all.  I was at work calling these septic tank places and my hubby was home today waiting around for the people to get there.  Luckily it wasn't worse.  But $400 later, I feel like it was bad enough. : (  Anyways, looking forward to hopefully a better weekend because its suppose to be 74 tomorrow here in GA and almost two weeks ago it had snowed.  Sometimes we really have crazy weather here!!  Sunday me and my hubby are going to the circus for my friends birthday.  She use to go every year as a child and wants to go this year.  She got a big group together and got a good price.  I would think so, because she invited 36 people.  I don't know hardly any of them so it should be interesting.

What I ate today:

Breakfast - Egg McMuffin and regular coffee & stuff

Lunch - Nature's Own Sugar Free wheat bread with turkey, fat free swiss, lettuce and mayo

Dinner - Torta (Chicken) with an horchata (I needed something good to end this crazy day)

Amazingly with the Horchata even I stayed under my sugars, but I did go over the 5g sugar limit within one meal at dinner.  So I guess that isn't good, but I will do better.  I know I will.  Just this week has been one hell week!   I hope I can only see better for our future. : )

Have a good weekend everyone!!

Fast Track Guidelines

Since I am part of Jorge Cruise email list, this is something I signed up when he offered a free menu a while back for signing up for his email club.  Well today I got an email that said would you like a menu for my fast track?  So of course, I would.  Just in case you guys didn't get this email, I thought I would share with you all.  I don't think this would be wrong since its right there on his website to join the email inner circle.

So here is the pdf link:

Hope you all enjoy!  This diet is sorta strick though, I would miss my carbs, but maybe if anyone gets stalled on there weight loss this would help out.  I was reading some of you ladies got stalled and I think this week I might not experience a weight loss, and that is my own fault.  That is because of these Lindt chocolate truffles in my house as a gift for my grandma for valentines.  I told her don't buy me anymore chocolates or sugary stuff.  She isn't even suppose to have either, because she is partial diabetic.  I love her to death, but sometimes she can be silly.  Well anyways the chocolates are gone now, between my hubby and myself last night we finished them.  I had about 5 which put me over my sugars by like 30 g ugh!!  Oh well if I don't see it, I don't need it.  I believe the major reason I craved chocolate and thought I had gotten over my cravings is a lot of PMS and stress lately.

Thanks for listening to the venting at the end.  Hope you all have a great day and fantastic weekend. : )

I unfortunately am not looking forward to the weekend because I just found out from my husband that the toilet downstairs has backed up and the garage is flooding.  Now I just had to call for the septic tank to be cleaned.  Its going to be $280 and I am just not looking forward to paying for this crap!! (literally) LOL!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Week 5, Day 4

Well today was even crazier at work then yesterday.  Everyone was at least at work today, but it seemed like one problem after another.  The IRS wants our business taxes uploaded a certain new way and it took me almost four days to figure out this specific way and format in excel.  The IRS does not like to make things simple do they...  Then problem after problem occurred and before I knew it, it was 4pm and I forgot lunch so I stopped and ate because I was starving.  At least the day went fast again.  Don't have time to write much tonight because its my night for all my fav shows.  : )

What I ate:

B - Egg McMuffin

L - Salad with all the regular stuff I usually put (you can see in past posts) ; )  topped with chicken deli meat

D - Rotisserie herb chicken (no skin eaten)  and side salad with all the usual stuff

S - Lindt chocolate ball (4 g of sugar)  I gotta get these things out of the house (my grandma gave me for Valentines day and I feel like I have to eat one.  I still stayed under 15 g for the day, but its hard not to eat one when there right on the counter.  There is only a few left, so soon I won't have this problem.

Goodnight everyone!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Week 5, Day 3

Well what can I say about today....

When I got to work this morning, it started out as one crazy day.  Two delivery drivers didn't come to work today so I end up having to drive around delivering car parts this morning.  It was not my idea of how to start a work day, but since my work is my Dad's business he owns...we all have to work whatever position we need when people are out.  I usually work as the office manager and handle accounting.  I share this position with my mother who also works up front, but she only works part time.  But after lunch time it calmed down and things got less hectic.  But it did exhaust me a pretty good bit driving around from place to place and carrying around all the big car parts.  But one good thing, it helped the day pass really fast.

What I ate today:

Breakfast- Egg McMuffin with regular coffee plus the creamer and purevia sweetner

Lunch - salad with bacon bits, cheese, sunflower seeds, turkey, and Ken's salad dressing and 1 serving of vitamin zero water lemonade flavor.  It was tasty to have something different to drink for once.

Dinner - two small tilapia fillets made with Mrs. Dash and lemon juice, side salad with same stuff as lunch except turkey and sauteed zucchini and mushrooms tossed with curry & braggs.

Total Calories: 1253

Fat(g)   Carbs(g)   Fiber(g)  Sugar(g)  Prot(g)  KCals
91.07 56.76 7.1 7.99 58.21 1253

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week 5, Day 2

Well not much new happened today, just one of those routine boring days.  One good thing though, I came home to a clean house again today.  My hubby hasn't worked for a week or two so he cleaned the kitchen and the dishes and since none of you guys know him, that is a milestone. LOL!!! But I was happy he did it.  Helped make my day better.  =)

What I ate today:

Breakfast :  Egg McMuffin and my regular coffee

Lunch :  Salad with turkey, cheese, bacon bits, sunflower seeds, Ken's salad dressing

Dinner:  Pork chop lightly breaded with bread crumbs fried (maybe this wasn't a good idea, but I did use canola oil), sauteed zucchini, and bowl of salad with same ingredients as lunch except the turkey and half vitamin zero water (lemonade)

I finally found a sugar free bread today at my grocery store.  I honestly think I looked at every bread in the bread aisle today.  People were probably looking at me like I was crazy, but hey I don't care because I finally found what I was looking for.  This bread is only sweetened with malitol and 11 g of carbs per slice.  I wish I could find one that is only one carb serving per two slices, but I don't eat bread much anyways lately so one slice with breakfast or lunch should be fine. =)  Shopping and finding new things at the grocery store have become an art to me, lol!! I actually have fun trying to find new things we can use with the BFC. 

Good luck everyone!! Hope everyone's week is going well so far. =)

Monday, February 14, 2011

What I ate Monday (Week 5 Day 1)

Well since I already posted earlier today about my weekend, I just wanted to post real quick what I ate today to share.  When I got home, my Valentine's gift was no cooking and all dishes cleaned.  It was so sweet of my hubby.  He even tried to cut me a heart of the deviled egg he made, but it was harder then he thought.  HEHE!! But hey its the thought that counts.  We didn't do gifts for each other this year because we are saving money and I told him not to get me anything so he was sweet and did this instead. : )  It made my night simple and sweet. =)

Breakfast - none, I don't know how but I totally forgot lol!! Work got hectic and I never ate the oatmeal I brought to eat.  So I just had coffee with the regular stuff.

Lunch - small salad with deli turkey, cheese, few sunflower seeds (I always use for the extra crunch), bacon bits, and Ken's brand salad dressing

Dinner - my hubby made his Honduran Enchiladas so I just had two of these.

They consist of two tostados (the hard shell big tortillas) 24g carbs per 2
Seasoned ground beef with a little homemade salsa, shredded cabbage, sliced boiled eggs and fresh honduran cheese.  They aren't the typical enchiladas everyone may be familiar with, but each country has there own way of making some of these recipes.  Honduran tacos are very different then the typical taco we all know too.  But I love all the foods he makes and this one is totally BFC friendly. =)  

Happy Valentine's Day! Start of Week 5, Day 1

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!! =)

I hope everyone's day is filled with lots of LOVE <3  :)  

I didn't get a chance to post the last couple of days what I ate, because I have been pretty busy this past weekend.  I visited my grandmother and went out to dinner with my family and some friends.  Then Sunday I got sick from apparently the dinner out Saturday night and then had friends and there kids over for a little Valentines' dinner/get together.  It was fun after I recovered from the morning migraine and major major nausea.  You would think I lost a couple lbs by the amount I had gotten sick, but it didn't show on the scale lol!!! Well until this morning :)  But I think it was from the healthy food I ate all week, not the sickness...or I hope. ;)

Last Monday I was 211.0 and this morning I was 207.8 so 3.2 lbs. lost this week ! yay! I will take anything I can get so I am happy about that.

Here is what I ate the past couple of days:

Breakfast - Sausage Egg McMuffin with my usual coffee and stuff
Lunch - Turkey deli meat and cow pals cheese
Dinner - Low carb wheat tortillas (made into thin crust pizza with pepperoni & cheese)

Breakfast - none because I was going to my grandmothers and she always feeds me too much lol!!
Lunch - had chick fila chicken n strips salad with one packet of ranch dressing and sprite zero (i know I shouldn't have had this artificial sugar-but every once in a while I have something like this) And watch out because apparently chickfila salads have 6 g of sugar when I entered on my meal calculator.  
Dinner - went out to eat with my parents and friends of ours to O'Charleys and it was good.  It was very hard because they all four ordered Tangerine/grapefruit margaritas which I did have one sip of my mothers' but knew it would have to much sugars so I stuck to water only.  They also ordered a big appetizer which was all bad stuff for the BFC.  :(  It was very very hard, but I survived.  I did have one jalapeno cheese triangle which was very small.  I don't think it hurt me because it was only two bites.  For my dinner I had the panko shrimp with cod and double sides of steamed broccoli.  It was so tasty, but I woke up so so sick the next morning, so unfortunately this meal didn't get to stay with me. : (  Sorry if TMI.  

And my grandmother sent me home with Valentines Lindt truffles. :( ugh!! One ball is only 4 g of sugar, so I guess I could eat one every once in a while.  I did have three this day she gave them to me, so Saturday was a fail on the sugar levels, but didn't go over carbs.  Oh well, I am going to keep moving forward and look past this day.

Breakfast - NONE I was sick  I did have some coffee around 1:30 but that was it

Lunch - NONE still feeling sick

Dinner - had friends over for a Valentines get together with there children.  My friend made Arroz con gandules which is rice with lots of yummy stuff in it.  I only had about 1/2 cup and one pork chop with a Pepsi Max (yes another artificial sugar drink)  ugh!!  But like I said every once in a while I just might have to have these because Zevia sodas allowed on BFC are too expensive.  And one Lindt chocolate truffle.  

I stayed well under my carbs and just under my sugars today, but I hardly ate but about 500 calories for the day.  

Well hope everyone has a wonderful night with there loved ones! : )  

Keep going strong on your new BFC lifestyle!! = )

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week 4 Day 4

Well not much to talk about today....

I woke up to snow this morning here in GA.  Not much, but enough to cover everything except the roads.  Luckily it was light fluffy snow instead of the awful ice like we got a month ago.  That was ridiculous with all the ice we got here in December, because my work was closed for 3 days.  Anyways, just going to write real quick what I ate because this is my major night for all the best tv shows. lol!!  AI, Greys, Private Practice!! Woohoo!!

What I ate today:

Breakfast -- One high fiber/low carb wrap with black beans, crema, and parmesan cheese, also my reg. coffee

Lunch -- one piece of cheese and Lay's Sour cream and onion chips (2 oz bag)  I know it wasn't the healthiest of choices, but I stayed under my carb/sugar limit for the meal.  I just got a super panicky stressful moment today and I couldn't eat my regular turkey/cheese lunch so when I was at the gas station on my work errand to the bank, I got this small bag of chips. I don't know...just really craving something to calm my nerves.  I don't usually do this, but today I just wanted to feed my craving.

Dinner -- Stir fry with chicken, broccoli, cabbage, onions, celery, mushrooms mixed with the curry sauce

Have a good night everyone! : )

Pollo en Crema Recipe (BFC Approved)

Pollo En Crema

Really tasty and simple to make!

Ingredients (this recipes makes 6-8 servings)

5-6 chicken breast
2 red peppers (the ones that look like green bell peppers)
Crema (Salvadorean/Honduran works best because the particular taste) (CANNOT use regular sour cream)
chicken broth (or mix 2 cups of hot water with chicken bouillon cube)
meat tenderizer
butter (about 3 tbsp or you can use olive oil)


First cut up your chicken breast into large chucks.  Sprinkle tenderizer, salt, and any other seasonings you like to put when boiling your chicken.  I usually cook my chicken in the crock pot so its ready when I get home from work.  This is where I use the 2 cups of chicken broth and pour over the chicken in the crock pot.  Then cut up the red peppers in long thin slices and saute them until tender in a little butter or olive oil, whichever you like best.  Once the peppers have been sauteed then add the chicken pieces on top of the peppers.  Then next pour approx. 2 cups of crema over top of your chicken and peppers.  It will be coming out pretty thick, but as it simmers for a few minutes it will melt down around the chicken.  Just let it simmer for about 15 minutes so the cream can melt down and get warm.  Then you can serve over brown rice if you would like because generally this type of dish is served over a white rice, but I just had alone with some veggies and a side salad for a delicious BFC approved meal.

See pictures below for the step by step look of the meal.

Sauteing Red Peppers

 Boiled Chicken Breast in crock pot
 The type of crema I use which is purchased at a spanish grocery store, my hubby likes to shop at, but they also sell this in our area farmers market.  Most grocery stores do sell a type of crema, but its not always as good as this brand.  But you might just have to try what you can find.  I live in an area where there is a big Hispanic population plus my hubby is from Honduras so I have easy access to this sorta of food.  And spanish cuisine is one of my absolute favorite tastes and ways to cook!! =)
 Look 0 Sugars =) Hopefully you can click the picture to see better.  The blog resized the photos.
 Putting the chicken over top of the peppers

 Pouring crema over top of the chicken and peppers
 Now the thick crema has melted down around the chicken and peppers
My finished BFC approved meal 1 cup of green beans, half a chicken breast with approx. 4 tbsp. of crema and 1/4 of red peppers with a side salad.  The total counts for my meal is 17g of carbs and 3.6 g of sugar S/C value = (3/1)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week 4, Day 3

Well today was even more of a boring day at work, but its finally over.  I am glad to be home and relaxing. : )  I am looking forward to watching American Idol and We Live to Dance.  Two of my fav shows.  I am looking forward to weekend too and sleeping in.

What I ate:

Breakfast - Sausage Egg McMuffin with bottled water, and coffee with the usual.

Lunch - Turkey slices and cow pals cheese

Dinner - Pollo en Crema with green beans and side salad

I am planning on posting the recipe for Pollo en Crema, because its absolutely DELICIOUS!!!  Its one of my husband's favorite meals.  I usually make with white rice and put the chicken over top with the red peppers, but I omitted the rice from my meal and just had the chicken breast with the cream (which by the way has no sugars) and the red peppers.  It was very filling, but very very flavorful.

I will post the recipe in another post tomorrow because now its time for all my shows. hehe!!! I am addicted to American Idol and just can't miss the show.  ;) heh!!

Goodnight to all my fellow BFC ers

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Week 4, Day 2

Well today was a really cold day here, and I could hardly stay warm.  It was a boring day at work, really slow for business today.  Those days just aren't fun at all because they seem to drag on and on and on.  I would prefer for a busy day that goes by really quickly.  I watched Rosalie's new youtube video today and I really thought the shirataki stir fry she made looked delicious.  So tonight at the grocery store, I got what few ingredients I didn't have and made that.   MMMMMMMM It was so delicious so I recommend everyone to try.

What I ate today:

Breakfast - Egg, ham, and cheese sandwich using the thin buns and grilled on the george forman grill.

Lunch - Turkey deli slices and mixed nuts.  I forgot the cheese and stuff for the rest of my lunch so I had a very small lunch today.

Dinner - Stir fry (the recipe from Rosalie's blog)  But I didn't use shirataki noodles tonight.  I just wasn't that hungry and they are very filling.  I justs used chicken breast (the thin ones), mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and the curry, braggs, cornstarch mixture.  It was soooooooo yummy.  I could eat this several times a week I think.  =)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Weigh In Day and Start of Week 4

Well this morning was my weigh in day and it wasn't as much as I expected.  But not going to let that get me down.  I just thought earlier in the week when I showed I was down to 208 it was going to stick.  Well just goes to show ya, that isn't always the case.  Us women fluctuate so much with our weight its crazy.  I was 212.4 last weeks weigh in and this morning I was officially 211.0 (1.4 lbs. lose).  I will take that, because anything is better then nothing right?!! ;)

I watched Rosalie's new you tube video today.  It was very helpful and answered lots of good questions.  I think I am going to take her advice and try my best this week to stop eating carbs after 3 and stop eating by 7:00 at my best.  The stopping eating by 7 is a little hard for me since I don't get home until 6 from work and then sometimes dinner can take me a while to cook, but I will do my best.  I wanna see if it helps with a little extra weight lost this week.

Todays Eats

Breakfast - a tiny bit of my breakfast casserole (I actually was sorta tired of eating this for a whole week so I couldn't finish)  I think this week I will try something new for breakfast.  Plus I had my coffee, creamer, and truvia.

Lunch - 3 slices of turkey deli meat and two pieces of cow pals cheese with bottled water

Dinner -  Leftover fried pork chop that I made my hubby the other night.  I didn't wanna eat it because it was fried, but I did fry in canola oil so I don't think its actually that bad.  I also had some steamed cauliflower/broccoli mixture with a little soy sauce mixed in the veggies.  With that, I added a little side salad of romaine lettuce, cheddar cheese, and bacon bits w/ Newman's Own family recipe dressing.

Todays snack - 2 corn tortillas, 1/4 cup of black beans, with some fresh Honduran cream and cheese.  (I normally don't eat snacks like this, but my hubby is from Honduras and his good friend brought back some fresh cream and cheese from Honduras and I had to try since I have never had.  I did only have a very very small amount)  I still didn't go over my counts for today though, so I guess its still okay.  I copied my nutrition facts from below for the whole days food.

Fat(g)  Carbs(g) Fiber(g) Sugar(g) Prot(g) KCals
60.25 48.14 11.6 4.64 60.20 961

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Well today isn't looking so great for my food choices.  I will admit, I have been bad.  I hope it doesn't affect my weigh in tomorrow.

Breakfast - small blueberry bagel with cream cheese and butter, with water

Lunch/Dinner - two oven baked chicken drumsticks and a 1/2 cup of rice that had little pieces of sausage in it and here is the bad part......I had pepsi to drink ughhh!! I don't know what I was thinking, I just needed some caffiene over at a friends house and there was no coffee.  I slap myself for this choice!! argh!!!
Superbowl snack - wheat tortilla chips and homemade guacamole

Well the Pepsi really was the only bad choice today and I hope it doesn't  hurt my weigh in too bad tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the start of week 4 and so far I have lost 12 lbs. so all in all, not to bad, I am actually really proud of myself so far.

Everyone watching the superbowl?  I bet so.  But I just wanna say I am really disappointed in this years super bowl commercials.  They aren't as good a previous years at all.  Boo!! But I am looking forward to the half time show with the Black Eyed Peas. =)

Recipe for my Breakfast Casserole (12 servings)

1 cartoon of egg beaters (approx. 15 eggs)
1 pound of your favorite sausage (I used mild country sausage)
    OR you could use ham
2 cups of cheese (I used cheddar)
1 cup of mushrooms
1/2 cup of onions

First cook your sausage until browned and then drain the grease.  Add mushrooms and onions, sautee until soft.  Grease a 13 x 9 casserole pan.  Mix all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl and pour into the casserole dish.  Cook at 400 for about 30-40 minutes or until golden brown on top.  When your using egg beaters versus real eggs, the top of the casserole will inflate a pretty good bit, but don't worry this is normal.  When you take it out of the oven, just take a fork and sorta help push down the light fluffy egg top so it stays flat and WALA!  You have a yummy BFC casserole.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week 3 Friday and Saturday Eats

Okay well no new news today, but just thought I would post my food eating for the past two days.  This helps me be accountable for what I eat, plus I always like sharing my ideas.  Again I like to see when others post what they eat on their blog, because sometimes it helps me get an idea for a meal too.  So here it is:

Breakfast - my homemade breakfast casserole
Lunch - chicken salad (homemade) I made with chicken, celery, and cucumbers and put on top of a little romaine lettuce.  It was really pretty yummy and very filling with all the cucumbers and celery. : )
Dinner- nacho/taco salad from Taco Depot.  Me and hubby went out to eat.  This is what I saw to be one of the lowest calorie things.  Because I only ordered the half order of nachos (probably only had about 15-20 small chips.  (I counted hehe!!)  So this stayed under my two carb serving limit.

Most Saturdays I go to help my grandmother at her house or help her run some errand since she can't drive long distances.  Well she generally likes to go out to eat or makes these huge lunches for me.  I told her I have been on a diet so nothing she makes can be unhealthy, hehe!!)  Anyways...I didn't eat breakfast because I sleep in so late and then wanted to save room for whatever lunch I had out with her.  So I just got a coffee from Quiktrip and I forgot Truvia so I had to use Splenda (even though I know were not suppose too) woopsie!!  For lunch she wants Steak N Shake, because she loves there milk shakes.  Luckily I don't like there milk shakes hehe so it wasn't hard to watch her have one while on this healthy lifestyle of eating.  Well I just had a Frisco melt, which came in right at my carb serving limit.  I believe the sugars in this special frisco sauce was right at the limit, but I didn't think the little bit on the bread would hurt.  Just goes to show you how some little amt. can go a long way in sugar grams.  For dinner I wasn't that hungry since lunch really filled me up.  I just made a little pizza quesadilla with ragu pizza sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese.

Well hope everyone is having a great weekend!!  Good luck BFC'n!! : )

Hope everyone gets to watch the Super Bowl tomorrow, I love the commercials, CAN"T WAIT!!! =)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Week 3 Thursday What I ate...

Well another day for success thank goodness on this healthy plan of eating.  I am pretty excited I have stuck to it this long already.  There has been a few cravings here and there for something like my regular big glass of milk just before I go to bed, something sweet, or something salty.  But all those cravings, I just tried to be strong and hold out.  If I was really just dying to have something, I would try to have a big glass of water to fill my empty belly.  I try to fill up on extra salad at dinner time so that I won't be hungry for a snack after dinner.  This has all helped tremendously!! =)  Yesterday I talked about some of my diet choices being to fatty and I appreciate the input from Sherri and Kasey.  Thank you girls!!  I figured out why yesterdays meal was so high in fat.  I really guess I knew before I ate yesterdays meal choices, but I was so focused on carbs and sugars, I sorta just over looked the fat intake part.  Anyways, the sausage in my breakfast casserole, the pepperoni in my wraps, and the ribeye steak was all the reason for the fat yesterday.  I need to only choose to have one of these fatty kind of meats every once in a while and stick with more lean meats.  I wasn't even thinking, but now I know. : )  I don't want to end up being nice and skinny with millions of clogged arteries.  So now I am going to start watching my fat intake a bit too.  Going to try to keep it around 60 or 70 g and as I get skinnier maybe decrease it a bit.

What I ate today:

Breakfast - My homemade breakfast casserole

Lunch - 2 pieces of salami, three pieces of turkey lunch meat, and two pieces of cowpals cheese

Dinner - Grilled tuna patties, garlic steamed cauliflower, and side salad

 Nutrition count for the day:  copied from my fat secret food journal

Fat(g)   Carbs(g)    Fiber(g)     Sugar(g)      Prot(g)        KCals
66.72 17.09 5.0 6.81 76.75 964

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Too much FAT??

I was just doing some thinking and I wonder if anyone knows the answer to this question?....

When following the BFC, I know your only suppose to mainly watch carbs and hidden sugars....but my question is what about FAT?  I don't know if its the great idea to eat things high in fat.  Like for example todays food line up:

Breakfast - my homemade breakfast casserole and coffee

Lunch - two homemade pizza pockets (made with two low carb wraps, pepporoni, and mozzarella chz.)

Dinner - ribeye steak, broccoli, and side salad with newman's own family recipe dressing

I enter my food most days on this site called and todays count for my foods are this:

Fat(g)        Carbs(g)     Fiber(g)       Sugar(g)       Prot(g)        KCals
164.59 41.26 26.1 4.10     149.70 2181   

I cut and paste the top of the nutrition facts from my food entries.  165 g of fat seems like a lot to me.  I don't know though, because the diet seems to work and of course is suppose to be healthy.  I was just wondering as I sit here bored at work.  I know Jorge Cruise does talk about good fats for your body like butter and cheeses etc.  It just got me to thinking and I wondered what everyone else take was on this?

Let me know your opinion. = )

Thank you!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week 3 -- Feb 1st.

Well I can't believe its February already!! Where has the time gone?  This morning a crazy thing happened...I stepped on the scale just for the heck of it and it read 208.0 and Monday morning the scale had said 212.4.  Is it possible for me to have lost weight in a day?  I can't report it as a lose yet, because I know we all fluctuate up and down all the time.  So I guess I will have to wait and truly see on Monday, but for now it was an exciting moment. : )  So I will take the moment and be happy. hehe!!!  Still trying to get rid of all this sinus junk, its so annoying and I am just so ready to be over the cold completely.  Maybe this week will be my last, I really hope so!!

What I ate today:

Breakfast -- Breakfast casserole made with eggs, sausage, sauteed mushrooms and onions and coffee

Lunch -- Pizza pocket (made with one low carb wrap, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese)

Dinner -- Tilapia and some small shrimp sauteed with lemon butter and garlic and half zucchini

I am not eating that many carbs this week because I am trying to catch up with the days I was off my BFC eating last week due to my cold.  I want a good lose this week because my ultimate goal is 70 lbs. and of course I would love that off by the middle or end of the summer.  I would love it to come off before summer, but I know that isn't logical to happen that fast.  I can dream right.  I know from seeing others that weight isn't going to come off that quickly.  It may take me a year to get to my ultimate goal, but I am trying to shoot for at least 10 lbs. a month.  Anyways thanks for reading. : )  Gotta finish up because its time to watch the Biggest Loser now.

Good luck with everyone's BFC choices this week! =)