Monday, January 31, 2011

Weigh In Day--Start of Week 3

Well even though I was off the diet for about four days when I was really sick with this icky cold, I still managed to lose 2 lbs. this week. =)  So yay for that!!  Last week I was 214.4 and this morning I weighed in at 212.  I was actually really surprised, but my appetite had been pretty low.  I really just ate Zaxby's chicken and sprite most the time I was sick.  Yea I could have done without the breading, but hey its over now and back to the regular schedule of dieting.

Today I ate:

Breakfast - Egg McMuffin, water, coffee w/ powder creamer and truvia

Lunch - Salami and cowpals cheese, and water

Dinner - Lemon buttered tilapia with half a zucchini and side romaine salad

Tonight I also made a breakfast casserole that should last the rest of the week.  I made with with a cartoon of egg beaters, country sausage, mushrooms, onions, and cheese.  It looks pretty good, but I will have to let you know tomorrow when I do the true taste test for breakfast. 

Hope everyone has a great night and I hope everyone got to see Rachael Ray show today. :)  I recorded mine on the DVR while I was at work.  I am going to watch it tonight!! :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Weekend Post of week 2

Hello everyone!!  Well the weekend is over and so is my cold, almost.  I think by tomorrow I should be back to almost 100%.  Just got a little sinus pressure left,  but pretty much the rest is good.  I attending a new church today with friends and it was awesome.  Great upbeat music and great preacher.  Really got us all laughing and that helped to really understand and keep everyone interested.

Well this weekend wasn't totally awful for eating, but it wasn't great either.  All I felt like eating was chicken nuggets and sprite.  When I am sick, I eat like a little child.  Don't ask me why, but its all that soothes my stomach and makes me feel better.  That and I had lots of orange juice.  So basically I have been off the diet for three days (since Friday).  But in that time, I didn't eat tons of food or anything.  I probably actually ate fewer calories then on a normal BFC day.  Anyways....I will be back to regular healthy BFC eating tomorrow for a fresh start on week 3.  I still need to weigh myself tomorrow.  I don't know if it will truly show a lose or not.  But my main goal is to not have gained any weight this week.  This morning, the scale showed I had lost 2 lbs. for this week, but not sure if that is true or not.  We will see tomorrow.

Thank you everyone for all the well wishes and the motivation while having this awful cold.  I meant a lot to me!! Good luck BFC'n everyone!! : )

Friday, January 28, 2011

Jan 28th---OFF DAY

Good morning everyone!  Today I feel like I have a minor case of the flu.  My body aches, mainly my tonsils and jaw, which is weird...I don't know why...maybe from the coughing and lying in bed today.  Sorry I have been complaining about my cold for the past couple of days, but all I have been doing is laying in bed and watching TLC channel lol!!  Its the only daytime tv I like to watch.  I feel a little guilty I didn't go to work today again, but its no sense in getting everyone sick at work.

Anyways, I have already messed up my eating for the day, because I had orange juice.  I needed some fruit juices to help with my getting over this cold and most the medicine I have been taking isn't quite helping.  I did weigh myself this morning and I am down another 1 lb. so at least I know I didn't gain.  I just really wanted to lose another good amount this week.  But I got to get better and soon, so I am going to eat what I can to make myself feel better.  Then as soon as I get feeling back to myself.  Back to the diet, because I am not failing this time!!  No matter what, I will lose the weight I need to lose.

Thanks for always listening!! =)   Hugs to all!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jan. 27th =( ughhhhhh this cold isn't going away!!

Well last night I thought when I woke up I was going to be fully restored to my health.  Well I was very very wrong.  Last night I got no sleep at all hardly.  I had to keep tossing and turning because I can't breath one bit.  This cold is no fun at all and its starting to ware on me and my dieting.  I am trying so hard to follow during this cold and I have been fairly well.  But you know sometimes there are certain things you just don't wanna eat when your sick.  Plus half the stuff I am trying to eat, doesn't even have a taste right now.  I was going to drink some orange juice because they always say that is good to get vitamin C when you are sick, or so I heard.  But I took one sip and I felt so guilty for having it, I poured it out.  I will admit I had like 1/2 a tsp. of honey today that I mixed with some mustard to make a sauce.  I feel bad enough about that, but it was the only thing that tasted good to me at the moment.

Here is what I ate so far today:

Breakfast- two scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, and water (3/2)

Lunch - 1/2 package of chicken ramen noodles (1/2) I wanted the chicken broth to help with my cold.

Snack - chicken nuggets with some homemade honey mustard (8/2)  This is where I know I went over on the sugar, but nothing tasted good to me and I was starving.

I don't know why, but since I have stayed home from work today since I was feeling more awful then the last couple of days on this cold, I have been more hungry then usual.  Its weird, I thought you wouldn't be hungry when your sick, but me...I am starving.  But maybe its because im bored and I can't sleep.  Well hopefully things will get better tomorrow.

Goodnight !! =)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week 2 Jan 26th What I ate

Okay well this morning when I woke up, I didn't quite feel myself yet, but I think the little cold I have developed will only last another day to two hopefully.  I no longer have that awful throat feeling, but some of the regular old fun head cold is still hanging around.  Anyways, I am sure no one wants to hear all about that, lol!!! 

I am glad its Wednesday because back to American Idol auditions! Woohoo!! I love that show and especially the auditions part.  It cracks me up sometimes.

Today I ate:

I am going to start including the S/C values I guess...helps to keep track better for me.  This is the only place I write it down, so if I don't lose weight I can go back and look at my past posts and see what choices I might need to stay away from next time.  Plus maybe it will help someone else too for meal ideas.  I know I have stolen a couple meal ideas from a couple other bloggers who post what they eat.  It helps me stick with some variety.  =)

Breakfast- Grilled cheese sandwich (2/2) and water, and of course the regular coffee, truvia, and powdered creamor

Lunch- One Wendy's Homestyle wrap (1/2) and water

Dinner - I tried a recipe from (called Skinny Tuna Casserole) except I substituted some things in her recipe to make it a bit more BFC friendly.  Like I used Shirataki noodles instead of her suggested noodles to make it lower carb and I used chicken instead of tuna (because I hate warm tuna).  You guys might like but not me.  The S/C value is 5/1  I didn't realize peas are very naturally sugary so my suggestion is to used another veggie like broccoli  I will know for next time.  I know its within the BFC limits....I just usually don't like to be right on the point...ya know what I mean.  And I added a small side salad with only cheese and Ken's Family Recipe dressing (no sugars or carbs in this flavor dressing)

I may have to have one of my dark choc. macadamia nut clusters for dessert later, but right now dinner filled me up big time. 

Alrighty signing off!! Goodnight girls!! Keep on making those good BFC choices and keep on blogging! =)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jan. 25th What I ate....

Okay so last night I started to have a little cough and I thought nothing of it.  But this morning was another story!! I woke up feeling like utter crap.  You know that bottom of the barrel, totally wanna crawl back under the covers feeling?  But I had to get up and go to work anyways.  I woke up with this awful cold that is developing unfortunately that got passed to me by my hubby.  And I thought I did a good job of staying away from him while he was sick, but guess somehow it was passed along.  Today it didn't feel good to eat at all, because my throat feels like one big piece of sandpaper.  Ick!! I hate this feeling, but none the less I still followed my diet plan for today. : )  SO that is one positive note.

Breakfast - Sausage Egg McMuffin w/cheese with bottled water.  Coffee w/truvia and powdered creamer

Snack- Few pieces of salami and two pieces of cowpals cheese (this was going to be my lunch, but decided I needed chicken noodle soup for my throat, so this got turned into a snack)

Lunch- Chick-fil-a Chicken Noodle soup (large size is actually only 30g carbs and 4g sugars) But I believe the main hidden sugar in this is from the crazy amount of carrots that is in this soup.  So I just ate around them and only had the broth, chicken and noodles.  Let me just say it was extremely yummy and felt good on my really sore throat.

Dinner - I made pot roast with potatoes and carrots (since I feed more then just me)  I just ate a small piece of roast, a tiny taste of potato (just a piece or two to taste), a mix of steamed brocolli and cauliflower, and last a side salad with some of Ken's salad dressing.  (HINT= the Family Recipe dressing made by Ken's has no sugars and no carbs)  This is one of the best brands of dressing to choose from.

Well goodnight girls! = )  I am hoping tomorrow morning I will wake up and feel better, but I have a feeling this cold is one that last for a couple days. 

Remember to make all those healthy BFC choices. = )  I am already feeling much better just deciding to eat this way and for some reason this time its not even that hard.  Maybe cause I really really want it this time. : )

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jan. 24th What I ate

I changed my font today, because I think it was hard to read.  I was noticing that too.  hehe!! =)

Breakfast- 1/2 bowl of oatmeal (it turned out tasting to sweet even though no real sugar)  I just wasn't feeling oatmeal this morning I guess.  Plus I had coffee w/truvia and creamer.

Lunch- Couple slices of Salami and Cow pals cheese

Dinner- Broiled Lemon buttered tilapia (super yummy), steamer brocolli & cauliflower in cheese sauce, and a side salad.

Recipe for Carne Asada:

Couple lbs. of Fajita Steak or Diezmillo (needs to be really thin)
Lime Juice
Onions sliced long and thin (sprinkle all over and toss around with meat)
Cilantro diced up (same as you do with onions)
Minced onion flakes or onion powder
Season All Spice or Adobo Seasoning
Meat Tenderizer
Worcestershire sauce
Small amount of Red Cooking Wine or Can of Beer
A tiny bit of oil (can be olive oil or whatever you have)
Garlic salt (just a little sprinkle all over)

I didn't put measurements, because everything is just sprinkled all over the meat.  It doesn't have to be the exact on both sides, as long as it gets on there.  Then let it marinate at least an hour, but of course the longer the better (as always when marinating).

Lindsay's Homemade Guacamole =)

Depending how much your going to make, you will need more or less avocados.
But this recipe will be enough for four-six servings

3 large avocados
Lime Juice
Yellow or Red onions
Cilantro diced

First cut open the avocados and scoop all out into a bowl and smash with whatever works for you.  I use a fork.  Squirt for your taste some lime juice and add salt to your liking as well.  Stir around really good until smooth.  Then add diced onion and cilantro.  Probably about a 1/4 of cup of each or more if you like more onions in your guacamole.  And WALA!!! The yummiest guacamole has been made and ready for you to enjoy.  I love this stuff so much, I practically could just eat it with a spoon. LOL!!!

Weigh In Day!! Yay!! = )

Well today was my weigh in day and it was super successful!! =) 

8 lbs. LOSE !!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO!!

I started out at 222.6 last Monday and this morning I weighed in at 214.4

All I can say is I am super excited.  I know every week won't be like this, but I am excited for the first initial jump start to success.  This week my goal is more veggies at dinner though.  I haven't been eating enough green veggies each night and I think it has cause a digestive problem with just eating meats, cheeses, and a couple carbs here and there, but hey I still lost.  I am very surprised I lost that much though.  I did use the same scale both times so guess its true. =) 

Alrighty everyone have a great day!!  Here's to another week of success and good eats! : )

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan 23 rd. What I ate...

Today I did a little cleaning and laundry around the house.  I prepared some estimates for my hubby's company and I really hope we get the jobs.  We really need them to stay a float in this drowning economy.  I know one of the jobs will be a yes, since its for my family. ; )  But I am also hoping my hubby gets an approval on the second estimate too to remodel someone's den.  Everyone please keep there fingers crossed, because work has been really slow and I really want things to turn around and start looking up for us in the job area.  Everything else is going really great right now, and I just say a prayer each night to God to be looking over us.  =)

What I ate today:

Breakfast & Lunch :  Kinda more like a brunch since I ate at a weird time.  I had two eggs, nitrate free bacon (which Jorge suggest is the best to use, but guess it doesn't truly matter), and two slices of toast with butter, and of course water.

Dinner:  Carne Asada (OMG all I can say is yummmmmm!!!) My hubby is the best Carne Asada maker ever!!! I only had one tortilla to stay within the carb limit, a tiny helping of black beans, homemade guacamole, and water again. = )  It was all soooooooooo yummmmy!!!!

If anyone wants the Carne Asada or Guacamole recipe, I will post later.

Everyone have a great night!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Weigh in is first thing tomorrow morning so I am praying for success. =)

Love to all my sisterhood bloggers!!!  I know quite a few of you are going to thru a rough time right now and we are all here for each other.  Goodnight girls!!!!

What I ate Jan. 21st and Jan. 22nd.

Friday Jan. 21st

Breakfast - Grilled cheese on a low sugar/carb bread and coffee with my usual

Lunch - Turkey deli meat and cow pals cheese

Snack - few pork grinds

Dinner- 2 low carb wraps (2 still are within one carb limit) with pork carnitas, onion and cilantro

Snack - sugar free (made with malitol) 2 pieces of coconut choc.  (they are very very tiny, but get the choc. fix)

Water with all meals (I am trying to drink as much water as I can)

Saturday Jan. 22nd

Breakfast - Egg McMuffin with water

Lunch- Chinese (every other Saturday I visit my grandmother to take her on errands and help her around her house---because she can't get around like she use too, plus I really enjoy visiting her.)  She wants to go to this Chinese buffet after I took her to run to a couple stores.  I told her I was on a diet, but I could probably find some things I could eat there.  So I choose a couple meats that weren't drenched in sugary sauce, and had one tiny spoonful of rice with the veggies in it.  I had a couple pieces of sushi California rolls and drank water. I may have gone over on my sugars or carbs a bit, but I don't know all the contents of the sauces.  But I did try my hardest to make the best choices possible to me.  Oh and my grandmother loves to cook and she sent me home with some cheese straws (I can have one or two and stay within the carb limit since they have flour and rice crippsey in them)

Dinner - wasn't very hungry because of lunch but I did have a small sandwich with a piece of cheese and salami with a piece of the sugar free coconut choc. and again water.

When you go out with other people its sometimes hard, but we gotta try to find what we can to eat, I know everyone won't always be perfect, but tomorrow is always another day. : )  I can't wait to see how much I have lost tomorrow morning when I weigh myself.  I haven't weighed all week because I wanted to it to be a surprise after a week long of dieting.  Well see and hope for some good news.  I am hoping on 5 lbs. at least, but well see. =)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What I ate Jan. 20th

Breakfast- buttered toast with cheese slice and coffee with creamer and truvia.

Lunch-Burrito made with high fiber low carb tortilla, with pork carnitas meat, cilantro, onion & cheese

Snack- pork grinds (just a handful)

Dinner-Chicken with baked zucchini (that I breaded with panko & cheese) SUPER YUMMY!!

Drank water with all meals. I am finally feeling like this diet isn't as bad as I was thinking it was going to be. I have stuck with it for several days and haven't had any hunger cravings at all. I have driven past a couple restaurants while out for work and wished I could eat the old junk I use to have, but I just remember recent pictures I have taken and picture the image which I hope to be at the end of all of this and decide I don't need all that old junk. Its not as hard as you may think.

One major problem I have always had on this diet, is I LOVE to cook!! SO if I can't cook yummy things and these big meals, I just feel lost sometimes. I love to cook for my husband a lot and try new things with my food recipes. Anyways I had been given this website called which is actually a blog here from a friend and have made several things from this site. I have to change a few things up for our particular kind of eating habits, but its not hard to do at all.  I haven't even been that hungry lately.  Smaller meals seem to be filling me up actually.  I also try to make double recipes when making things so I can have leftovers of dinners to take for lunch.  Plus my hubby isn't working right now so I usually make lots at dinner to have plenty for him to have food at home during that days too.  I am trying to get him to diet with me, but that is easier said then done.  He wants to diet, he always says so, but he never does.  He has a habit of eating lots of breads for snack.  He gets these fresh spanish baked breads from a panaderia down the street and I really hate seeing them on the counter through the cake plate we put them in, but I without because most have some sorta fruit jelly in them and I really don't care for that.  Anyways I have rambled enough now.  Got to watch American Idol.  I am truly addicted to that show!! =)  Good night girls!!

What I ate Jan. 19, 2011

Another good day for food choices yay!!!

Breakfast: Sausage Egg McMuffin with Coffee (w/creamer & truvia)

Lunch: Turkey slices and cheese

Dinner: Carnitas Tacos (see yesterday's post for pork Carnitas) I used two corn tortillas with cilantro, onion, and a little shredded cheese.

Water with all meals.

I haven't weighed myself yet, because I don't wanna get unmotivated if I don't see enough weight loss right away. I am going to weigh on Monday and hopefully there will be great news with my good eating and new thyroid med dosage. :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sharing a way to make something sweet !

 Makes 12

 3 ounces 85% dark chocolate (Approx. 1/2 of large size bar) 

1 teaspoon butter 

1 cup macadamia nuts 

Salt (optional)

Microwave chocolate and butter in medium size glass bowl for 1 minute, stirring every 15 seconds (or use double boiler).

Add 1 cup of macadamia nuts to chocolate mixture and stir to cover. 

Drop mixture by rounded teaspoons onto tray covered with wax paper. Salt lightly if

Refrigerate for 45 minutes and enjoy

I found this recipe online, and I believe its from the BFC book, the new one.  Thought I would share, I might try this because I can't stand just the plan dark chocolate, but this might help when I need a little something sweet to mix with the dark chocolate.


I made these last night, and they were actually pretty good, next time I might try a different nut, because macadamia aren't my fav. I only like them in those white choc. cookies, which I know I can't have. Anyways, next time I might advise putting a little sugar (like truvia) in them when the chocolate is melting because they still are a bit bitter, but much better then just plain candy bar.

Here is a pic:

Oh and the nutrition values:

Total recipe (when doubled)

Carbs = 56 g
Sugars = 15 g

Individually (each cluster) since makes 24 clusters

Carbs = 2.3 g
Sugars = less then 1 g (0.62g)

Jan 18th---what I ate & some good news

Okay well today was a half successful day because the evening got a little out of whack, but I am making up for it today.

Breakfast-  Coffee with powdered creamer, 2 truvia, Egg McMuffin

Lunch - Several slices of turkey lunch meat and 2 slices of cow pals cheese with water

Dinner - this is where it got bad : ( two thin slices of pizza and a small piece of birthday cake. : (  I was doing so well, and I was sad about this choice.

The reason for the bad dinner choice is I actually had to go to my best friends house after work to drop off her wedding photos that my brother gave me since he was the photographer for her wedding.  So in trade she fed me dinner, but then I found out it was her husband's mothers' birthday and we celebrated and someone just started passing out cake and I feel rude not to accept what they give me.  Now it was a very small piece so I don't think its totally bad with carbs, but probably awful with sugars, b/c it tasted like some sort of tres leche/flan sorta thing.  It was yummy, but actually made me feel sorta sick so I guess that is a good thing so we know I want make this choice again as long as I can stand it.  Or next time I will just take Rosalie technique and have one or two bites of someones' just for taste. ; )

I am so so happy that I feel like I can really stick to this this time around, so far I haven't craved anything like uncontrollably so this is a very good thing.

Let me share some recipes I tried from which is a great great website.  You just have to watch out for the sugars in some recipes, because she doesn't sub the sugars we are allowed to have in the BFC diet, but I am sure we could figure out how to sub the right sugars (like truvia, stevia, etc).

I have tried:
Mexican Slow Cooked Pork Carnitas (which I must say were so flavorful) and you can put it on a low carb tortilla of your choice or on top a salad with cilantro, avocado, or onions.

Broiled or Grilled Pollo Sabroso (this literally is the juiciest most tasty chicken I have ever had and its all BFC approved.)

And on a good news size, I had a doctors appt. yesterday to get my blood checked for my thyroid levels and I had told them I was trying to diet and the dosage of 50 mcg just wasn't raising my TSH levels to were they needed to be so he tested my blood and decided to double my dosage to 100 mcg which I truly hope helps with the weight to come off.  I have lost weight doing this diet, but the the holidays had hit and I gained most back plus an extra 10. : (  I am have had the hardest time losing so I am happy for hopefully finding my right dosage for my thyroid because that would make things that much better for my weight loss journey.  : )

God Bless all!! And give us all the strength to succeed in our goals for weight loss this year!

I have included this picture in today's blog because in November I was in my best friends wedding as a bridesmaid and well my brother (who was the photographer of the wedding) just finished editing photos and I got to see them for the first time this week, and this is my main goal on why I will stop at nothing to fail at this diet.  I have to achieve the goal of 70 lbs weight lose this year, because I was discussed at this photo.  The dress was not flattering on me at all.  : (  I just shared a couple photos from one day at work when we were taking some Christmas photos and a couple from the wedding.  I can't wait til the day I lose enough weight I am not discussed by the size of my huge arms.  Sorry today's blog was just a venting about all these pictures I hate.  I mean I love pictures but one day I hope I like what I see in them. : )

Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17th---What I ate :)

Good evening everyone!  I am a happy camper tonight because I made all good food choices today yay me!!!

Breakfast- Coffee with two truvia and a little powder plain creamer.  Wasn't very hungry other then that, but tomorrow planning on more of a breakfast.

Lunch- Turkey lunch meat about 6 slices, and three cow pals cheese

Dinner- Salad with chicken lunch meat, few sunflower seeds, half avocado, cheese, Newman's Own dressing, bacon bits, and I think that is all.

With each meal I had water.

I am happy for today's success, but right now at 9 pm me and my hubby are sitting down to watch a movie at home and I am longing for a snack.  I think I will just get a big glass of water to fill my belly cause they say most times that your craving might just be boredom or maybe your just thirsty.

Goodnight ladies! : )  Here's cheering to successful day tomorrow! : ) : )

Friday, January 14, 2011

Crazy week!!

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted for almost a week now.  This has been a crazy week here.  It snowed like six inches at my house and well we just aren't prepared for that here in GA, lol!!! I know anyone in the north will probably laugh, but my work was closed for 3 days and Thursday my normal drive of 40 minutes took over 2 hours.  It was craziness!!  So needless to say I was just totally lazy and didn't blog what I ate at all.  I didn't totally make awful choices thought.  I ate things like meatloaf and pork chops.  I had some egg sandwiches for breakfast.  I didn't really eat that much.  Its funny how I wanna eat more when I am bored at work then when I am at home.  I would think its the other way around haha but not for me.  I will be back to regular blogging Monday and try to post what I eat so I can get critiques, that always helps me be more accountable for what I eat.  Hope all you girls are having a great week.  Big hugs to all!

Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Day!!

Well I am happy to report we decided to work it out (me and my hubby).  So I am sooo sooo happy he finally came to his senses.  But in the future I think I am going to try not to be so hard on him, because I gotta realize he isn't like me no matter how hard I try to make him be like me.  He does try, but in his own way.  I am so greatful for a friend helping me with this and helping me see in a different way.  I talked to lots of people about this and everyone gave me different thinks to think about but one person really helped me see something I didn't even think about.  I thank everyone that responded with help to my blog post the night before last.  It meant so much of you girls, that you cared so much.  I love my hubby so much and decided to try to talk to him calmly last night without trying to cry.  But I am sensitive and did end up crying a bit, because it was such an emotional thing for me.  He didn't respond right away, but then I left him with the thoughts and he came to me about 30 minutes later and we had a great talk and he tried to see my way and I listened to his reasoning as well.  I am sooo sooo happy we worked things out because I didn't want to leave him and regret not have trying my hardest to really work things out.  I believe in working til something gets fixed, he isn't that way, but at least he tried. : )

So I am going to look at things today as a new start completely.  New way of thinking, new way of eating, new way of enjoying life. :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Blog to share!!! Check it out : )

Check this blog out, a friend referred it to me, but awesome recipes and lots of them we can have on the BFC. =)

Hope everyone enjoys!

Thank you for everyone's nice comments on my blog yesterday.  I posted a response to you all in the comment section of yesterday's blog.