Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! Start of Week 5, Day 1

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!! =)

I hope everyone's day is filled with lots of LOVE <3  :)  

I didn't get a chance to post the last couple of days what I ate, because I have been pretty busy this past weekend.  I visited my grandmother and went out to dinner with my family and some friends.  Then Sunday I got sick from apparently the dinner out Saturday night and then had friends and there kids over for a little Valentines' dinner/get together.  It was fun after I recovered from the morning migraine and major major nausea.  You would think I lost a couple lbs by the amount I had gotten sick, but it didn't show on the scale lol!!! Well until this morning :)  But I think it was from the healthy food I ate all week, not the sickness...or I hope. ;)

Last Monday I was 211.0 and this morning I was 207.8 so 3.2 lbs. lost this week ! yay! I will take anything I can get so I am happy about that.

Here is what I ate the past couple of days:

Breakfast - Sausage Egg McMuffin with my usual coffee and stuff
Lunch - Turkey deli meat and cow pals cheese
Dinner - Low carb wheat tortillas (made into thin crust pizza with pepperoni & cheese)

Breakfast - none because I was going to my grandmothers and she always feeds me too much lol!!
Lunch - had chick fila chicken n strips salad with one packet of ranch dressing and sprite zero (i know I shouldn't have had this artificial sugar-but every once in a while I have something like this) And watch out because apparently chickfila salads have 6 g of sugar when I entered on my meal calculator.  
Dinner - went out to eat with my parents and friends of ours to O'Charleys and it was good.  It was very hard because they all four ordered Tangerine/grapefruit margaritas which I did have one sip of my mothers' but knew it would have to much sugars so I stuck to water only.  They also ordered a big appetizer which was all bad stuff for the BFC.  :(  It was very very hard, but I survived.  I did have one jalapeno cheese triangle which was very small.  I don't think it hurt me because it was only two bites.  For my dinner I had the panko shrimp with cod and double sides of steamed broccoli.  It was so tasty, but I woke up so so sick the next morning, so unfortunately this meal didn't get to stay with me. : (  Sorry if TMI.  

And my grandmother sent me home with Valentines Lindt truffles. :( ugh!! One ball is only 4 g of sugar, so I guess I could eat one every once in a while.  I did have three this day she gave them to me, so Saturday was a fail on the sugar levels, but didn't go over carbs.  Oh well, I am going to keep moving forward and look past this day.

Breakfast - NONE I was sick  I did have some coffee around 1:30 but that was it

Lunch - NONE still feeling sick

Dinner - had friends over for a Valentines get together with there children.  My friend made Arroz con gandules which is rice with lots of yummy stuff in it.  I only had about 1/2 cup and one pork chop with a Pepsi Max (yes another artificial sugar drink)  ugh!!  But like I said every once in a while I just might have to have these because Zevia sodas allowed on BFC are too expensive.  And one Lindt chocolate truffle.  

I stayed well under my carbs and just under my sugars today, but I hardly ate but about 500 calories for the day.  

Well hope everyone has a wonderful night with there loved ones! : )  

Keep going strong on your new BFC lifestyle!! = )


  1. Happy Valentines Day Lindsay!!! Congrats on the 3 lb weight loss. Little by little we can get to where we want to be. I keep tellin myself if we keep bein good now, by summer we will feel better in our summer clothes.
    I'm sorry to hear that you didn't feel good after going out to dinner. I wonder if you took in more sugar than you are used to now, and that contributed to you not feelin good. That happened to me last night. I had dinner at my sister-in-laws and I know I ate more sugar than I am now used to, and I felt terrible. Next time I think I will say no thank you to the things I know are high in sugar, such as fresh apple juice, banana bread and mashed potatoes made with milk. Anyway, hang in there the bfc is good and you can lose the weigth you want to!!!

  2. Hi Lindsay. Well I hope you are feeling better now. I know that always effects us when we are trying to lose weight.

    Awesome job on the loss. Keep it up and you will be passin me in no time. :-)

  3. Hi Lindsay- Major congrats on your weight loss! I think you did very well with all the temptations you faced. And tommorrow is another day to make the choices that will help you stay on track so that you can reach your goal. I know you will! Slow and steady wins the race. have a wonderful night with your loved ones. happy valentine's day.

  4. @Katie, it may have been the sugar that caused me to have a migraine and get dizzy and nauseas, but not sure. I'm just glad the moment is over and I will not eat like that again and hopefully not have that issue again. :) Temptations with eating bad stuff when around family and friends is hard. @Rosalie, thank you for the encouragement!! It always means so much to me. :) @Helen, thank you for the encouraging words. It means a lot.