Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week 4 Day 4

Well not much to talk about today....

I woke up to snow this morning here in GA.  Not much, but enough to cover everything except the roads.  Luckily it was light fluffy snow instead of the awful ice like we got a month ago.  That was ridiculous with all the ice we got here in December, because my work was closed for 3 days.  Anyways, just going to write real quick what I ate because this is my major night for all the best tv shows. lol!!  AI, Greys, Private Practice!! Woohoo!!

What I ate today:

Breakfast -- One high fiber/low carb wrap with black beans, crema, and parmesan cheese, also my reg. coffee

Lunch -- one piece of cheese and Lay's Sour cream and onion chips (2 oz bag)  I know it wasn't the healthiest of choices, but I stayed under my carb/sugar limit for the meal.  I just got a super panicky stressful moment today and I couldn't eat my regular turkey/cheese lunch so when I was at the gas station on my work errand to the bank, I got this small bag of chips. I don't know...just really craving something to calm my nerves.  I don't usually do this, but today I just wanted to feed my craving.

Dinner -- Stir fry with chicken, broccoli, cabbage, onions, celery, mushrooms mixed with the curry sauce

Have a good night everyone! : )


  1. We did not get any snow here in Oregon this year but we really dont get to much anyway except for in the mountains. I always think of Georgia as hot and humid and never any snow I guess I am wrong. Tonight is my night for Vampire Diaries I love that show. Thanks for sharing your day!

  2. Wow I would have thought OR gets lots of snow just because up north I guess. Yea GA doesn't get much snow but this year we got one of our worst snow storms back at Christmas then we have had for many years. But in the summer it does get very hot and very humid. ;)

  3. Best night of television. Stir fry sounds like the perfect dinner for us tonight since I have all the veges, and tofu. No chix. Stay warm and cozy! I was looking on the web at properties in GA not too long ago. Housing is so inexpensive, along with the cost of living as compared this crazy environment where people are working two jobs just to make ends meet. The only thing good here is the weather, if you don't surf, boat, or fish! :)

  4. Well I don't think you did that bad. Remember we are allowed to eat chips once in a while. Have fun with TV night tonight. We are watching Idol then Nakita. Stay warm :-)

  5. Stir fry was yummy last night and very very filling with all the veggies. :) All the foreclosures and property values in GA are really low now, but when I bought my house in 2007 they weren't as cheap. :( So unfortunately it doesn't help the value of my house and my hubby pretty much lost most his income because he is in construction remodeling. But enough about that. I pray everyday that the economy and area in GA will get better because I could really use that help. One income is really hard to live on. Wow okay now I have gone on a tangent talking lol!!

    Yea I won't have chips everyday, just really wanted them yesterday. :) The snow melted already so we are staying warm here, and this weekend is suppose to be in the high 50s so looking forward to some sunshine. :)