Monday, November 29, 2010

Week after Thanksgiving

Well I tried my best not to eat like crazy with the food, but I am sad to say, I pretty much failed.  I ate way to much so this week I am totally sticking to my healthy BFC lifestyle to get back on track.  One plus, I stayed away from the sugars this week, but I went way over on carbs.  :( bummer!!! At least I didn't gain any weight, but I know I didn't lose either.  Well just wanted to write a real quick blog today.  I don't have much good to say today.  Sorta feeling blah after several days off and coming into work today.  Talk to you girls later!  Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was wonderful! :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

E-Mealz Is Great for Ideas!! : )

Has anyone ever tried E-Mealz?  I have been a member for the past year and its great for ideas and they have lots of options.  Low Carb, Low Fat, Kid friendly, and list that pertain to certain budgets and certain grocery stores.  And they just added a new one (Gluten Free Shopping list) --- I was thinking about Minichick when I saw this new addition so I thought I would share the idea with everyone today. : )  Its $5 per month to be a member but you can only pick one shopping list at a time.  It includes the weekly meal planner with recipes, and on the second page it includes the exact shopping list, and if you pick the particular store then it also give prices which is amazing for anyone budgeting.  I don't know if any of you girls ever listen to Dave Ramsey, but I do on my drive home from work and I practice a few of his principles.  Anyways I heard about this a while back on his show and decided to try e-mealz.  Anyways knowing what we are allowed to eat and what we aren't this is a great idea if you need more meal choices or if anyone is getting bored with the same old meal night after night. : )  They also have sample menus to look at before trying.

Here is the link:

Monday, November 22, 2010

Just a note to share...

Hello everyone!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and made healthy choices.  I tried my best from the options I had because I was in a wedding this weekend and they had no sugar free drinks so I didn't have much choice there.  They didn't have water either. :(  I am glad the wedding is over for my best friends sake because she was sooo stressed.  But I told her, I think there are very few weddings that ever go perfect so just relax and enjoy the wonderful time you did have.  :) 

Anyways, I might not be writing much this week because I have a lot to do with cleaning the house, and cooking my very first Thanksgiving dinner all by myself.  Sorta scared about that since I am cooking a 20 lb. turkey.  This year we are cooking for some friends of my husband's because none his or there family is here.  My husbands family lives in Honduras and we really don't get a chance to see them much so I am cooking for my husbands good friends and a friend and her family this year.  It should be interesting and I am excited but scared about messing up the food.  My family will be saving me a little bit of there traditional thanksgiving dinner as well. 

Good luck with your BFC choices and Happy Thanksgiving to all you girls! :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Something I wanted to share...

Kelly Osbourne: "What I Eat Every Day (Almost)"

I thought this was a great article to share with everyone. Not sure if anyone watches the afternoon show "The Talk", but its great! I usually stream it on my computer here at work or watch later when I get home. But the other day one of the host Sharon Osbourne had her daughter on the show and she had a amazing transformation. Though she isn't on the BFC diet plan. A lot of what she ate, we are allowed to eat. I personally like reading these articles of successful and therefore wanted to share with everyone.

Hope everyone does great with their BFC choices today! :)

So far I have eaten toast with peanut butter this morning and of course my bottle of water. I am still contemplating my lunch because I was in a hurry and forgot to pack today. I think I will be going to Quinzos and getting a small cup of Broccoli and Cheese soup which is under the sugar/carb allowance. I just have to figure out what else I can eat there, because I know the soup won't fill me up.

Good luck today everyone! : )

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In response to everyone's comments re: Shiritaki Noodles

Incase anyone forgot to go back and read follow up comments.  I am just going to answer in this post. 

Hansens is great, Kroger's carry it.  It taste just like Crystal Light.  They had Iced Tea, Strawberry Lemondade and Berry Flavors (which I got).  They are a little bit more expensive but when you need another juice option, its great and they taste really sweet. 

Shiritaki Noodles to be honest do have a fishy or seaweedy smell to them, but you pour them in a collender and rinse them with hot water and viola!!  Pat them dry with a paper towl and then let them soak in whatever sauce you wanna use like lite soy sauce or the braggs as Rosalie uses.  Cook all your other stir fry and add them for a second and enjoy. : )

Another suggestion is to get the brand I had in the picture from or and pick the Angel Hair pasta style.  The kind I got is a yam noodle.  There is another version made with Tofu noodles that I heard had a bad texture so maybe all of you that didnt' have a good experiece with Shiritaki noodles had the tofu shiritaki and not the yam noodle shiritaki.  I suggest trying the yam noodle version before totally throwing this option out because they really did feel me up.

Hope everyone had a great BFC day! : )

I had a bit of a stressful day, but I think I just need to relax now.  I did get my nails down with my friend for one of her wedding errands today but since its not sandal weather anymore I have already messed up my toes while wearing socks and my boots.  Its driving me crazy too, lol!! I know it shouldn't but I just know my toe nails are smudged and I guess I will go back to get them fixed but no sense until Friday night or Saturday morning.  I also bought a tummy slimmer undergarment today and its declared it would make you look 10 lbs thinner and I thought this would help with my dress fitting a little bit more comfortably but unfortunately it makes me look more awful and less confident about myself.  I don't know how but I have gained 2 lbs.  I think I possibly am retaining water or its coming to be my "TIME."  Who knows.!!  But I am thinking this is why I am venting like crazy in this total paragraph of one big complaint.  Sorry everyone, I just had to type this out.  Sorta like my personal diary because only women can understand.  If I vented like this to my husband, he would try to sympathize but really wouldn't understand.  hah!!  Anyways thanks for listening!!!

Peace out!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some reviews and new finds

Well today was a success!  I am happy to report I ate totally healthy BFC style today. : ) yay me!!!

First I had two fried eggs with one slice of toast for breakfast, then for lunch I had a hamburger patty and a half with one slice bacon, mushrooms, and cheese melted with broccoli.  I had some almonds and one or two pork grinds for snack.  Then for dinner since my shiritaki noodles arrived today, I had stir fry chicken, with green peppers, broccoli, onions, zucchini, and shiritaki noodles with lite soy sauce.  IT was actually really yummy because the Shiritaki noodles did fill me up, but they are totally carb free which is awesome!! 

I went to the grocery store today and found some new things that will work on the BFC plan which I will share below.

SUGAR FREE (sweetened with truvia) 1g carbs per 1/2 packet to put into 8 oz. of water
Found this at Kroger for $3.99 a box

Great for a salty snack, but these particular one's are sorta spicy.  No sugars, no carbs! : )

Shiritaki Noodles $1.48 per 7 oz. bag which is plenty enough for two meals because they are so filling.

My finished dinner using Shiritaki Noodles along with green pepper, zuchini, onion, brocolli, soy sauce, and chicken.  (very healthy & filled me up so much I almost couldn't finish)
 Great suggestion thanks to a fellow blogger!

I am so happy I had a good day today!  Onto many more good days and I hope the lbs. will come off even around all these holiday meals coming up soon.

Good luck to everyone!!

Wanted to share...

I wanted to share a blog that I use for recipes on occasion.  Has everybody seen:

Its a very good blog and has lots of recipes.  The most famous recipe is the Oopsie rolls.   Just thought I would share.  They even have gluten free as well as I know some of you fellow ladies in the BFC sisterhood are following.  Good luck with everyone's healthy food choice today.  So far I am proud to report I have not cheated on the BFC meal plan today.  And my Shiritaki noodles just arrived so I will be making a hopefully yummy stir fry as another blogger suggested.  I am excited for my dinner creation tonight!! yippie!

Monday, November 15, 2010

On to Day 2

Well I am happy to report day one was halfway a success.  I ate two eggs for breakfast and a healthy salad with super carbs and O/V dressing, but I couldn't finish it because there was to much olive oil and it turned me off the salad.  But then by dinner time, I was ready to eat my own arm, lol!!  I think its because I didn't eat hardly any carbs trying to follow the fast track BFC due to the wedding im in this weekend.  Well I don't think that was the greatest idea on my part.  I had to run errands with my hubby to Home Depot & Lowes to do some pricing for a house my hubby is remodeling for his job and while we were out, we went to Steak N Shake that was in the same parking lot.  Let me tell you how guilty I feel because I had the frisco melt which is a BIG no no!!!  So my plan for tomorrow is to eat more then a salad for lunch and stick with a lighter dinner so I don't feel so starved through the day.  So I went ahead and cooked two lunches and put them in my little sectional tupperware and into the fridge so there easy to grab in the morning.  I think this will help me big time.  Check my meal out. :)  One and half hamburger patty cooked on my George Foremen, Brocolli in cheese sauce, mushrooms, one piece of bacon and sharp cheese, and tomorrow I will use a little mustard and I am all set for a yummy and more filling lunch yet low sugars, and very low carbs.

Another day in my healthy lifestyle

Well today hasn't started that great for a number of reasons.  First its Monday and I really didn't want to come to work.  Second its raining like cats and dogs out here which makes the traffic awful.  Total bummer for a dreary Monday.  But on one positive note, I did make two eggs with cheese for breakfast and then prepared my romaine lettuce salad for lunch topped with broccoli, mushrooms, bacon bits, cheese, cucumbers, O/V dressing.  Mmmm!!  And I'm planning on doing a meat and veggie for dinner tonight.  I am still waiting on my Shiritaki noodles from the but they should be here tomorrow or Wednesday per Fed Ex so I am excited to be trying these.  So far its been a good day food wise, but otherwise its pretty crappy.  These rainy days just make me wanna stay home and stay in bed with a good movie being lazy all day.  I don't wanna have to come here to work and actually have to think, lol!!  But hey I gotta pay my bills. ; )  

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  As Sherri posted, I hope we start sharing more recipes in our blogs.  I have a separate tab, but haven't posted to many there yet.  I will start trying to be better.  Anyways the more recipes we share, I think it will be better.  I know we all get bored with our own food ideas.  Routine is nice because you can remember what your allowed to have without having to measure all the new carbs/sugars, but routine gets boring too. 

Well day one of my strict BFC diet has begun!  I did start somewhat last week, but I had lots of stress and cheated on the plan here and there.  I have been feeling sick to my stomach lately to, so I don't know if the flu is going around, but I really hope that isn't the case.  Anyways, this week has been my true start, because this weekend I have to wear a bridesmaid dress for a wedding I am in and I wanna see if I can lose those starter BFC lbs before Saturday since the dress I am wearing is comfy standing up, but not so much sitting.  I am doing this diet on top of purchasing some spanx control top panty hose. LOL!!!  I am just ready for this weekend to be over.  I love my best friend, but I am not looking forward to being and looking fat in this bridesmaid dress on top of feeling nausea.   : (  Wish me luck to some lbs. down! : )

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Do OVER! : )

Well its been a while, but I had fallen off the wagon and didn't blog about my bad eating moments so now I am back to say I am going to do a "Do Over" with this BFC.  This time I am going to try my hardest to fight and have will power to keep on top of things.  I am starting at 216 lbs this time around.  My ultimate goal is to get down to 140 lbs.  My more short term goal is to try to lose about 10 lbs. per month.  

I have been following lots of peoples blogs like Rosalie and her great accomplishment of losing 70 lbs.  Amazing!!, Mini chick and her gluten free BFC lifestyle, Me and Jorge, and many other great blogs.  All these blogs have helped me be motivated to want to accomplish my goal.  I know I can do it, its just things have been stressful in my life and in those times I wanna make excuses of why I can't follow through with this diet or why I need that candy bar or french fries to make myself feel better.  Only to find out when I am done eating these things, I feel like total crap and also guilty that I have given into my emotions and ate something I knew I didn't need.  

I hope you will all follow my blog and help me with encouragement as I will helps others as well.

So far I had a big bottle of water and a Jalepeno Sausage Wrap from Quick trip 34g carb/3 g sugar

I am planning on running to the grocery store on my lunch break to grab some snacks for here at work.  Things like wraps, lunch meat, water, maybe some celery with peanut butter.  

Good luck to all of us!!