Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 7, Day 1 (Weigh in Day)

This week I am back down 4 lbs. to 207.  If everyone remembers last week I had gained 4 lbs. after doing week 5 and this week I lost the 4 lbs. that I had gained.  =)  I am happy about that.  I wished I hadn't gained to begin with, but I had a bad week.  Not trying to dwell on that.  Today we had really bad storms, luckily they waited until I got off the highway on my drive home from work or traffic would have been awful.  All this warm weather caused tornado weather and the sky was super dark.  Its still raining a lot, but I think the worst of the storm has passed.  My hubby already ate because he had a busy day working and just picked up something on his way home so I grabbed a Zaxby's salad on my way too because I just wanted to relax, watch movies, and enjoy listening to the rain with my hubby.  Mondays at work are always the most tiring because after the weekend schedule, I don't wanna pick myself back up to work so early. 

What I ate:

Breakfast:  Uncle Sams with unsweet coconut milk and regular coffee with creamer and pure via.  I have also started taking probiotics in the the morning, the one Rosalie suggested)  I think it helps, but not sure yet.  Its only been a couple days since I started taking.

Lunch:  Low carb/high fiber wrap with smoked ham and swiss with a side baby spinach salad with balsamic vinaigrette

Dinner:  Zaxbys salad with zaxbys ranch and a little bit of my hubby's horchata drink left over from his dinner.  I am addicted to this stuff!!!

I included my stats for today, and I really wish I could lower the fat, but it seems that its in everything!!!  I did good with the fiber intake, but ya know the more fiber I eat....the more my belly seems to hurt. : (  

Fat(g) Carbs(g)   Fiber(g)  Sugar(g)   Prot(g)    KCals
113.86 114.73 32.8 17.29 95.76 1795    

Hope every is having a great start to their week!! :)


  1. HI Lindsay, I am glad to hear about your loss this week. You are doing great!!
    You did good until you drank the horchata. I also love that stuff and have not had any for over a year. How was it?? Good I bet.
    Have a great day tomorrow :-)

  2. Great job Lindsay on your weight loss you are doing awesome.

  3. The horchata was good, the size I had only had 3 grams of sugar, but it made me long for more and more. But I had to stop myself. But what I didn't know was Zaxbys salads have like 7g of sugar :( I don't know how, I guess the breading or something like that on the chicken. ??? Guess I won't be eating that again.

    Also Thank you Diana!! :)