Thursday, February 3, 2011

Week 3 Thursday What I ate...

Well another day for success thank goodness on this healthy plan of eating.  I am pretty excited I have stuck to it this long already.  There has been a few cravings here and there for something like my regular big glass of milk just before I go to bed, something sweet, or something salty.  But all those cravings, I just tried to be strong and hold out.  If I was really just dying to have something, I would try to have a big glass of water to fill my empty belly.  I try to fill up on extra salad at dinner time so that I won't be hungry for a snack after dinner.  This has all helped tremendously!! =)  Yesterday I talked about some of my diet choices being to fatty and I appreciate the input from Sherri and Kasey.  Thank you girls!!  I figured out why yesterdays meal was so high in fat.  I really guess I knew before I ate yesterdays meal choices, but I was so focused on carbs and sugars, I sorta just over looked the fat intake part.  Anyways, the sausage in my breakfast casserole, the pepperoni in my wraps, and the ribeye steak was all the reason for the fat yesterday.  I need to only choose to have one of these fatty kind of meats every once in a while and stick with more lean meats.  I wasn't even thinking, but now I know. : )  I don't want to end up being nice and skinny with millions of clogged arteries.  So now I am going to start watching my fat intake a bit too.  Going to try to keep it around 60 or 70 g and as I get skinnier maybe decrease it a bit.

What I ate today:

Breakfast - My homemade breakfast casserole

Lunch - 2 pieces of salami, three pieces of turkey lunch meat, and two pieces of cowpals cheese

Dinner - Grilled tuna patties, garlic steamed cauliflower, and side salad

 Nutrition count for the day:  copied from my fat secret food journal

Fat(g)   Carbs(g)    Fiber(g)     Sugar(g)      Prot(g)        KCals
66.72 17.09 5.0 6.81 76.75 964


  1. So proud of the great job you are doing and sticking to plan. I know it is not easy all the time but you are doing it. Great job so far on your weight loss.