Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Weekend Week 6, Day 5, 6, & 7

 Well this weekend went way to fast.  I could use another couple of days.  Saturday I visited my grandmothers and then my family invited me for dinner.  Today I went to church and then back home to relax.  It was a beautiful day here in GA, almost 80 degrees!! This is crazy for February, but loved the beautiful sunshine.  Now on to watch the Oscars! =)  I love to see all the fancy dresses and such the actresses wear.  Wish I could own a beautiful dress and go somewhere fancy like that.  hehe!!

What I ate:

Breakfast- Whole wheat english muffin, two eggs, and smoked ham with my regular coffee
Lunch- Ham & Swiss on Natures own sugar free bread with dijon mustard
Dinner- Zaxbys house salad with ranch (slightly over the count for a meal, but not over for the day)

Breakfast- Sausage Egg McMuffin and regular coffee
Lunch- Half Applebees Reuben and a very few french fries
Dinner- (ate at my parents for dinner) Prime Rib, broccoli, salad with cheese and newman own dressing and 1/4 cup of fresh mashed potatoes

Breakfast- Uncle Sams and unsweetened coconut milk with one packet truvia
Lunch- Two eggs scrambled, two slices of nature own sugar free bread with two slices of bacon
Dinner- Taco salad with a couple tortilla chips

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  1. Hey Girl, I'm glad you had a good weekend. That's funny it was so hot over there and here it was like 55-60 at the most.
    Have a good today :-)