Weight Loss Progress

Me at my highest weight 222 lbs.

START 1-17-2011 starting weight 222.6

After Week 1 weight = 214.4 (Down 8 lbs.) yay!!

After Week 2 weight= 212.4 (Down 2 lbs.) : ) Might have been more but I was sick all week and did happen to eat a few to many Zaxby's chicken nuggets. ;)

After Week 3 weight= 211.00 (Down 1.4 lbs.)  I was down more earlier in the week, but Super bowl Sunday I made some high sugar choices and I think this is the reason for holding onto some of the weight.  I will take my 1 lbs lose as a good thing and move onto better loses next week. =)

After Week 4 weight =207.8 (Down 3.2 lbs.)

END OF MONTH 1 -- DOWN a total of 14.6 lbs.

Start of MONTH 2

After Week 5 weight = 211.8 (4 lbs gain) : (  Succumbed to my sugar cravings

After Week 6 weight = 207.8 (lost 4 lbs.)  Well at least I lost what I gained and hopefully more after I stop retaining this water.  ;)

After Week 7 weight = 206.4 (lost 1.4 lbs.)  I ate good all weekend and went over a bit on the weekend, so maybe this is the reason for a smaller loss.  No excuses, I just gotta try to have a little more willpower in the future weeks coming

After Week 8 weight = 204.0 (lost 2.4 lbs.)  Digestion needs to get more regular and maybe the weight loss will be a little more even instead of up and down all the time in the middle of the week.

Total loss after 2 months = 18 lbs.
After Week 9 weight = 200.4 (lost 4 lbs.)  yay!!

Me at current weight as of 3/23/2011 @ 200.4 lbs.  Doesn't look that different from the first pic, but I do notice my pants are getting looser and my stomach is getting flatter.  

I will be so happy when my butt doesn't look this wide anymore after I lose more weight

After week 10= 199.6
After week 11= 197.4
After week 12= nothing :(
After week 13= nothing :( booo hooo!! (But not giving up- just hit a plateau)  I am going to trick my body back into the swing of things.
After week 14= nothing ( I am starting to get peeved!!!) 

This picture is from September 2009, but I just took my measurements as of right now (April 22, 2011)  I saw Rosalie's picture and figure I should go by measurements vs weight loss all the time.  I measured everything I could think of that will shrink, lol!!! I meant to say pooch not pouch lol, but didn't feel like editing again.  hehe
After Week 15= 196.4 (-1 lbs. lost)  At least I lost one lbs. after being stalled for a while

After Week 16= 197 (gained a couple ounces) -- didn't follow the BFC good this week at all : (

After Week 17=

I went off this plan for more then a year  : (

I am back now in August 2012 so lets restart the log from here:

Starting weight (230)

Starting BFC 8/27/2012

Week 1 loss (9/3/2012)