Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Info!

Check out the http://www.meandjorge.com/ blog for yesterdays post.  Some great info on the BFC Fast Track.  Wow, I was reading about the new diet book coming out and it definitely looks like something I would like to try.  It sounds pretty tough thought to eliminate all those things, but if it means losing weight fast im totally for it.  I know its not healthy to lose too fast, but the more initial weight I see I lose the more motivated I become to keep going.  Anyways just wanted to share that info in case anyone wasn't aware of that blog.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Week one down, onto WEEK 2

Okay so week one was going great until my weekend happened.  Wedding reception for a close friend that was catered by Sonny's BBQ and then wedding cake.  Wow it was yummy but then it ruined my Sunday meal plan as well because my friend sent me home with leftovers.  : (  I couldn't refuse.  Anyways I aim for this week to be much much much better then last.  I have a couple really stressful times going on in my life right now so I can't make any promises that I won't have a food binge from the amount of stress on me, but I will try my hardest.  I really wish this economy would pick up is all I got to say.  Because when someone is self employed, it just doesn't do a whole lot for the business.  I work full time but my husband is self employed and right now its not the best of times.  This effects more things then one most the time.  For example, I usually feel to bummed to eat right.  Which I know is suppose to be no excuse, right...you can always eat right.  Just gotta make that decision to do it.  Okay well enough of my complaints.  I want this to be a positive blog, not depressing. 

Okay so I sorta have planned my menus for the week.  What is everyone planning for tonight's dinner?  We should share menu ideas.  It would really help me build my menu for the week.  :)  So far this morning for breakfast, I ate two slices of wheat bread with peanut butter and a glass of water.  Anyone have any other quick ideas for breakfast?  

Alright everyone good luck for this week ahead.  Don't give in to the power of the food.  Stick with it!! We can do it!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Don't know what I did....

Okay so its Saturday morning and I went to weigh myself, cause I couldn't wait til Monday hehe!!  Anyways I had weighed myself Friday morning and I had gone down to 209.8 and this morning I was 212.8....not sure how this happened.  Unless you can tell me the small teeny weeny piece of cheesecake I had caused this :(  OH NO!! Better not let that happen again.  Maybe it will reflect differently Monday because after all I did just eat a big plate of breakfast and then weight myself before I jumped in the shower.  Maybe that's the issue.  Because the cheesecake was so tiny of a piece, there were barely three bites.  But my husband brought it home :( and he gave me a piece cause he knows its my fav.  But no more of that for me. 

But this afternoon I am going to a wedding reception so don't know what the food choices will be like, but I am going to try my best to stay away from the bad choices.  I will have to write an update later and see how good or bad I did.  But let me tell ya next week I am totally going full force 100% good on this diet plan.  Because I have to finish this before Nov. 20th when I am in a friends wedding.  I had to order a size 18 dress but I want to have it altered to be a much smaller size before then.  So I am keeping my fingers crossed. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 5 of my BFC Diet

Okay so its finally Friday! :)  Always a great thing!  I have done okay this week, not perfect.  But next week my goal is to do even better.  I can't wait to see what Mondays weigh in looks like :)  My ultimate test will be this weekends menu, because when I tend to get bored I eat.  I will just have to stay busy busy to keep myself on track.  I have a wedding reception to go to tomorrow so there may be some off track eating there, but hopefully they will have some healthy options. hehe!!  I think this weekend I will spend time planning my next's weeks dinners so I don't go off track at night after I get home from work.  That was my worst thing this week.  When I don't have dinner planned and then I get home from work, me and my husband are tired and then we just grab something out to eat or well I make a quick sandwich.  Like last night I wasn't too hungry and just ate a grilled cheese sandwich.  What can I say, I am just plan lazy after having to drive home an hour from work....  Good luck to everyone this weekend.  One word of advice, if you think your hungry, try just drinking a glass of water.  Sometimes that might be all you need. :)  I mean of course after you eat regular meals (not in place of food) ;)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A little weight loss...

Day 3 of my diet and I have lost 1 lb., but I probably should only weight once a week to see a greater overall loss.  I have done really well with my lunch choices, but not as well with dinner choices.  I have skipped breakfast everyday and I know that is a BIG "NO NO", but I am usually not that hungry right when I wake up.  And warmed up eggs is not yummy to me, so I am trying to think of something fast and on the go to eat once I get to work.  Lunches have consisted of turkey, lettuce, and cheese low carb wraps.  All I have drank is water lately.  No sodas, no coffee....yay me!!  My only downfall has been at dinner, because the first night I had to go to the grocery store and was late getting home so of course me and my husband grabbed a quick dinner.  I ate a Chimichanga :( ....though the chicken wasn't bad for me, the deep fried outer shell tortilla was :(  (one slap on the wrist for that one!)  Then last night I ate at Ruby Tuesday's and I had the grilled tilapia with steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes.  Now I know that one wasn't awful, but I could have gone without the cream sauce on top of the fish and choose extra broccoli instead of mash potatoes.  But its my first week and so far I think I have accomplished a pretty good start. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The last start to a diet goal I will achieve

Hello all!  My name is Lindsay and Monday August 23rd I started my diet challenge for the last time because this time I will stick to it and that is a promise I have made to myself.  

I started the Belly Fat Cure some time ago but when I was following it I had a success of about 15 lbs. but stopped because I got to busy.  But August 23, 2010 I started this plan yet again.  At my current weight of 213.8 as of this morning, I set to accomplish a weight loss of about 70 lbs which would be in my healthy weight range for a 5' 7" woman at the age of 27.  

So far I have had a good start with my week.  My stomach does hurt a little from wanting some extra food, but I think after the first week or so, my body will get use to the diet again.