Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week 6, Day 2

Well this morning I was back down to 209 which is a good thing.  I think it was what I thought.  Just a little of a digestive issue.  Today I did decide to get my butt in gear and not be depressed about the weight gain and weekend sugar madness.  I ate very well today, I think.  Thank you everyone for yesterday's comments.  It meant so much that you were all there to encourage me.  Also I would like to give a big thank you to Rosalie who gave me a phone call after she read my blog.  Rosalie you are so sweet to check on me like that.  I was feeling really bummed last night and she helped me feel better.  As well as you girls that all commented on my post.  Thank you Katie, Helen, Sherri, Rosalie, Minichick, and Amber!!! Your all sweethearts in my book.=)

Today I ate:

Breakfast - 2 corn tortillas with scrambled eggs, cream, and cheese & coffee with the regular extras

Lunch - whole grain thin bun with Dijon mustard, chicken breast, and fat free Swiss with a side salad with fat free balsamic vinaigrette

Dinner - Pollo Sabraso (which is just marinated chicken) it marinate with apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, oregano, and sazon seasoning and 1/2 large zucchini with mrs. dash

I stayed well under my carbs and sugars for the day
Fat(g)   Carbs(g  Fiber(g)   Sugar(g)    Prot(g)   KCals
40.90 58.80 10.1 7.17 122.62 1097


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day kiddo! Way to go, back on track and moving on. Thumbs UP!

  2. I am so glad for you that your weight is back down. Yeah! See I said today was another day and It was better. I bet your tummy felt better today with your great choices. Anytime you feel out of control you can always call me. :-)

  3. Thank you Helen!! Yes, Rosalie, my tummy felt sooo much better yesterday. I was surprised eating the right good carbs at lunch made me so full that I couldn't even finish dinner. I had to give the last couple of bites to my pups. ;) Which of course they liked. hehe!! I hope to stay better on top of thinks now that I realize how awful the other way of eating made me feel. Thank you girls!

  4. I'm so glad you had a better day! Your food choices look super yummy...I think I'm gonna have to try to make chicken that way I usually have all thoes ingredients on hand.

    It's always good to get back on the horse after you fall off, I like to use that expression, but if I ever fell off a horse I don't think I would want to get back on. About 8 yrs ago I was kicked in my thigh by a horse and it left a dent in my leg...I'm not kidding you can literally feel a dent and the scar tissue, and I haven't really cared for horses since. But you know what I mean...we are going to slip up once in a while and eat more than 15g of sugar a day, but as long as we pick ourselves back up and try again I know we can be successful.

  5. Wow the horse thing sounds scary. I use to be in Vet tech school until I changed my mind, and I always was the most afraid of working with the horses because the kicking and the fat that they really don't like being fulled with in the vet tech classes I had. I appreciate your encouraging words!! :)