Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Too much FAT??

I was just doing some thinking and I wonder if anyone knows the answer to this question?....

When following the BFC, I know your only suppose to mainly watch carbs and hidden sugars....but my question is what about FAT?  I don't know if its the great idea to eat things high in fat.  Like for example todays food line up:

Breakfast - my homemade breakfast casserole and coffee

Lunch - two homemade pizza pockets (made with two low carb wraps, pepporoni, and mozzarella chz.)

Dinner - ribeye steak, broccoli, and side salad with newman's own family recipe dressing

I enter my food most days on this site called and todays count for my foods are this:

Fat(g)        Carbs(g)     Fiber(g)       Sugar(g)       Prot(g)        KCals
164.59 41.26 26.1 4.10     149.70 2181   

I cut and paste the top of the nutrition facts from my food entries.  165 g of fat seems like a lot to me.  I don't know though, because the diet seems to work and of course is suppose to be healthy.  I was just wondering as I sit here bored at work.  I know Jorge Cruise does talk about good fats for your body like butter and cheeses etc.  It just got me to thinking and I wondered what everyone else take was on this?

Let me know your opinion. = )

Thank you!!


  1. I'm going to have to check this site out, I never take time to write down and calculate anything, but I mainly make my foods using olive oil, and flax seed oil, and I use coconut oil for cooking my eggs because it can take heat best, out of all the oils, and it doesn't turn carcinogenic. I think these type of oils are the best to use, and I don't keep any other kind in the house. As far as a daily input of oil needed for good body function, the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society have recommended reducing our intake of fat to 30 percent or less of total calories consumed daily. Polyunsaturated; corn, sunflower should make up 10% of our daily calories. While Monounsaturated; olive, canola oil should also be 10% of our daily calories. USDA Recommendation for Women age 19-30 need 6 tsp. 31+ yr. need 5 tsp. of oil daily. Men age 19-30 need 7 tsp., 31+ need 6 tsp of oil daily. You'll have to do the math because I'm lousy at it to figure out what 30% of your daily calories comes out to be.

  2. Hi Lindsay! From what I have read in Jorges book, fat isnt the enemy because it doesnt impact blood sugar, HOWEVER, as a nurse and giving you my honest opinion, I dont think eating 169gms of fat a day is a good idea. Seems like quite a bit to me. I dont personally go over 50gms a day and I usually dont even get near that amt. Its just kind of my red flag but I really dont closely track fats on a daily basis....I watch labels and try to make better "fats" choices like olive & canola oil and I limit it to no more than 2 tsp/day. I do think you need some oil in your diet to keep things moving and for healthy hair, skin & nails. Dr. Oz says that eating monounsaturated oils like olive & canola actually help you release fat, but you must use them in moderation. Just my 2 cents. Glad that you are doing so well on the plan!! Keep up the good work!

  3. I think my main problem was the choice of meats that were all fatty in the same day of meals. Sausage in my breakfast casserole = lots of fat, Pepperoni = fat, and ribeye steak = more fat. So I think here lies the problem. I am going to try to eat more leaner meats from now own maybe. I do have oil in my diet, because when I cook...I only use olive oil or canola. I don't usually eat meats like this everyday, I just was craving some sorta pizza so I made those pizza wrap then noticed how high the fat was for the day when I posted my foods on fat secret. Thank you for the input and your opinions ladies. It really helped me a lot! =)