Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 6, Day 1 (Also weigh in Day)

Well I am going to make this short, because I am feeling a little depressed by my weigh in day.  The scale said 211 this morning so that would be a 4 lbs. gain but I don't know why because I didn't eat that much sugar this weekend when I feel off the wagon... I think the sugar makes things not so easily digested or something because I have not been regular for a while now.  (TMI sorry...)  I think it was the fact that I started eating those Lindt choc. truffles after Valentines' day and the sugar I had over the weekend.   I took some medicine last night to help.  Also its about to be my time of the month.  I just feel bummed out so it must be that.  I attempted to start the fast track menu that I was emailed last week, and everything went okay for the first part of the day.  But not so great for dinner.  I did buy the probiotics that Rosalie suggest to use from Amazon and I hope that helps with some other things as well.  I might try the super seed or fiber in the coffee if this doesn't help enough. 

Breakfast - Two over easy eggs and two slices bacon (uncured kind) with water & my regular coffee

Lunch - Salad with cheese, bacon bits, chicken, and fat free balsamic vinaigrette and water

Dinner - not sure if I should tell anyone this but here it are all going to be like what was she thinking.  But I was starving for carbs!!  This fast track thing will take getting use too.  I ate two empanadas I homemade for a snack when I got home and then two slices of pepperoni pizza for dinner.

I did stay under the regular BFC guidelines for carbs and sugars, but I pretty much had them all within one meal which is really bad.  I am going to try to do better tomorrow and work on building up to this fast track menu.  I might have to add some toast for breakfast in the morning. 


  1. Hey girl, don't beat yourself up about the gain. It happens to me a lot as you already know. It is probably the #2 thing.
    As far as the fast track - That might have been too much for you. I don't think you ate enough for breakfast or lunch and then you were starving. I get it.
    Tomorrow is another and better day - I promise :-)

  2. Lindsey....I personally think that you should just stick with the BFC & not Fast Track. With all the stress youve been under lately, might be better to just do what you know best. My 2 cents. Hang in there girl. New day tomorrow, forgive, move on. Its OK! ((Sherri))

  3. {{{{{HUGS}}}}} I hate those type of weigh-in days. As you said though, it most likely isn't what you've eaten so it's probably not a true weight gain, and that's what really matters. When you get the chance, check out my recent post about thyroid issues. You may find a lot of help for yourself there.

  4. In my experience with FT it can be confusing. It takes time for the body to adjust to being without grain carbs, especially if you have generally eaten a lot of grains. Even if you ate your grains with the BFC. And, the body also needs time to adjust concerning fiber, and bowel movements. Very low carb diets can make you constipated. Figuring out the right balance of fiber and veggies can take time. And drive the scale haywire while you figure it out. Many people on the program actually lost inches and not necessarily weight.

    I lost about 30-35 lbs. on the bfc and then plateaued out. After over a month stuck, I decided to try and jump start my weight loss with FT. I came to like eating this way so I have continued. Does it work for weight loss? I am honestly not sure yet.

    You know what it best for you Lindsay, and I respect that, but if the BFC is working for you, you might want to stick with it till the FT book is avaliable in May to answer your questions in more detail as you go along.

    Up to you of course. Wishing you the very best.

  5. Lindsay,
    Don't be so hard on yourself, you are probably retaining fluid due to your monthly, and of course the whole #2 thing, have you tried benefiber? It really helps me, right now I'm finishing up target's generic brand and I don't recommend it, I don't like it as well.
    And you could be having issues cuz u ate more sugar than you are used to...from my own experience too much sugar makes me gassy and constipated (weird to share, but hopefully helpful) echo what the other ladies have said, tomorrow is a new day, and we all have faith in you! :)

  6. OH my thank you ladies!! I was in melt down yesterday but all your words of encouragement mean the world.

    I think I decided to stay with BFC and maybe just follow fast track for dinner meal to be lighter in the evenings. I hope we will see a difference next week. :)

    Thank you sooooooooooo much for all the support!

  7. I hope a good night's rest helped you to feel refreshed today,it's good to have a place to vent about your frustrations. I think it is a good idea to stick to the bfc for track seems like a whole different animal, and without the fast track book it seems it could get confusing and frustrating. I have refered to the bfc book so many times to help me understand the bfc and learn about sugar and carb counts. I think I would be very confused trying to do the fast track without the book.

  8. Keep your chin up, bad weeks come and go. Before you know it, you will be on the other side of 200! I just know it! Dont force the Fast Track on yourself if it doesnt feel right.Its not a magic pill or anything like that. Maybe just do a lower grain version of BFC. Like no grain for dinner?