Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week 3 Friday and Saturday Eats

Okay well no new news today, but just thought I would post my food eating for the past two days.  This helps me be accountable for what I eat, plus I always like sharing my ideas.  Again I like to see when others post what they eat on their blog, because sometimes it helps me get an idea for a meal too.  So here it is:

Breakfast - my homemade breakfast casserole
Lunch - chicken salad (homemade) I made with chicken, celery, and cucumbers and put on top of a little romaine lettuce.  It was really pretty yummy and very filling with all the cucumbers and celery. : )
Dinner- nacho/taco salad from Taco Depot.  Me and hubby went out to eat.  This is what I saw to be one of the lowest calorie things.  Because I only ordered the half order of nachos (probably only had about 15-20 small chips.  (I counted hehe!!)  So this stayed under my two carb serving limit.

Most Saturdays I go to help my grandmother at her house or help her run some errand since she can't drive long distances.  Well she generally likes to go out to eat or makes these huge lunches for me.  I told her I have been on a diet so nothing she makes can be unhealthy, hehe!!)  Anyways...I didn't eat breakfast because I sleep in so late and then wanted to save room for whatever lunch I had out with her.  So I just got a coffee from Quiktrip and I forgot Truvia so I had to use Splenda (even though I know were not suppose too) woopsie!!  For lunch she wants Steak N Shake, because she loves there milk shakes.  Luckily I don't like there milk shakes hehe so it wasn't hard to watch her have one while on this healthy lifestyle of eating.  Well I just had a Frisco melt, which came in right at my carb serving limit.  I believe the sugars in this special frisco sauce was right at the limit, but I didn't think the little bit on the bread would hurt.  Just goes to show you how some little amt. can go a long way in sugar grams.  For dinner I wasn't that hungry since lunch really filled me up.  I just made a little pizza quesadilla with ragu pizza sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese.

Well hope everyone is having a great weekend!!  Good luck BFC'n!! : )

Hope everyone gets to watch the Super Bowl tomorrow, I love the commercials, CAN"T WAIT!!! =)


  1. Your breakfast casserole do you mind sharing the recipe?

  2. Hi Lindsay, I hope you had a great weekend. Sounds like you did very good w/the food.