Friday, February 18, 2011

Week 5, Day 5

Well this day is finally over thank goodness!!  This week has been horrible.  When it rains, its pours.  All the shit hit the fan this morning.  But finally its over and done with, I just gotta pay the credit card bill when it comes in for the awful septic tank issue this morning.  They pumped it out and then found out there was a blockage in the main line to the house so everything was stopped up and then it leaked into the garage.  Just no fun at all.  I was at work calling these septic tank places and my hubby was home today waiting around for the people to get there.  Luckily it wasn't worse.  But $400 later, I feel like it was bad enough. : (  Anyways, looking forward to hopefully a better weekend because its suppose to be 74 tomorrow here in GA and almost two weeks ago it had snowed.  Sometimes we really have crazy weather here!!  Sunday me and my hubby are going to the circus for my friends birthday.  She use to go every year as a child and wants to go this year.  She got a big group together and got a good price.  I would think so, because she invited 36 people.  I don't know hardly any of them so it should be interesting.

What I ate today:

Breakfast - Egg McMuffin and regular coffee & stuff

Lunch - Nature's Own Sugar Free wheat bread with turkey, fat free swiss, lettuce and mayo

Dinner - Torta (Chicken) with an horchata (I needed something good to end this crazy day)

Amazingly with the Horchata even I stayed under my sugars, but I did go over the 5g sugar limit within one meal at dinner.  So I guess that isn't good, but I will do better.  I know I will.  Just this week has been one hell week!   I hope I can only see better for our future. : )

Have a good weekend everyone!!


  1. Sorry to hear about your septic fun at all. I hope you have a great time at the circus, I have not been to one since I was a kid but I remember how fun they were. Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh man can I relate to this! We had our septic back up on us once before. Have fun at the circus. :)

  3. I hope all goes well with the repairs at your house. Try not to get too stressed out. Have a good time at the circus. :-)

  4. Thank you everyone!! Everything seems to be fixed. There was a little issue this morning, but I think we got that fixed too, or I hope it doesn't happen again or we will have to rent something to snake the lines in the house. ugh!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that doesn't happen.

  5. Did the septic people tell you what to do to avoid this issue in the future? I hope so. I have been there and done that, no fun, but a huge relief I am sure to have it all fixed! I hope the circus is fun. I took my Mother ages ago and we had a blast. Happy Weekend!