Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week 3 -- Feb 1st.

Well I can't believe its February already!! Where has the time gone?  This morning a crazy thing happened...I stepped on the scale just for the heck of it and it read 208.0 and Monday morning the scale had said 212.4.  Is it possible for me to have lost weight in a day?  I can't report it as a lose yet, because I know we all fluctuate up and down all the time.  So I guess I will have to wait and truly see on Monday, but for now it was an exciting moment. : )  So I will take the moment and be happy. hehe!!!  Still trying to get rid of all this sinus junk, its so annoying and I am just so ready to be over the cold completely.  Maybe this week will be my last, I really hope so!!

What I ate today:

Breakfast -- Breakfast casserole made with eggs, sausage, sauteed mushrooms and onions and coffee

Lunch -- Pizza pocket (made with one low carb wrap, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese)

Dinner -- Tilapia and some small shrimp sauteed with lemon butter and garlic and half zucchini

I am not eating that many carbs this week because I am trying to catch up with the days I was off my BFC eating last week due to my cold.  I want a good lose this week because my ultimate goal is 70 lbs. and of course I would love that off by the middle or end of the summer.  I would love it to come off before summer, but I know that isn't logical to happen that fast.  I can dream right.  I know from seeing others that weight isn't going to come off that quickly.  It may take me a year to get to my ultimate goal, but I am trying to shoot for at least 10 lbs. a month.  Anyways thanks for reading. : )  Gotta finish up because its time to watch the Biggest Loser now.

Good luck with everyone's BFC choices this week! =)

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  1. Yea that extra 4 lbs. came back this morning. Weird how we can fluctuate that much. Oh well, no biggie, I need to wait til Monday to weigh in for my true week's weight lose anyways... ;)