Thursday, March 31, 2011

Week 11 (Day 3 and 4)

Well all I can say is this day sucks big time!!  Its not going well for me at all.  : (  I have a headache from hell and the ibuprofen isn't working.  Me and my hubby had an argument, well the same stupid argument as always.  "Money"  Well when will it end?  I wanna save and he wants to live with each little bit that he gets.  I don't know about this and our future.  I love him but if we can't agree, what does one do?  One would have to give in right?  Well it can't be me because I refuse to search around for how to pay certain things when I know he has spent it on something right.  Well I could go on and on about this, but this isn't what anyone wants to hear.  I don't even wanna talk about it.  I vented with one of my best friends, and I am glad she was there for me.  I needed someone to talk to earlier tonight.  Okay change of subject....

What I ate:


B- English muffin lite, 2 eggs, and 2 slices of mortadella cooked in the frying pan (mmmm) + coffee
L- didn't eat (couldn't decided what I was hungry for)   Do you ever just have those days?  So I just had a few wheat thin toasted veggie crackers (like 5)
D- Tilapia and big spinach salad
S- Kettle corn (small bowl)

Thursday (today)
B- McDonalds sausage egg mcmuffin
L- Wendys Spicy go wrap
D- I have no clue if I will eat something.  So far its 9:00 pm and I have a headache and upset and have no clue what to eat because all I wanna do is watch Grey's Anatomy and go to sleep.  ugh!!! what a night!!!

Sorry for the crazy venting post.  I just needed to type out the feelings tonight.  Thanks for listening.  Hopefully tomorrow and this weekend the posts will be more uplifting.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week 11 (Day 2)

Well another rainy dreary day here in Georgia. :(   "Rain, rain go away come again another day."  That is my thoughts right now.  I hardly wanna get up normally.  But the rain and my monthly visitor make it tens times worse.  Boo hoo!!!  I just feel like turning the lights off in my office and laying my head on the desk and snoozing.  Zzzzzzzzz!!  I mean the phone is barely ringing.  Other then that, all I have is filing.  Boring!!  Why not nap?  hehe!!

I have been making muffins for my hubby for breakfast snacks and I have been wanting some so bad, but nope too much sugars!  I have been with holding pretty good.  I did have two bites of a banana muffin last night and my hubby finished the rest.  He keeps buying breads from the Panaderia (spanish for bakery).  Though its not that expensive.  I feel like I wanted to make some for him myself.  I love to cook so even though I can't eat all this stuff, I still love to cook for him.  He is suppose to diet, but he isn't really doing it.  Pretty much he doesn't eat anything during the day and then eats a HUGE meal at dinner time and has late night snacks.  I can't get him out of that routine.  I try and he always says wow you are looking skinny, your doing good.  I try to get people jealous into wanted to follow the diet with me.  hehe!!  Like telling them wow, look how much I lost or look how lose my pants are getting.  I don't mean in a mean way, just wanna help them help themselves.  You girls know what I mean, I am sure.   Like my mom and dad could use it too but my mom just feels tired and full of other thoughts and doesn't wanna try she says.  I think she may be depressed about some things.  I hate that she feels this way, but nothing I do makes her see things different so I just gotta let that go.  I forwarded a couple friends some info on the BFC and they are excited to start it.  Also I have a couple other friends doing the plan and losing weight.  They are excited too!!  I hope I can help a lot of people.  I love how much help Rosalie and Amber's blog have been.  They have shared lots of info and that is what I would love to do for others do as I progress through my weight loss journey.  Anyone I can help to become a healthier person would make me very happy.

What I ate:

B- (Running late) McDonalds Sausage Egg McMuffin (this is my typical running late meal) (2/2)

L- Left over smoked ribs, only 4 small pieces off the rack (I ate on the whole rack for about 4 different total meals)  small homemade helping of my grandmas potato salad.  (it was almost a cup, probably about 3/4 cup)

D- Garlic butter chicken with about 10 steamed asparagus (yum!!)  I figured I would try veggies I always hated as a kid this week so I bought asparagus and brussel sprouts to try again as an adult)  Asparagus were actually pretty yummy, next I try brussel sprouts....I gotta figure how to season those so I will like them.

Anyone have any good ways of cooking brussel sprouts?????  Share if you do. : )

Well off to do some work here on this dreary day!  Hope everyone else has some sun because someone needs too. =)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Week 11 Day 1 (Weigh In Day)

Last Monday 200.4 and this Monday --> 197.6 (yay!!)

Lost 2.8 lbs 

Now in Onederland!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Well I was very surprised to see this on the scale Monday morning, but wayyyyy excited too.  I started my monthly so I for sure thought I would be bloated or retaining water.  As of this morning I am, but I know it will go back down again when the week is over.  But Monday morning the scale didn't show this, it showed I was in onderland finally!!  Its been over 4 years since I have been under 200.  I use to be a skinny person, when I was in my early 20's I was around 130-140 then I developed the thyroid condition (underactive) and met my hubby and we all know what happens then.  You get comfortable and gain weight.  Well I gained tons and it makes it hard with my slow metabolism to lose, but I am losing slowly and steadily and its exciting!!  I have been taking super cleanse to help with the digestion issue because on this healthy eating lifestyle sometimes that can be a difficult area because your eating so healthy.  Well let me give one word of advice.  Don't take super cleanse while on your monthly!!  It makes your belly hurt pretty bad or maybe its just me.  Or at least it did mine.  I don't eat many carbs during this time of the month because it seems to hurt my belly.  I have been really out of it these last couple of days.  I have felt week.  I hate my monthly visitor!  It really just is a pain! ugh!!

Well enough complaining.

Here is what I ate:

B- Nature Own double fiber toast (2 slices) with butter and cheese.  Plus coffee and 3 SC
L- Tuna mixed with mayo and 12 celery sticks (4" size strips)  
D- Salmon with aioli sauce (mayo mixed with cooking wine, garlic, mrs. dash italian, and lime juice) mmm plus a side of sauteed broccoli with mushrooms, and small spinach salad with newmans own dressing, feta cheese, and bacon bits.

I am just plan tired today, all I can say is I hope I sleep better tonight, because I feel totally drained and weak today.  Its just one of those blah days!!  

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Weekend of Week 10

Well the weekend was pretty good.  It could have been nicer weather, but we had nice weather all week so it was time for some rain.  Well the storm last night was super bad with the hail and the power shutting off.  Today it was cool outside and very dreary.  I spent the WHOLE day cleaning.  I definitely should have gotten a super duper workout because I cleaned all the fans, cleaned more of the woodwork in the upstairs, did lots of laundry, vacuumed, etc.  Needless to say I am pooped out.  Its time to get on my jammies and watch some movies.  First I just wanted to write a bit and post what I ate with all you gals.  Hope all you girls had a great weekend.  I saw Rosalie shopped at Kohl's.  Me too!! I took my grandmother and she had one of those 30% coupons too so we got a few cute things.  I officially can start to buy large shirts now and not XL anymore ;)  I am so excited about that.  Can't wait til I can start buying smaller pants.  Right now I could wear smaller in the waist, but the hip and thigh area need the extra room right now.  But soon so for now I just wear a belt to hold up the baggy pants that are still size 16/18.

What I ate:

B- Fiber toast with cheese and butter
L- Applebees Dijon Chicken with portbella mushrooms, side of broccoli, one small red potato, and unsweet tea  (BFC approved meal per my counter)
D- Smoked ribs (no sauce) with potato salad (my grandmas homemade recipe (couldn't pass up, but I just had a little)

B- 3 eggs scrambled with cheese, 2 slices fiber toast w/butter, 3 slices of bacon
L- Little more potato salad
S- Kettle corn (gotta watch out for sugar on this one, but I was craving a little something sweet)  Its my time of the month as of today so the water retaining and sugar cravings start)  blah!! I do so good except these couple of days of each month.  I am just moving on and not worrying to much about this...trying to stay busy so I don't just eat sweets.

Well hope everyone had a great weekend!! I hope that the scaled went from 200 to 199 tomorrow, but I seriously doubt it because of my monthly visitor.  I can always try to keep my fingers crossed though.  = )

Friday, March 25, 2011

(Week 10) Day 5 FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooo!!!!

Well can you tell by my blog title, I am happy its Friday???????  Well I am.  I look forward to weekend every week.  I just enjoy to relax and do whatever I want instead of having to get up and drive an hour to work everyday.  (Well with traffic that is how long it takes)  On a good day it only takes 40 minutes.  But there aren't many good days because people drive so crazy and rush everywhere which is bound to cause traffic jams from accidents.  If only everyone could just slow down a little.

Today I ate:

B - Fast Flax Seed Muffin w/butter + coffee + 3 super cleanse (today I upped my dose to the max dose) and I will stay on this dosage until April 20th for my full 30 day cleanse)  Lets see if it works like I hope.  So far its doing pretty good.

L - High fiber wrap (Xtreme Ole) with baby spinach and tuna mixed with a little mayo (See pic below)... I use these because I never can find Smart & Delicious wraps.  I would think they are fairly common but can't find them where I shop.  I still need to go to Walmart and see if I can find those wraps Sherri showed on her blog.  I linked to her blog post about those called Josephs Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Pita Bread

D- Fajita combo with chicken, steak, shrimp mixed with peppers and onions.  I am not sure if the peppers and onions caused the sugars to go over, because there are a tiny amounts in peppers, but this is all I ate.  I didn't eat the rice, tortillas or extras that came with it except maybe 1/2 cup of some kinda watery refried beans.  The fajita part was good but the beans not so much.

A really really scary thing happened while eating dinner.  Me, my hubby and his friend picked up some mexican food at a restaurant for dinner because I was handling some crazy tax issue the IRS thinks I did wrong from 2009 (just got the notice today) ugh!!  Its only because something didn't print in the right field but I did report it.  ANYWAYS...our kitchen table is really small and I let me hubby and his friend sit at it.  I pulled the stool away and sat at the regular kitchen counter.  All a sudden the glass chandelier from the fan up above the table came falling straight down and shattered into a million pieces.  Well guess what I would have been knocked out or possibly seriously hurt if I was sitting at the table.  Cause it was right at the spot where I pulled the stool to sit at the other counter, but if I tried to sit there at the table I would have been knocked or cut in the head.  Lord have mercy this week and things breaking have been crazy.  I think I have a ghost or something in this house trying to kill me. ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hope not.  I hope its just all a coincidence that these crazy things keep happening.  But where ever there is glass, I better be careful because that seems like its the ghosts' object of choice.

Here is a recipe I made this morning:  (I saw this on Katie's blog one post as well as a couple others)

Fast Flax seed Muffins

Loads of fiber to keep you very full. Sorta like an English muffin with the nooks and crannies once cut in half.


Directions (if you add more flax = more fiber)

  1. Mix all dry ingredient together in large microwave safe coffee mug.
  2. Melt 1/2 tbsp of butter and mix with egg. Stir well.
  3. Mix egg/butter mixture into dry ingredients and stir well. Microwave for 2 minutes and the muffin should pop right out. You can either eat it like this with the other 1/2 tbsp of butter spread on or toast for a more cruncher version. Its extremely extremely filling and will not give you any of those hunger pains until lunch time. If you need a good dose of fiber, here is your recipe.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Week 10 ( Day 3 and 4)

Well not to much to type today.  I have had a headache all day long up above my left eye.  I think it gets that way because I have a stronger prescription for my contacts or glasses in my left eye and maybe I need to get this checked out.  Because its always on my left side.  But its annoying that even with taking Aleve or Ibprophen that it won't go away.  So I am going to make this post short.  Cause I need to rest my eyes.

What I ate:

B- double fiber toast (2 slices) (Natures Own), cheese slice and butter with coffee + 2 pills super cleanse

L- high fiber wrap with turkey, pepperjack cheese, spinach leaves, and a little mayo

D- leftovers -  pork loin, hamburger patty topped with onions and cheese, and side of spinach....I had two meats because I was finishing leftovers and there wasn't much.  + 2 more super cleanse pills

S- Veggie straws (1/2 serving)

B- McMuffin sausage & egg with coffee and 2 pills super cleanse

L- Wendy's half size BLT Cobb salad with avocado ranch dressing (only 3 g of sugars and under 1 carb)

D- 3 scrambled eggs, 3 slices of bacon, and black beans (3/4 cup) topped with crema and queso (breakfast for dinner is perfect for when I am lazy, I always opt for this when I don't wanna cook much and its like comfort food for me)  : )  I don't usually have carbs for dinner but for some reason I was extra hungry today so I had my carb allowance for dinner.

Good night girls!! Thanks for reading. : )  Hope you all have a great night!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Week 10 (Day 2)

Good afternoon everyone!  Its another beautiful day here in GA.  The pollen count is crazy high though, luckily it doesn't bother me that much plus we are suppose to get tons of rain next week so hopefully it will wash a good bit away.

Last night while cooking a pork loin on broil in my oven, I had a crazy cooking experience.  Apparently its not a good idea to cook you mean in a glass baking dish.  I could find my metal plan so I use this glass dish for every other baking need and never had a problem.  Well I broiled my meat on each side first and then took it out and set it on the counter.  I poured a tiny bit of cooking wine on top of my meat before I was going to cover it and bake in the oven for the remaining time and BAMMMM!! The glass shattered into a gazillion pieces and shot across the room everywhere.  I mean you know how tiny pieces of glass can be so fine yet if you step on them and they go into your food its going to hurt like crazy.  Well I hope, I really hope I got all the shards of glass up.  I better walk around with shoes in the kitchen for a while.  I even had to throw away the meat just incase any tiny shards got stuck into the meat.  So it was crazy and scared me to death when the explosion happened.  But I am alive and here to remind.  Use a metal pan when broiling!!  Maybe this is something I should have known but like I said lesson learned. = )

Looking forward to American Idol tonight.  Hoping they will be singing some great tunes.  I was sad to see Karen get voted off because I thought she was so good, but oh well.

What I ate:  (Tuesday)

Breakfast:  McDonalds Sausage Egg McMuffin with coffee + creamer + truvia

Lunch:  Quiznos small cobb salad with unsweet tea (+one truvia)  I didn't eat but a few bits of the salad because it had all these huge blue cheese chunks and it made everything taste funky.  I hate blue cheese chunks so hardly had any lunch.  :(

Dinner:  Pork loin (after I bought a second glass free piece at the store), side of sauteed in butter veggies (mushrooms, onions, broccoli) and a 1/4 cup of rice. 

Here is a new simple menu link I was emailed today in the email club for the BFC, incase anyone missed it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week 10 (Day One) WEIGH IN DAY =)

Well let me first start with the great news!!  I am down to 200.4   I lost 4 lbs. this past week!! yay!!!!

- 4 lbs.!!!

I am so excited because in a few more ounces which I might have lost today and I will be in onederland!  wahoo!!  Things have be moving better now and that is with the aid of super seed which I use occasionally and a new product I have been using because I had so many issues with getting backed up.  (sorry TMI)  Well the product is called Super Cleanse.  Its very pains or no crazy run to the bathroom moments.  It just helps move thing along and get you more regular.  You start taking one in the morning and one at night and increase up to three morning and night until you reach regular movements.  If one in the morning and one at night works for you that is all you need.  Then you just follow this for 30 days and stop.  It just cleanse your system and I have heard nothing but good reviews.  I got it from the vitamin shoppe. 

200 caps for $10.07  I have been using for about 3 days now and two pills in the am and then in the pm really help.

Well just thought I would share the info with you all if anyone has these issues.  They may wanna try.  
What I ate:  (Monday)
Breakfast:  McDonalds Egg Sausage McMuffin

Lunch:  Spinach salad with bacon bits, fat free cheese, approved dressing, mushrooms, and sunflower seeds plus I had wheat thins toasted crackers garden veggie flavor (12 crackers) 

Dinner:  Well this is going to sound bad, but I didn't eat and my hubby had a couple beers and talked the night away in our backyard because the weather has been so beautiful.  Then by the time I looked at the time, I was like omg its 10:30 haha we didn't eat.  We just snacked on tortilla chips and a little white cheese while we were talking.  I didn't eat many of those because I knew they had lots of carbs and well I know Coors Light does too, but only 5 g carbs and well I don't think one night will hurt.  I don't drink hardly ever so it didn't take much for me and I was really feeling like I just stepped off a boat when I woke up this morning.  Lol!! I gotta remember not to do that during a work week next time. ;)

Well thanks for listening girls, as always!!  You all are the best!! I don't know what I would do with out ya all. :) 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 8 (The weekend)

Well this weekend was beautiful!! I am sad to see its over.  I enjoyed to weekend so much, because it was in the mid 80's Saturday and a little breezy today...but nice weather.  I went with my friend to see her daughters 5th grade chorus concert Saturday and it was so cute.  Then I spend the rest of the day shopping in the Olde Town shops of Lawrenceville, where I am from.  My mom came in town to eat lunch and walk around the shops with me and it was so fun.  Today was exhausting because it was my major cleaning day and I know I burned some calories.  I scrubbed the wood work and floor in the kitchen and downstairs bathroom.  I did like a zillion loads of laundry.  I don't know how two people, just me and my hubby can use so many clothes, but we do!!  Wow!! I feel like I will never finish the laundry tonight.  Its almost 10 pm and I still got a whole bunch more, but maybe I will finish up tomorrow.

What I ate:

Breakfast:  3 eggs, scrambled with spinach, cheese, and smoked ham.  Two slices of double fiber nature own bread, and coffee

Lunch:  two small chicken breast and side salad with red wine vinaigrette and unsweet tea

Dinner:  Hamburger on tin bun and one patty with no bun.  I used pepperjack cheese, mayo, onions, lettuce, and bacon as toppers.

Breakfast:  High fiber tortilla with black beans (1/2 cup) crema, and queso fresca.  Also 3 scrambled eggs with a few onions, mushrooms, and smoked ham inside plus coffee.

Lunch:  None-busy cleaning and just not hungry

Dinner:  spinach salad with fat free cheese, bacon bits, sunflower seeds, dressing (newmans own) and two leftover hamburger patties (homemade) topped with onions and melted pepperjack cheese.  I did smear a little mayo on the hamburger and dipped in mustard.

Well girls, I am very very pooped after a long day so going to go lay down and try to fall asleep...don't think it will take very long after I hit the pillow to fall asleep. =)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Found a new blogger and sharing a good recipe

I would like to share a great recipe =)  Anyone love Frappacinos????  I do, but I have missed them.  Well I tried to make a little concoction this morning because I had a few extra minutes before work and wasn't feeling like hot coffee.  Well this may very well be a big winner that I have created. : )  Others may have already tried this, but I don't remember seeing a post so I will share mine.

Frappacino BFC Style

*One cup of coffee (you favorite size coffee cup)

*One scoop vanilla protein or you could use creamer, but be more carbs depending the creamer used

*Truvia or allowed sweetened if you would like sweeter (I didn't use any extra sweeteners)

*1 cup of unsweet coconut milk or almond breeze (you could change up the flavors here if you use chocolate)

*Ice to your liking to make it thicker

Blend all ingredients together in a blender and top with a squirt of whipped cream mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

It was sooooo yummy and it only has 3g carbs, not even 1 g of sugar, and a good helping of protein because the protein powder.

Also today I was on Belly Fat Cure facebook page and I came across a new blog.
Called Randi's Rants and she writes a lot about the BFC and I saw her trying to share her blog so I thought I would share it incase anyone doesn't get to look in the discussion sections of the BFC facebook page.  She has some great stuff to say!  So check it out girls. : )

Week 9 (Day 4)

First let me start by saying Yay!! Its Friday!! :)  Its suppose to be 81 here tomorrow in GA. : )  Great way to start the weekend and beginning of spring. =)

Since Rosalie asked if that was my real dog in the pic yesterday hehe!! I thought I would post some pics of my doggies for real. :)

RILEY, my Jack Russel Terrier,  He will be 8 yrs. old in May.  He has lots of energy and very sweet. 

This is Dante, my Lab/Pit bull mix I adopted 3 years ago from the animal shelter.  He is very loving and just like a big teddy bear.  He just wants to be where ever you are.

Well I hope everyone enjoys there weekend and I hope its as beautiful where you girls all are as it is here. =)

What I ate:  (Thursday)

Breakfast:  2 eggs scrambled, 3 small pieces of panela queso fresca cheese (this is super yummy cheese), two corn tortillas (24 g carbs per 2 & 0 sugars)  Coffee

Lunch:  Since I got to work so late because taking my friend for her DL test....I forgot to eat because I was busy catching up at work.  So I just at wheat thins toasted cracker (veggie style)  for 12 crackers (19g carbs, 3 g sugar)

Walk (1.48 miles) at Alexander Park

Dinner:  Zaxby's house salad grilled chicken breast with two packets of there dressing.  (26g carbs because the toast and 9 g of sugar)  I don't see how the sugar could be this high but it was.  Guess I better skip the toast next time and maybe the tomatoes on the salad. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 3 (Week 9)

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

I thought this little dog was so cute!!  Hehe!! He had one too many beers for St. Pattys Day.  Not really just found a cute pic off the internet.  I would never give a dog beer. 

Well hope everyone's day was wonderful!!  Mine has been so far.  I started my morning by taking my friend to get her driver license because they wouldn't transfer her license from Puerto Rico over to GA, so she had to take the test over again.  Well she drives a big car so I went with her so she could use my nissan altima to take the test and do the parallel parking.  Well she passed so we both were happy, because not only was she nervous, but I was nervous for her.  No matter the age you are, your going to be nervous when someone is sitting in the next seat scoring your every move.  Hehe well that's over and she was happy!!  The rest of my day has been spent at work where I had to deal with a customer who hasn't paid for 60 days and well you know how that is sometimes.  But I solved that thank goodness.

What I ate:  (Wednesday)

Breakfast:  Quicktrip sausage jalapeno roll 

Lunch:  Wendy's spicy chicken ceasar (half order)

Dinner:  Fish and salad tossed with oil and vinegar

Snack:  2 cups popcorn and few tortilla chips with a little white cheese (my hubby went to grab something to eat and I had a few of his chips)

Hope everyone had a lovely day!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 2 (Week 9)

Well yesterday most of the day was rainy and dreary so didn't get a chance to do my usual walk.  I just wanted to fall asleep at work all day.  Then when I got home I had this really weird thing happen to me, I almost passed out.  I was headed up the stairs to change before going to the store to get my hubby some running shoes and as I was walking BAM black out and really dizzy then my legs felt so weak.  It was very strange but it only lasted a second then I was fine.  Then we went to the mall to look at a couple of stores and we found some shoes on sale for $45 and got them for my hubby.  I have the shape ups to walk but he didn't have any good supportive running shoes, so we needed to get him some.  Shoes are crazy prices these days, I saw some air max shoes for $159.99 at Finishline and though they were cute I could never ever pay that much for a shoe.  Wow!  Anyways then me and hubby grabbed a bit to eat at Taco Depot, one of our fav places.  I did have a half order of nachos but only ate half of the half order cuz I wasn't that hungry.  I did have horchata, ugh!!  I have a weakness for that stuff (it has 7 g of sugar in the size I got, not terrible, but still over the limit).  When I got home the same black out/dizzy/weak leg feeling came over me again.  I couldn't walk straight because my legs just were so weak.  It is the weirdest feeling I think I have ever experienced.  If it keeps happening, I might go to the doctor, but so far this morning no dizzy spells.  I wonder if its my blood pressure.  When I went to the doc last week it was a little high, but I think that was because I was nervous.  It high on rare occasions, but not often.  Do you think my blood sugar could be too low or something?  I had almost my full 15 g of sugar yesterday and about 90 g of carbs in the whole day.  hmmmm I wonder....

What I ate:  (Tuesday)

Breakfast:  Nature Own Double Fiber bread (2 slices) = 10g fiber, butter, and piece of cheese with my regular coffee +

Lunch:  Baby spinach salad with fat free cheddar cheese, bacon bits, a couple pieces of raw broccoli, kens steak house dressing and one 7 oz. can of tuna mixed with a little mayo

Dinner:  Taco Depot - 1/2 order of nacho (about 20 tortilla chips) with cheese, al pastor (seasoned pork), lettuce, pico de gallo, small amount of re-fried beans, and a little sour cream and of course my horchata  I went over my sugars on this meal because it had 8 g of sugar in the meal and about 50 g of carbs.  Guess it wasn't a good choice for dinner, but I have decided I just don't need to eat out at these places with Horchata...its like calling my name DRINK ME!! DRINK ME!! haha! 

I stayed under for the day very well, but I need to flop dinners with lunch and have my larger meal earlier in the day like I was doing in the past.  Either that or just tell my hubby lets eat at home instead of out.  But we been running so many errands lately, its just been more convenient to grab something out instead of waiting to eat until late when we get home.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 1 Week 9 (Weigh in Day)

Well good afternoon ladies!! =)

I am sitting here on this dreary rainy work day typing a post real quick while I take my lunch break.  I sorta just wanna go back home right now, but gotta work to pay those bills.  It was so beautiful yesterday and 76 degrees.  Me and my hubby took a walk in the park that is just on the next street over from our neighborhood.  It has about 4 different trails and they all are about a mile long or just a bit longer.  I wanna start trying to do this a couple times of week now that the time changed and we have more time after work to walk before it gets dark.  I was out of shape to say the least because it started out nice and at the end I was pooped.  I thought I would sleep really good but I didn't because I can't fall asleep and wake up when I am suppose too.  Weird how one hour time change can make that much of a difference, but it does.

Yesterday was my weigh in day and it wasn't as much as I hope, but it was a loss.  I weighed in at 204 which is a 2.4 lb. loss.  I wanted to get below 200 this week because at the start of the week I dropped down to 203 and though it was possible, but just as we all know...our weight goes crazy from one day to another with those few up and down pounds.  Oh well maybe this week, or really sometime soon.

What I ate:  (Monday)

Breakfast:  Egg Sausage McMuffin and regular coffee

Lunch:  Wendy's Spicy chicken Go Wrap (1)

Dinner:  Subway Melt (stay away from subway) WOW I didn't know 48g of carb per 6 inch even on wheat and lots of sugar hidden in there too!! Me and hubby had gone to Walmart and walked around looking for something after our walk in the park and we grabbed a bit at Subway inside the store.  I thought this can't be more then 40g of carbs right, nope WRONG!!  I learned and next time I know, NO subway!

Reason for all the eating out = needed to go grocery shopping big time! ;)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Weekend (Week 8)

Well this weekend was absolutely beautiful!! It was sunny and 70s all weekend long. : )  Saturday I spent the whole day with my grandmother because my hubby had plans to watch a boxing fight with his buddies.  My grandmother may be about to turn 80, but she sure doesn't act like it.  hehe!!  She is a lot of fun to hang out with.  I do help her drive because she has perihapal neuropy which is where she can't feel her feet to well.  So it permanently feels like her feet are asleep all the time.  That I can't imagine, cause I hate it when my feet or hang falls asleep.  She only drives to get her hair done and to the grocery store and I take her on most of the other errands on Saturdays.  Anyways we went shopping, and out to eat for lunch and for dinner.  I like to think I did really good even though it was super hard.

Breakfast - Protein bar (only 2 g sugar)
Lunch - Mellow Mushroom pizza with my grandmother, but I had the greek salad and one slice of pizza with no crust except about 3 bites of the end piece.  I just basically ate the toppings off.

Dinner - Me and my grandmother went to the Piccadilly and I had roast beef in au jus, with a couple pieces of fried okra, and green beans, unsweet tea


Breakfast/Lunch:  Nature Own sugar free bread (2 slices) buttered and toasted with one slice of cheese
(I was sorta late to eat, because I was cleaning and preparing for church and the get together of friends and family later that afternoon

Dinner:  One slice of carne asada, guacamole, one small corn tortilla, 1/4 cup refried black beans, chimichurri (1 tbsp)  (I did have a diet pepsi)

Getting together with friends for our cook out was a lot of fun on this beautiful day. :)  My really good friends came over with there two children and my mom and dad came as well.  We sat out on the porch listening to the birds chirping and felt the wonderful sun shining.  =)  I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend as well. : )

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 4 (Week 8)

Well just another day in the life of BFC eating....

I don't have to much to talk about today so I think I will just post what I ate to share.

Thursday I ate:

Breakfast:  Egg, Sausage McMuffin with my coffee

Lunch:  Sandwich on natures own sugar free bread with chicken deli meat, fat free swiss, mayo, and dijon mustard

Dinner:  Las Tortas Locas (went out to eat)  I wanted something so bad, but with all my power I resisted.  I didn't eat a Torta (which is spanish for sandwich) and my normal Horchata that I love sooooo much.  I ate a Loca Salad which was just romaine lettuce, al pastor (seasoned pork- crunchy like bacon bits), 1 tbsp sour cream, 1/4 cup of tomatoes, like five of those thin little tortillas strip chips, white shredded cheese and no dressing because can you believe it this place doesn't offer dressing.  The salad was still yummy but a little dry.  Oh well held off on those extra calories.

Well I haven't lost anymore weight yet per my scale that I step on to check every morning.  But I am hoping I will lost a couple this week and if I don't get under 200 for some reason, it won't be because I failed with bad food choices this week.  It will be just because sometimes our bodies can't lose crazy amounts of weight in one weeks time always.  I know our bodies get use to this way of eating and then the weight loss slows a bit and then comes off more steadily so I won't get discouraged if I don't see 199 on Monday.  I will just keep trying to hit that goal the following week. : )

Hope everyone has a wonderfull weekend!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 3 (Week 8)

Well good morning everyone!! The sun is out, but its super windy here.  Today's high is only 48, but its suppose to be high 60's and low 70's next week.  I hope the warm weather stays around for a while...I don't like this going from cold to warm back to cold.  Its going to make me sick. 

Did everyone watch American Idol last night?  Wow, I just love Scotty, Kasey, Pia, and Thia!!  I like the rest too, but those are my favs.  Stefano is really good too especially with last nights performance of a Stevie Wonder song.  I like the judges, but I sorta miss Simon because he gave honest critique even though it was sometimes mean.  This year the judges I think are a little too nice which isn't going to help the contestants learn from their mistakes enough.  Anyways just my opinion.

I have been reading everyone blog post and noticing more and more people are starting to have little workouts and I think I need to add that into my routine somehow.  Exercise does help with digestion too.  I always heard it was good to go for a walk after you eat instead of just sitting down.  Of course that is probably common sense, but anyways.  I use to be addicted to buying all those DVD sets from the infomercials like hip hop abs, p90x, core rhythms, yoga booty ballet, etc... Plus my on demand has tons of free work out videos, yet I never ever use them because I always come up with some lazy excuse.  I need to apply myself to doing this because as I lose weight, I would like to tone as well.  I wanted to join a gym, but its a rip off with the application or enrollment fees these days.  I mean they say its only $10 per month, but like $249 to join initially.  What craziness!!  I admire Katie for starting to do her pilates, Helen for all her working out she does everyday, and Rosalie for always taking her daily walks and I wanna add a workout in too. 

Just wanted to share thoughts that were on my mind. = )

What I ate:  (Wednesday)

Breakfast:  Met Rx Protein Plus bar (I could barely finish this big thing, it was super filling)  I did suggest we could have this as a meal replacement, but found out the very last ingredient is sucralose...thats an artificial sugar right??  I know the bar had 2 g of sugar which isn't bad, but anyways I don't think I could eat it again anyways because it was just too thick and hard to eat.)

Lunch:  Sandwich made with Nature's Own sugar free bread with deli chicken, fat free swiss, mayo and mustard

Dinner:  Grilled shrimp (approx. 30 small shrimps) (I grilled them with olive oil, creole seasoning, and lemon juice)  also I had a side spinach salad with cheese, bacon bits, and BFC approved dressing

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 2 (Week 8)

Hey everyone, didn't get to post last night because my hubby wanted to watch movies and he was using the computer for work.  We really need a new desktop computer.  We wanna setup an office at home for our business so I would like to do soon if we can set aside enough money.  My hubby has several potential jobs to get started but the rain keeps getting in the way.  I hope things start to take off for our business and that would just be a huge dream come true. : )

Anyways, back to the BFC.  This week I have been trying to eat super duper healthy because I am soooooo close to being under 200 and I don't remember when the last time that was.  : ) Several years ago at least.  I have been trying to eat lots of fish and veggies at night.  I try to make breakfast my biggest carb meal this week.  The weekend is where it will be hard because I think I am visiting my grandmother again.  She wants me to take her on a couple errands so hopefully I can have the will power to eat right when I go to lunch with her.  I think I will be able to do it because the goal I am shooting for this week.  So far, because I have been weighing myself each day since Monday's weigh in and I am as of this morning 203.8.  So thats down 2.6 lbs since Monday. :)  If I keep going at this rate then I hope Monday will be an awesome loss for the week.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Let me share a recipe with you of two ways I have prepared my fish dinners this week that have been super duper delicious and super easy. 


Baked Salmon With Garlic and Fresh Dill Aioli

In this I didn't use dill, but instead used Mrs. Dash salt free seasoning and I didn't use the white wine.  I just used mayo, mrs. dash, lime juice, and garlic minced  SUPER YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!

Ruby Tuesday's New Orleans Seafood - Copycat

Very simple and great way to eat tilapia! =)

What I ate:  Tuesday

Breakfast:  3 eggs scrambled, 3 slices of bacon, high fiber tortilla (by Ole), 1/4 cup queso fresco and 1 tbsp. crema

Lunch:  Nature Own sugar free bread, I made a sandwich using this bread with chicken deli meat, cheese, mayo and mustard

Dinner:  Tilapia (Ruby's Tueday style)  see recipe above and approx. 2 cups of broccoli 

One bit of my hubby's bread for dessert (like one teeny weeney bite)  Just for taste because it kills me to watch him eat things I want.  I wish he would diet with me.  His belly could stand to shrink a bit, lol!!!  When he sees how skinny I am going to get I bet he will get jealous and be like I am going to eat like you too.  hehe!! Well see how that goes.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Great Meal Replacement Option

Or they can be bought at several other places.  Quiktrip and most grocery stores carry them if you wanna try one first.

I read the ingredient list several times and it looks safe for BFC'ers =)  Its low in sugar, under 2 carb servings and sweetened with malitol (be careful in consuming to much malitol--like I wouldn't consume one of these everyday)  But when you need something quick, these are great and very very filling.  My brother had one the other day so I tried it and a couple bits, I was super full.

Start of Week 8, Weigh In Day

Well sorry I haven't got to post for the past few days.  I actually had a busy start to my weekend and then a totally lazy Sunday.  I didn't eat the best over the weekend.  I didn't go crazy or anything, but I did max my carbs and sugars plus over quite a bit on Sunday when I didn't even realize.  Now I know certain things that have high hidden sugars.  I probably would have weighed less on weigh in day, but I seem to have a real problem with my weekend eating.  I need to work on that.  Because I believe I lose quite good during the week and then the weekend hits and I gain a little bit back.  One time during the week, I remember the scale said 205 and this morning it was 206.4.

So week 7 loss=1.4 lbs.  At least its something so I gotta be happy about that.  I just wanna see 3 or 4 lbs a week, but I know that isn't always doable so I gotta be positive and move on to a good week with a mini goal of working on my weekend eating. : )

Quick overview of what I ate:

Breakfast:  Quiktrip Jalapeno sausage/cheese roll with my coffee and probiotics
Lunch:  Spinach salad with chicken and all the regular stuff
Dinner:  More leftover tacos my hubby made

Breakfast:  none (sleep late and rushed over to my grandmas house)  I visit her on most Saturdays

Lunch:  Ruby Tuesday's New Orleans Seafood which was tilapia with shrimp and a double side of broccoli, two of those tiny garlic cheddar muffins (which can you believe had 7 g sugar per muffin)  They are teeney tiny, but when I listed on my calorie counter I found the hidden secret (now I know not to eat next time)

Dinner:  Ate at my parents since I was in town visiting my grandma  My mom made Maccoroni Grill box mixes.  It was creamy basil chicken pasta and I only had one cup of it and side salad

Snack:  Baked cheetos (this is where I went over for the day I believe)  One to many servings of cheetos : (  Once I start eating cheetos, I can't stop cause they are my fav

Breakfast:  Coffee

Lunch:  Me and hubby went to a Honduran restaurant and I ate a breakfast type meal with 3 fried eggs, cream, cheese, pinto beans refried, two small slices of plantains (Plantains = tooo much sugar)  and a small horchata (ugh)  I know!! bad again, but I mad the stupid choice and I knew when I ordered this I was suppose to order water and say no plantains.  I couldn't resist.

Snack:  Coffee (I was extremely tired and very cold this day)
Dinner:  Nothing, just snacked on some toast and more cheetos (Lunch was at like 4 so that stuffed me enough)

Breakfast:   Sausage Egg McMuffin

Lunch:  Spinach salad with chicken deli meat and fat free balsamic dressing with all the regular toppings

Dinner:  Tonight I am planning baked fish with green veggies

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Week 7, Day 4

Well today was an okay day.  I was trying to finish up the business taxes for mine and my hubby's business.  I really don't like this time of the year except for the refund part, when we get one.  But figuring out the receipts, mileage deductions, etc when my husband has receipts all over the house is quite frustrating.  But I think I finally got it figured out so I can submit the tax return tomorrow.  Wheew!!  Now onto watching American Idol results, I can't believe they are cutting that many people in one time, the show is so different this year.  But I am liking it.  Especially Kasey and Pia. 

Today I went to get a few things at the store and I am always checking the health food section or the special product section at the grocery store for new BFC approved items and today I found something new.  Not sure if anyone has seen this before or tried, but just in case I wanted to share. : )

Steaz Iced Teaz sweetened with Stevia (comes in Peach Mango or Raspberry)  Really tasty!!

0 g of sugar and only sweetened with stevia  BFC Approved

What I ate today:

Breakfast:  Uncle Sam's with unsweetened coconut milk, coffee and probiotic

Lunch:  Spinach salad with fat free cheese, fat free balsamic dressing, bacon bits, a few sunflower seeds, rotisserie chicken and three pieces of raw broccoli

Dinner:  My hubby cooked his version of tacos (Honduran style)  I can have a few and stick under the carb/sugar counts so I ate this even though I try to not have carbs at night to much lately.  3 small tacos (that were made of corn tortilla and rotisserie chicken) topped with cabbage, a tomato sauce (very small amount-only about 1 tbsp.), white cheese

Meal is 2.5 g sugar and 2 serving carbs
My totals for the day (copied from my profile on
Fat(g)  Carbs(g)  Fiber(g)  Sugar(g)  Prot(g)  KCals
71.82 92.04 15.5 2.79 119.97 1468

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Week 7 , Day 2 and 3

Well I forgot to post last night, because well I didn't have time.  Some friends came over to hang out for a while with their two children.  It was really nice to visit and we shared quite a few laughs.  My hubby wanted to watch a movie so we rented 127 hrs. and Stone.  I don't recommend Stone, it was good at the beginning but it spent to much time building up and then the ending just wasn't worth all the build up that it made you anticipate.  127 Hours we started and so far so good, but we feel asleep and have to finish tonight.  I don't know what I would do if I ever got stuck like that, I would probably die because I don't know any survival methods in a setting like that.

Anyways Rosalie posted something on her blog about her dogs and it so got me to thinking about the funny quarks my dogs have too.  They are like little furkids haha!!  Mine don't dig at the bathroom door like hers, but my lab/pit mix likes to follow me around like he is glued to my leg.  He needs to know where you are at all times.  We adopted him from the animal shelter so I think he does this because he had a bad life before he came to live with us.  My little dog (Jack Russel Terrier) he is more independent but has a lot of jealous issues when the bigger dog gets attention haha.  Just like children.  The main quarks they have are they fight over the dog beds.  There is one bed they both want lol.  I would have bought two but the store only had one.  They are both that same amount of cushion comfort, lol, but one is a rectangle and one is a circle.  They both want the circle to sleep on, so they wait for one another to get off if and then the other just sits and stares at who ever is laying in that particular bed. haha!! Crazy right??!!  The second weird quark is every time I dry my hair in the mornings they come running like crazy.  They wanna be in the bathroom right underneath me while I dry my hair.  Its crazy, maybe they like the heat or something.  Anyways I could probably think of more weird things they do, but enough about my doggies hehe!!

What I ate Tuesday:  (Busy day, no cooking)

Breakfast : Sausage Egg McMuffin (mcdonalds) & coffee with purevia and one probiotic
Lunch:  Wendy's Spicy Go Wrap (1) and bottled water
Dinner:  Zaxbys chicken fingers and a few fries (I know bad choice)  I stayed under carbs for the day, but not for the meal.  I just was so busy and then my friends came over so I had to grab something quick and this is the only restaurant by the house.  Today I am going lower on my carbs.

Today (Wednesday) I ate:
Breakfast:  Sausage Egg McMuffin, coffee with purevia
Lunch:  Baby Spinach salad with fat free cheese, fat free balsamic vinaigrette, bacon bits, and smoked ham
Dinner: Wild Salmon baked in the oven, broccoli steamed and possibly a glass of red wine after dinner.

Oh another great note to add to my day!! I am very very happy because this morning my mortgage company called and we got our permanent mortgage modification!! yay!! It took me since September working on it and I had to stay on top of them like crazy but its saving us almost $400 per month just because they reduced our interest rates way down.  We had to do this because my hubby's work dropped down to nothing since the summer, but right now its starting to come back around because pool season is starting up soon.  WE are very thankful to God for listening to our prayers and letting us stay in our house.  I prayed like crazy, but I was so stressed, and things still aren't that easy right now, but this is a huge huge weight lifted off our shoulders.  I still am the main person working, but he is in the midst of getting a potential big job because his friend that owns a pool plaster business wants to sell and even though we can't buy it at this time, hopefully my hubby can work out a deal to manage it for him.  It would be so wonderful if that was possible. =)  So I continue to say my prayers and know that God will watch over us. : )

Thank you all for listening, I know this was a long one today, but I had lots of thoughts hehe!!

Great quote I found the other day!!  I love this. =)
"Fear less, hope more, eat less, chew more, whine less, breathe more, talk less, say more, hate less, love more, and good things will be yours."