Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Be gone for a couple days....

Hello all!! Just want you girls to know I haven't posted for a bit and won't be able to much this week.  I am helping a friend with a very very big issue.  Its been rough on her and she needs my emotional support so I don't have much free time to blog this week and still a little shaken up myself from the news she told me.  I am still trying to BFC as much as I can.  I did mess up and have two thin slice pizzas yesterday and some soda, and I can't justify the why.  I just was to stresses to care about eating healthy.  My goal was just eat something.  Today I am eating healthy and will continue just won't have much time to blog.  Will fill you all in later.

Keep on BFCing girls!! We are all doing great!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 15 --- I am starting to get peeved!!!

Well I am officially starting to get peeved!!  I lost nothing again so for 3 weeks I have been stuck at 197.6  I was at one point 197 even but its really making me mad.  I want to start losing again and this plateau is irking me big time.  I figured I would plateau later towards the end but not now.  :(  Booo hooo!!  I am very tired of seeing the same number on the scale.  But still I will not stop!! Don't worry gals.  I will not give up.  I will power through and make that scale go down again.  I just wanted to share how peeved I was, lol!! I needed to wine I guess.

Easter was nice, but there was lots of food.  I tried to only get one plate of food and I believe everything was okay to eat.  Not positive, I may have gone over slightly.  But we had things like smoked ham, very small helping of potato salad, squash casserole made with only bfc approved ingredients, deviled eggs, and well I did have one small helping of strawberry pretzel salad (it was my bday celebration with family as well as Easter).  So I did fudge on that part. 

Today I ate:

B - Uncle sams 1/2 cup with vanilla almond milk (unsweet) with one sliced up strawberry + one truvia sprinkled on top

L - Cow pal cheese stick, tuna and light mayo on a pita bread

D - left overs smoked ham, squash, deviled eggs

I wanted to share one ymmy thing....

I made coffee this weekend and it was the yummiest way I have ever had it so I thought I would share.
  1. one cup of coffee
  2. one truiva
  3. cinnamon
  4. unsweet almond vanilla milk
  5. one squirt of whip cream
TASTES just like cappuccino!!! mmmm but sugar free!

Well this week I am starting Zumba so wish me luck that I have a weight loss after this week is over or I might scream! ;)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Week 14 (Day 4 & 5)

Good morning, afternoon, evening!! Whichever it is for you all :)  I would like to say a BIG thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes from everyone yesterday!!  Thank you girls!! Your all sweet hearts =)

In response to Sheryl's post.  I am glad you found the pitas at Walmart. =)  Now I will have to venture over to my Super Target and look for that smuckers sugar free jelly made with Truvia.  I would love to have some jelly on my toast!!  I just haven't wanted to buy those nature hallow preserves online yet.  I do order a few things, but not much.  I prefer to save and just buy what I find in stores.  Cause I don't like to pay shipping.  Thanks for the pointer.  I will definitely go to Super Target next week.

I hope 28 is the year for me, and my goal of a successful weight loss! : )  I really do!  @Helen, I didn't have any candles on the one piece of cake.  hehe!! All I bought was some vanilla cake slices at Walmart and happened to eat one piece when all my friends were over the other night and called it my bday cake.  I told hubby and friends not to buy a whole cake because then it would stare at me and say "Eat ME, Eat ME" haha I couldn't have that happen.  ; )  I have will power but not that much to see a whole cake on the counter and not eat little slivers here and there and then find myself have finished it off completely. lol!!

What I ate yesterday and so far today:

B-2 eggs scrambled with cheese and 3 slices of pre cooked bacon + coffee with the usual truvia and creamer

L-Baby spinach salad with cheese, like 6 croutons, and one small packet of ranch (I always ask for extra at Wendy's if I ever go there and that way I use one packet on my salad that I make from home-only has 1 g of sugar - 100 calories in packet) and then I high my high fiber wrap with pieces of rotisserie chicken mixed up with about a tsp. of mayo.  Lunch was delicious!!!

S- few pringles (plain)

D- Rotesserie chicken pulled apart with a little mayo on some bread, (I was lazy - didn't sleep good the night before and by the time I got home from work I was to lazy to cook)  I should haven't had the carbs at night, but it stayed in the limits for the meal.

B- Uncle Sams 3/4 cup with unsweet vanilla almond milk with one packet of truvia and one large strawberry chopped up on top of cereal.  + coffee

L- Rotisserie chicken pulled apart on high fiber wrap with a little mayo

D- no ideas yet....I am thinking about finishing this rotisserie chicken up and having a green veggie for tonight

Walmart has great prices of a whole cooked Rotisserie chicken so Tuesday I bought two at $4.98 each and been eating on it a couple nights this week.  Its just as cheap to buy a uncooked chicken as a cooked one and saves time too.  Makes for quick simple meals and you can eat the chicken a variety of ways.  For me, I like simple.  I do like to cook but mostly just on weekends because when I get home from work, I like to make quick things and then relax or finish the many chores I have with keeping up with this house.  Those are the days I miss apartments.  Apartments = no yard work, no pool maintenance, etc etc.  All this added stuff sometimes get a little hard.  But hey when I lose more weight, I am hoping I have more energy to keep up with all this stuff on top of the inside cleaning and maintenance.

Happy Easter Weekend everyone!!! If anyone is traveling, be careful....the coppers were out this morning on my why to work checking for speeders big time.  There were too many to count.  So I am sure it will be like that on highways everywhere.  Be safe and have a wonderful weekend!!

This picture is from September 2009, but I just took my measurements as of right now (April 22, 2011)  I saw Rosalie's picture and figure I should go by measurements vs weight loss all the time.  I measured everything I could think of that will shrink, lol!!! I meant to say pooch, not pouch.  Didn't feel like going to edit the pic again. hehe!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 3 - Week 14

Well hello all!!  :)  Didn't get a chance to post yesterday because it was my birthday!! =)  I turned 28 so only two more years to 30 which my husband's friend seems to think is the perfect age.  Not sure if he is right or not.  I would say 25 is the perfect age because then you can pretty much do anything.  Like rent a car, get a hotel room without a huge deposit (guess the think the young ens are going to trash the rooms)-we aren't all like that, but I do remember having to put a $500 deposit on a hotel room in Panama City, FL when I was 21.  Craziness I say!  Anyways just memories hehe!!  Yesterday was a great day after I got home from work.  Well it was nice int he morning too!  My hubby put some flowers on our bed so when I woke up I saw roses and tulips.  He always got a big huge heart balloon.  And my card said "see you facebook wall, love you!" Lol!! Guess he knows I am addicted to facebook.  haha!! I will post a couple pics to share.  When I got home my friends surprised me and she brought her two kids.  They came right as I was coming home from work.  Her little boy gave me a flower and her little girl gave me a little cute make up bag and they wrote the sweetest card.  I am so happy to have wonderful friends like them.  :)  I don't have many close friends, that even live close, but this couple is so sweet!!  After they left my hubby said get in the car we are going somewhere.  We showed up at a store and he got me an Ipod dock for my ipod.  I was so surprised cause I thought we didn't have money to get a present and I told him don't worry.  But he saved and surprised me because he doesn't often do that.  But after our last fight we really talked and both decided to work on our ways.  So now I am happy to say....I am so happy with how sweet my hubby is, and I know through thick and thin we will always be there for one another. =)  I don't mean to sound all mushy or anything just wanted to share. 

What I ate: (Wednesday)

B- Sausage, egg, and cheese with english muffin
L- Taco Bell taco supreme (with in limits)
S- one vanilla slice of cake very thin no icing (it was my bday- so I wanted a tiny slice of cake)
D- Pork tacos with sour cream, few tomatoes, cheese and lettuce (my hubby took me out for my bday to mexican)  Mmmm it was yummy!!

Today I am eating super low carbs because all the carbs I ate yesterday.  Just trying to even it out. ;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week 14 ( Day 2)

Well today was okay.  I didn't eat bad today.  Ate pretty healthy like a new day and a new week has come.  The weekends mess ups are just in the past now.  I saw Rosalie's newest video on you tube and just thought it was so cute!  She is such a nice person to give all this guidance.  Thank you everyone for the really sweet comments on yesterdays post.  All comments are so great to read and makes me feel like I really have a team of friends there for the support.  Thanks a million!!  If I could give you all hugs I would.

Well work has been stressful sorta today but luckily by the end of the day everything got figured out.  I went grocery shopping after work because there were a few items I needed but sometimes I just like to try new stores and wonder around to see what new things I can find.  I found a couple things today.  I know some bloggers have posted these items before, but just thought I would share again in case anyone missed them.  

Hansen's found new flavors since I have last purchased.  Ice Tea and Fruit punch found at Walmart for $2.78 and made with TRUVIA 

Joseph's Pita Bread only $2.08 at Walmart and all ingredients are BFC safe

Smuckers Natural PB only has 1 g of sugar per 2 tbsp.  which is great !  Just thought I would share.  All ingredients are approved and found this at Walmart too.

Today I ate:

B- Egg Sausage Mcmuffin with coffee 

L- Baby spinach salad with small serving of ranch (approved dressing), topped with fat free cheese, with a side of fiber one cottage cheese plus three stalks of celery.  Also I had a low carb wrap with smoked ham and pepper jack cheese.  All with in the BFC approved limits : )  Sounds like a lot but trying to eat a bigger lunch to stay more full. 

D- Rotisserie chicken (lemon pepper) with side salad and green veggies

Hope everyone had a great day!  

Monday, April 18, 2011

Start of Week 14 (weigh in day)

Well I am sad to report no weight loss again this week!!!  That is two weeks I have stayed at 197 :(  What a bummer!  But hey I am not giving up until I reach my goal.  NO matter what it takes, I WILL SUCCEED!!

New goals:
Eat better on the weekends (more regular meals)
Drink more water
Eat more fiber rich carbs

I had a very busy weekend and didn't eat like I was suppose to.  I went to an Italian restaurant with my grandma and there was hardly anything I could eat except maybe a side salad.  So I ate  baked veal roma I split it into three meals so I just ate a small bit.  I am not sure of the counts.  Sunday at a friends house I probably ate a little over my carbs because I was starving from not eating breakfast or lunch. <---my own fault, crazy me!! I need to eat something little whether I am hungry or not because later I know I will go on a eating binge.

Well today this is what I ate:
B- Egg Mcmuffin with coffee
L- Angus Bacon and cheese wrap
D-Carne Asada (two pieces) with a few corn tortillas, homemade avocado salsa, pica de gallo.
***I won't lie, I ate something awful today (a snickers) ahhhh!! I fought with myself like crazy about this, but I did it and I know it wasn't a wise choice.  I blame PMS for craving chocolate today.  I thought I was over cravings but driving home from work, all I could think about was CHOCOLATE!!

Well I will post more later, but I tired tonight and a little depressed about not losing weight.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Week 13 (Day 4) Happy Friday!!!

Well hello everybody!  Happy Friday! : )  I know I am happy the weekend is almost here, just gotta work a couple more hours and its pretty slow for a Friday.  I am manning the office by myself today because my mom and dad decided to take a vacation day and go up the North Carolina for the weekend.  So I am glad nothing to crazy is going on so far.  There is still time left in the day so better not say to much about that or I will be jinxed.  Well me and hubby made up.  He missed me and not talking for a 24 hr. period made him realize.  We sorta agreed to both be better about things and he said he just said what he said in the heat of the argument.  I just gotta learn how to do the famous task of making him think he is the one that made certain decisions even though it was me that made the decision.  LOL!! You know the famous trick they say all women should learn how to master.  haha!! Trick you man into thinking it was his idea in the first place and you should never have a problem.  Except on certain men, its easier said then done, lol!! For example my husband who thinks he wrote the book on life and how your suppose to do certain things.  He is easy going for the most part and likes things simple, but there are a few specifics that he has a very strong opinion on.  Any advice from some of those women who have been married for years on mastering the secret trick?  hahah!! It may never be able to be mastered by me, but I sure as heck will try.  Just gotta be sneakier hehe!!  Haha found some silly pics!!  

This is me planning my secret plan to master the secret trick that every wife should know!!! Muahahaha! (evil laugh)

Planning for my secret Ninja spy attack!! (LoL)  These really are just silly pics, just felt like being a little funny today.  I don't really practice how to plan attacks against my hubby.  hehe!!

I wanted to share a couple things I found the other day.  First some carb swaps, not sure if I shared this link before that I got from the email club.  Made me think of it again when I posted a response to Katie's blog yesterday. 

Just a small little list of extra carb swaps and drink swaps.  It might help with some more ideas for some.

Also I am fans of a bunch of facebook low carb and low sugar pages.  There are so many out there and there is one called.!/ToneItUp

On there info page they have a blog plus an email club you can sign up for too.  I signed up a while back and they have some interesting things.  While we can't have some of the fruit they recommend, we can have a lot of other food stuff they use.  Plus they have tons of free work out videos on their page and blog.  I would kill to have a body like that.  Hehe!! Maybe one day.  They are a tad too skinny in my opinion, but hey I wouldn't mind getting close to that.  Anyways just thought I would share.

While on youtube, I saw some videos of people posting in with the above blog, because they had some type of contest and you get to win free stuff.  That is another cool reason for being part of some of these facebook pages.  So I heard about this peanut butter.  Sounded interesting.  So thought I would share.  May just be easier to find a low sugar peanut butter in your local store, but most the time I can't find a peanut butter that only has one gram of sugar or less in it.  So this would be a good option.

Also here is another link I found.  I just was finding lots of cool stuff yesterday.  : )  WOhoo!!  (lots of great stuff at this site)  This is actually the link where the PB2 is located for sale, but check out the rest of the site lots of low carb and low sugar stuff.  I know there are tons of low carb sites out there, Amber mentions one store in particular on here blog.
(This is a good site too, but the Viva Low Carb site seems to be with other options as well and somewhat cheaper on some products)

What I ate:  (yesterday - Thursday)

 B- 3 eggs scrambled with cheese, 3 slices of pre cooked bacon (that oscar meyer kind that you just microwave) since I am always in a hurry in the mornings, high fiber wrap (12g fiber) with melted cheese plus coffee + 2 SC  (I took the advice and added back some carbs)  I probably will lose just as good this way and stay more full)

L- Wendy's chicken nuggets (10) with ranch sauce and side garden salad with tomatoes and carrots picked out.  Unsweet tea with truvia

D- 8 oz. of tilapia cooked with a little olive oil, butter spray and adobo (I love this spice!!!)  Its good on EVERYTHING!  plus I hate one medium steamed zucchini tossed with some braggs for flavor.

Well I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!! Remember don't cheat over the weekend, that is usually my hardest two days of the week with the healthy eating, but we can do it!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week 13 (day3)

Well I am going to go ahead and write while I have time because tonight at home probably won't since we only have one computer and my hubby is always on it.  I don't feel like talking about the hubby topic again in great detail.  Seems to just ruin my mood for the day.  We still aren't talking, I am waiting on him to come around when he wants to.  If he truly loves me after saying what he did then he should come to me.  That is my main thought.  Anyways new topic.

I have been trying to do low carb this week like (atkins low carb induction phase) but still following BFC of course.  Its just my weight has been staying at 197 but guess it has been some bad food choices and stress too.  I just want this weight to come off faster so I can feel better about myself because everything else right now sorta feels blah in my life.  I mean I have good days and bad days, but I would like to have more good days.  I am going to start living for just "me" now and no one else.  I am going to finish my Bachelors degree hopefully by the end of next summer and my goal is to be 140 by Christmas or hopefully sooner.  Right now this low carb eating is super easy.  I don't feel like I am about to bite off my arm any more because I think I have hit the point in the diet where I don't have cravings anymore.  I mainly just eat the bad choices when I am lazy or feeling blah.  So now that I kicked the cravings, I need to learn to kick the emotional eating.  Like today I had to force myself to eat, I wasn't even hungry, but I know I need to eat.  I am like this almost every day.  Its really strange.  Let me ask a question...  Do you think we have a calorie minimum?  I mean eating low carb makes the calories sorta low and I have read a lot of articles about starvation mode.  If we don't eat enough do you think our bodies are just going to hold onto everything thinking it needs it and then we won't lose weight?  I wonder if this is true.  What are your opinions?  A lot of articles say starvation mode for women is under 1200 calories for the average woman.  Somedays I eat like only 1000 calories so I wonder if my body just holds onto the food.  Maybe I should make sure I eat over 1200 calories everyday...

Well here is what I ate today:

B- 3 eggs scrambled with cheese + 3 slices of bacon (that precooked kind) + coffee + 2 SC

L- Spinach salad with spritzer dressing (that light spray type dressing-not bad), topped with 1/2 cup fiber one cottage cheese, one slice each of turkey and smoked ham, and 5 slices of cucumbers.  I had to force myself to eat a good bit of this because I just didn't want to eat.  Not because I don't like, but it was making me gag as I tried to force myself to eat, because I felt full.  Strange I must say cause I hardly ate anything today. 

D- If I can eat, I will plan to have a baked piece of Cod and some steamed asparagus with butter + 2 SC after dinner + One A Day Women's Vitamin (trying to be good about taking vitamins now too)

Well again and as always thanks for reading!! Wish you all the best when choosing your BFC approved foods and hope you have great will power. : )

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week 13 Day 2

Well all I can say is ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! (that is me screaming!!)  First let me start by saying, this day is hell!!  Complete hell!  I really need to vent so get prepared girls.  First my day was crazy crazy busy.  Everyone seemed to be calling my name.  Then I was late getting our company deposit to the bank and on the way back to the office there was a pot hole and in that pot hole was a big bolt just waiting to stick in my tire.  Ugh!!  So I had to go get that fixed because if it fell out then I would get a major flat.  It was starting to lose air really fast.  Luckily all my company's customers are car shops.  So I went to my favorite one that does lots of business with us and they fixed it for free luckily.  So at least one good thing.  But then when I got home I wanted to talk to my hubby and first thing in the door, I was talking and then he ran up stairs and said "hold on." Well I thought he was coming right back, but he was upstairs watching tv and on the computer just chilling.  I was like I was in the middle of talking with you about my day and you always seem to ignore me.  I don't know if that is true, but I feel like I can never be heard.  Am I suppose to just always leave him alone, like never talk with him about my day?  Well I told him I never feel like I am heard or cared about like with the topic of conversation I wanna say.  He told me all I was doing was starting to cause a fight.  Which wasn't true.  I was just hurt by him always ignoring me.  Its nothing new.  If he is even listening its because he is pretending and can't really tell me what we just talked about.  Well when my hubby gets mad he can't hold in his anger and just wanted to leave, well I didn't want him too because he needs to learn to talk.  Maybe I am wrong with all of this.  Maybe I am crazy to write all this blah blah blah, but I need to vent to someone who will listen.  I can't call my parents cause if we make up then they will hate him for being like this to me, so its hard when you don't have any super close girlfriends.  I have one really good one, but I hate to bother them.  I don't know.  Well this time he said something about being tired of my nagging and pushing all the time that he didn't want to be married anymore.  I don't know if he just said it out of anger.  But then it hurt me and I said I  didn't want to be married either because he treated me like crap and it didn't really matter whether I was here or not.  IT got me to thinking and doubting as we do when were stressed.  Like do I really wanna stay married if we always fight like this?  Or am I just terrified to start over again?  Will I find anyone better?  I don't know if I am over thinking or what...I mean this fight it worse then it sounds I guess from what I just typed out, but I really don't know what to do.

Well  I just needed to vent so thank you!!  Hopefully we will have made up soon and I can report good news,  but honestly I am getting tired of crying to myself and being so depressed trying to fall asleep so I don't know what to do this time really....

What I ate today:

B- 3 eggs scrambled with cheese + 3 slices of bacon + coffee
L- Spinach salad with fiber one cottage cheese, cucumbers, tuna mixed with mayo, and a little helping of ranch
D- Hamburger patty with veggies on the side (that is if I can eat it) because right now I just wanna sleep and wake up in a new day of happiness.

UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 13 (New start)

Well here I start on week 13 so that is officially 3 months behind my belt with this new healthy BFC lifestyle.  It was also weigh in day today and I don't have a weight loss to report unfortunately.  But no worries, I am going low carb this week because I said I was last week and that didn't happen very well.  I had several bad choices over the weekend because well I just don't have an excuse really.  Friday was a crazy day at work and to tell you the truth I barely can remember what I ate.  I am going to try to list what I ate over the weekend the best that I can remember, but its not going to look good.  I don't know what the heck was going through my mind when I made all these terrible choices.  But I am moving on and I will weigh in tomorrow and hopefully I will see some loss after eating low carb today, but maybe not.

Friday was a crazy crazy day at work so I had to work in the warehouse helping pulling orders and putting up this huge stock order.  And my family's company sells car parts so that was very tiring.  I got a good work out in though, I would say.  Then Saturday my mom came over and helped me paint my guest room this really pretty yellow color.  Like this butter cream yellow, previously it was an icky green that came with the house when we bought it.  It been sitting there since 2007 and finally I got around to decorating this room.  I am thinking to do a beach theme with the walls like a yellow sunshine.  I am hoping it will turn out cute.  But painting it hard work, climbing up and down the ladder edging around the crown molding, wheww!!  Glad that part is over.  Sunday I just went to church and did lots of laundry.  Nothing too exciting.

What I ate:

B- English muffin
L- Wendys wrap + diet coke
D- Fajitas just the meat, peppers and onions no tortilla.  I did have a few of my hubby's cheese fries + horchata

B- none
L- double fiber natures own bread with turkey and chiptle gouda cheese with a few veggie straws
D- Zaxbys chicken finger plate :( (wayyyy to many carbs) (see bad choice weekend)

D-2 tuna sandwiches (one on double fiber wheat and one on white) I think I need to eat better.  I wasn't hunger and then I went over board all weekend.  I know see what happened with falling into these bad choices.

B- coffee
L- wendys nuggets and garden side salad with tomatoes and carrots taken out with ranch dipping sauce
D- lemon pepper chicken thin breast and half a plate of broccoli with butter

My goal this week, don't skip any meals!!  I had been doing so good and then I just had the I don't care attitude this weekend because I was so tired and got lazy.  Really I don't need to have any excuses so I will just improve this week.

Thank you for listening everyone. :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Week 12 (Day 4)

Well I don't have much to talk about today.  I did decide after changing my mind a million times that I was going to pick Business Admin with a concentration in management.  That way it covers all the concentration with taking one class from finance, human resources and general management.  I think this is the best choice and that is pretty much what I do already at the office I work (which is my family's business).  They are trying to sell the company though so in the next couple of years my experience and degree will help me move to a great job.  This is what I hope. :)  

Right now I am watching American Idol and all I can say is OMG!! I am loving the top 9 and the results show so far.  I don't wanna say to much because if anyone reads that hasn't watched yet, I might give something good away.  All I have to say is I love Russel Brand, omg he cracks me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He was on the results show. hehe!!

Well I have been cooking up a storm today...muffins muffins muffins.  I love to bake but of course I can't eat any of it.  But that is okay I just like to bake.  :)  I usually make muffins so my hubby and the guys he works with can have a morning breakfast muffin.  I usually eat a bite just for taste.  But I am glad I can withhold eating more then just one bit.  Usually I take one bite and my hubby eats the rest.

Tonight I ate:

B- Thomas Lite English Muffin with butter + coffee + 3 super cleanse

L- Two taco supremes from taco bell (4/2)  - they are ok...I doubled checked the nutrition online

D- Two thin sliced chicken breast which is probably equal to one chicken breast, topped with a few onions, green peppers, 2 slices bacon and then some melted low fat cheese with a side of broccoli (which I usually fill half the plate with veggies at dinner time to stay more full at night.
***Dinner was extremely yummy!!!!!!!***

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week 12 ( Day 3)

Well today has been a good day so far.  I am sorta tired.  I recently decided to go back to school to finish my Bachelor's degree.  I am so close to getting it that I need to finish this goal for myself and of course it would be great for a career move as well.  I am tired because I have gone back in forth in my mind about which concentration to specialize in.  See I am a very very very indecisive person well when it comes to choosing the rest of my life I would say.  I went to school for 4 years, but changed my major so much that it created a problem of never finishing one type of degree.  I started out specializing in Biology then transferred schools to specialize in Vet technology then decided to move home and just went to a community college to finish some sorta Associate degree.  Well I got an Associate degree in business administration back in 2005 and always wanted to finish my Bachelors, but was scared because the huge chunk of money I would have to pay.  I mean I would be happy just making a little money and being a stay at home mom one day, but on the other side I would love to have a degree and make good money as well.  So see the indecisiveness again.  So I decided to bite the bullet and finish.  As of Sept. 6th I will be starting my Bachelor's in Business Admin. and should be completed in about one year.  Maybe one or two classes would have to be taken in the first quarter of the following year, but not much at all left.  I am going to Walden University and they offer classes every six weeks so I should be able to finish quickly since I have a lot of free time at work.  I am going to finish online since I work full time.  I just have to decide my concentration within the Business Admin degree.  Any body wanna help me decide?  I have narrowed it down a bit to:  Management, Finance, or HR Managment...possibly accounting but that takes a little longer and that means more money to put on my student loan so sorta leaning away from Accounting.  Well geez I have babbled on about this enough.  See why this is tiring.... hah!!

Well what I ate today: 

B- Thomas Lite Multi Grain english muffin with butter + 3 super cleanse + coffee

L- Baby spinach salad topped with turkey, cucumbers, cheese, sunflower seeds, and I had a leftover wendys dressing packet (Lemon grass ceasar) (only 1g sugar in packet) 

D- Fish with broccoli, and maybe a side salad

S- few almonds (after lunch snack) but these weren't salted ones so sorta blah!

Thanks for reading all my blabbing about school, if you made it through to the end. ;)  hhehe!!! I just needed to vent, because I stress every time I start registering for school and then I chicken out and don't end up going through, but this time I am seriously determined no matter what.  Its just one year and I will be able to hang that diploma up and be so proud of myself.  I hope!! =)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 12 (Day 2)

Okay girls, your going to think I am completely crazy, but I am telling the truth.  I promise!!

This morning I stepped on the scale as I do every morning before getting in the shower.  Well to my amazement, the scale said 194.6 !! Can you believe this???  And yesterday morning it said 199.8 or something like that.  My lord, our weight is up and down crazy.  I mean I am not complaining, but lord.  I guess your all right.  Its just a number and its how I feel in my clothes right.  I am going to reply to you guys comments here, because its easier to reply all at once plus I think more people read here then go back and read follow up comments.  I know I forget to look at comments after I posted a question, etc on someones comment section.  I must say Rosalie's comment cracked me up about my sewn on arm, lol!! Just want I needed for this morning, was a great laugh.  Thank you for that!!  I may take your advice on waiting for the book possibly for the full fledged fast track eating plan.  Right now I was basically just going off that VIP Fast track menu I got in the email club a couple weeks ago and eating from those food choices.  But I do know a carb for breakfast wouldn't hurt.  It would help the morning energy.  I don't know I am always in a twist between the two.  I wanna lose weight fast, but I know that isn't always the best option.  I know slow and steady wins the race.  I just saw that one girl, that lost like 50 lbs or something over three months on the fast track.  She was somewhere on his website one time and she was young like 18 or 19 and I thought wow that would be awesome because that is basically how much more I have to lose.  But I don't know what all she did.  I don't see myself losing that much weight that fast with this thyroid issue of mine.  So maybe slow and steady is just the way to go.  I might do a variation of the fast track and mix in a couple high fiber carbs here and there because I don't wanna go to low in calories, just wouldn't be healthy.  I have basically become a health freak lately.  I always am telling everyone OMG that is crazy full of sugar and wow this and wow that!!  My mother says she feels like I have become her dietician now lol always telling her that isn't the best choice to eat.  haha!! But she thinks I am doing great.  I actually wanna get her on this plan too because she is sorta not happy with her weight among other things in life.  I think her fitting into a size 10 again would be a happy moment for her and I want her to be really happy.  She is 5'2" and like 150.  All she needs to lose is maybe 20-30 lbs and I think she could do that pretty easily.  Right now she doesn't eat much breakfast and snacks on fruit or crackers for lunch and then dinner is where she gets in trouble, because she eats a big meal and snacks while watching tv.  Wow sorryyyy, I just babbled off on a tangent here.  Sometimes you honestly don't know how my fingers get carried away when I have something good to talk about.  Hehe I am a pretty fast typer because that is what I do all day at work, so when something springs into my out because here comes a book.  lol!!!

Thank you Beechy, Katie, Diana, Kasey, Rosalie, Helen for all the supportive comments.  I always love hearing what everyone has to say. :)

Diana - Read my super cleanse post.  (I wrote a couple weeks ago)  Here is the link.  It works really good in my opinion.  : )

What I ate today:

B- Thomas English muffin multi grain lite (5g fiber)  plus cowpals cheese stick, coffee

L- High fiber wrap with tuna and baby spinach

D- Leftover turkey breast tenderloin with homestyle gravy and broccoli

Monday, April 4, 2011

Week 12 (Day 1) Also weigh in day!

Well I have to report this was my weigh in day and I wasn't too happy, but I am not going to let it bother me. I know every week won't have a great loss or a loss at all possibly like this week.  I was 197.6 last week and this week the scale says 199.  But I think I know the main reason.  No digestion.  Everything I ate while on my monthly visitor basically stayed in my belly.  Nothing passed through, at one point it was three days without going.  I did go off the Super Cleanse while on my monthly, but as off today I am back on.  I just went off for the four days because my belly normally hurts from cramps so I didn't want to add any extra problems even though super cleanse hasn't give me any belly aches.  So this week I have decided to try to eat fewer carbs and do the fast track.  I might have one serving of carbs at breakfast so I have the day to burn it off.  I just wanna try it one week and see if I lose weight faster then regular BFC.  I haven't been hungry for anything lately.  Like I just eat because I know I need too sorta thing so I think I could survive the fast track.  So giving it a try.  Starting tomorrow.  Wish me luck!! I will report to you girls how its like.  The first time I tried the fast track bfc, I almost wanted to eat my arm, I was so hungry.  But now I think I have better control after THREE whole months on this healthy eating challenge.  I am so proud of myself, I must say this!!

What I ate today:

B- McDonalds Egg Mcmuffin with coffee + Super cleanse (3)

S- Cheese stick

L- Tuna wrap with baby spinach (mixed tuna with a little mayo) (also use high fiber wrap)

D- Turkey breast tenderloin, broccoli, and baby spinach salad

Well hope all you girls had good weigh ins this week.  : )

Keep up all the great work!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week 11 (Day 6)

Well today is a beautiful day!! Filled with pollen though, ready for that to wash away.  Tired of driving a yellow car, when normally its suppose to be blue. hehe!!  This morning I went to church and they just started a new series this week called "Whatever"  (about apathy, anxiety, and anger).  They are talking about the story of Jonah and todays sermon was awesome.  I really related with it a lot.  Well now that I am home, its time to catch up on some cleaning and chores.  But first thing I decided to do today was go to the basement and pull out some old tops and capris that I use to wear a couple years ago.  Well I was down there trying things on and its like I went shopping and got a ton of clothes lol!! A bunch of 14s fit.  They are snug, but the stretchy material ones fit pretty good.  I got a couple tops out too, that will be nice for spring time.  I am excited.  Can't wait til I can fit in more of my old stuff. :) yay!!  So far no weight loss this week, but its okay I have come so far and I am not stopping.  I ate a couple things yesterday that I didn't know where going to affect me.  I guess I better ask for the nutrition guide at Olive Garden next time.  Either that or prepare myself before we go.

What I ate:  (Saturday)

B- nothing slept late

L- Ruby Tuesday's with my grandmother.  I had the fresh chicken sandwich without the bun.  I usually tell them just don't even bring the bun because its a waste.  And I subbed the fries for a garden side salad with balsamic vinegarette.  So basically the sandwich was just a piece of grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, and swiss cheese.  Quite tasty!!

D- Olive Garden (I got in a little trouble here from lack of knowing the nutrition facts)  I ordered Seafood Brodetto (which said different seafoods in a lite wine sauce)  So I figured this was okay, well it came out in a tomato saffron wine sauce.  Too much sugars and carbs.  So I just picked out some of the seafood which I don't think I would order again because it was too tomatoey (making up words--this I always do) lol!!  I had a bowl of there salad and two bits of the appetizer Lasagna fritta (this I could have ate all, because it was sooooo good, but to bad for us on the BFC)

Today I ate:

B- nothing (slept)  I am a major sleeper inner on the weekends ;)

L- Thin bun sandwich with turkey, chipotle cheese, and mayo (yummmm)

D- Turkey breast tenderloin, broccoli, and side salad with BFC friendly dressing.

Well I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!! :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Week 11 (Day 5)

Well today was much better.  The sun was out, but it was still a little cool outside.  The pollen is so ick!! Makes my car all yellow and dusty.  I am ready for it to go away.

Last night me and hubby made up about the money situation.  So good for that!  : )  It was stressful, but I think he understand where I am coming from now.

Today something awesome happened!! My hubby said, " your losing to much weight " so I said nah not that much yet.  He said I need new pants because my pants are looking too baggy and I don't look good like that he said.  So I said I can't fit in small pants yet.  But I went to the guest room where I have all my smaller pants in a extra dresser.  I pulled out some of my favs.  One pair was size 16 (none stretchy) and one size 14.  I put on both and THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG I was so surprised.  The 14 were tight, but they buttoned.  I don't know if I can sit down in the size 14's, but hey that means I am just getting that much closer right.  Yay!! I was so super excited.  =)

What I ate today:

B- Egg McMuffin with sausage + coffee
L- Angus wrap with cheese and bacon
D-Hamburger patty with grilled mushrooms, onions topped with pepper jack cheese

I know today's meals were are little high in fat, but I tried to eat something else and just got lazy and pulled two frozen patties out the freezer and used my george forman (so guess it took a lot of fat out).  I was going to have a veggie with them, but the brussel sprouts that I made were nasty.  I was trying to eat them because I always hated them as a child, but I still hate them as an adult lol!!! I sauteed them in butter and used some sea salt, but they just weren't good to me.  To powerful of a taste or something.

Well my monthly is over, so tomorrow I am starting back on Super Cleanse and going to use it thru April 24th. (which will be my 30 day cleanse).

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!