Monday, February 14, 2011

What I ate Monday (Week 5 Day 1)

Well since I already posted earlier today about my weekend, I just wanted to post real quick what I ate today to share.  When I got home, my Valentine's gift was no cooking and all dishes cleaned.  It was so sweet of my hubby.  He even tried to cut me a heart of the deviled egg he made, but it was harder then he thought.  HEHE!! But hey its the thought that counts.  We didn't do gifts for each other this year because we are saving money and I told him not to get me anything so he was sweet and did this instead. : )  It made my night simple and sweet. =)

Breakfast - none, I don't know how but I totally forgot lol!! Work got hectic and I never ate the oatmeal I brought to eat.  So I just had coffee with the regular stuff.

Lunch - small salad with deli turkey, cheese, few sunflower seeds (I always use for the extra crunch), bacon bits, and Ken's brand salad dressing

Dinner - my hubby made his Honduran Enchiladas so I just had two of these.

They consist of two tostados (the hard shell big tortillas) 24g carbs per 2
Seasoned ground beef with a little homemade salsa, shredded cabbage, sliced boiled eggs and fresh honduran cheese.  They aren't the typical enchiladas everyone may be familiar with, but each country has there own way of making some of these recipes.  Honduran tacos are very different then the typical taco we all know too.  But I love all the foods he makes and this one is totally BFC friendly. =)  


  1. That's a great way to eat eggs! I'm going to try these. I have some tortilla's, and meat, and hard boiled eggs already in the fridge. Thanks. Congratulations on the lost pounds. You are doing great!

  2. WOw Lindsay that really looks good, but looks like a tostada.
    Have a good night. :-)

  3. @Kasey - yea its a yummy way to eat eggs :)

    @Rosalie - I know weird huh? It does look like this but in Honduras apparently these are their ways of making enchiladas. Everything gets confusing from one country to the next. ;) It took me a while getting use to all his foods, but now I love them.

    Hope you girls had a wonderful night too!