Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week 4, Day 3

Well today was even more of a boring day at work, but its finally over.  I am glad to be home and relaxing. : )  I am looking forward to watching American Idol and We Live to Dance.  Two of my fav shows.  I am looking forward to weekend too and sleeping in.

What I ate:

Breakfast - Sausage Egg McMuffin with bottled water, and coffee with the usual.

Lunch - Turkey slices and cow pals cheese

Dinner - Pollo en Crema with green beans and side salad

I am planning on posting the recipe for Pollo en Crema, because its absolutely DELICIOUS!!!  Its one of my husband's favorite meals.  I usually make with white rice and put the chicken over top with the red peppers, but I omitted the rice from my meal and just had the chicken breast with the cream (which by the way has no sugars) and the red peppers.  It was very filling, but very very flavorful.

I will post the recipe in another post tomorrow because now its time for all my shows. hehe!!! I am addicted to American Idol and just can't miss the show.  ;) heh!!

Goodnight to all my fellow BFC ers


  1. I watched A.I. last week and did you see the girl who graduated from Harvard, and now she works at the White House. After she sang, Randy Jackson said, "where have you been all this time". She sings amazing! Well Paula said, "she's been at the White House"! Very funny stuff! It's still only 3:30 here, and I just walked in from work. When you post that recipe I will be sure and make it. Thanks. Have a great week.

  2. Thanks so much for the info concerning the thyroid! I really appreciate it. If I have not lost some weight by June I am going to have mine checked. It can't hurt. Enjoy AI and have a great night.

  3. I am looking forward to American Idol also. I've noticed that you don't seem to eat any carbs or veggies w/lunch?? your weight should be melting off.
    I too would love to see that recipe.
    I hope tomorrow is a better day. :-)

  4. Brown rice would be a good substitution over the white rice as long as you paid attention to portion size. I personally use my 1/4c and 1/2c all the time. I don't think we are supposed to completely deprive ourselves of carbs, or we set ourselves up for failure later.

  5. @Kasey--yea that intern girl from the white house did sing amazing. There are a lot of good ones this year. But being a big AI fan, I must correct one thing. hehe!! There is no more Paula. ;) You have a great week too!! Walking to work adds great exercise each day.

    @Helen--your welcome for the info, anytime! Hopefully you can figure out what is going on...are you taking any other medications that could interrupt weight loss. Certain meds make women gain weight (my mother is a case like that).

    @Rosalie--my weight has sorta been coming off this week, but not a fast as I would have hoped of course. But steady is better then rapid I guess. SO in the long run it will stay off. Just that when I am at work, I am always in a hurry to fix a lunch so I just leave lunch meat and cheese in the fridge here at work. I could have bread and make a sandwich and maybe bring some celery, but I don't know guess I never think about all that extra stuff. :) I think I might try adding some sorta veggie side to this lunch meal. Thanks for the input. :)

    @Katie--yea I could add brown rice, but I was trying to keep the carbs down at night, plus I am not a major fan of brown rice really. Just takes to long to make and the instant kind taste icky to me. I like fresh made white rice, but I of course have to stay away from that right now. I try to only get night time carbs from my veggies at night.

    Everyone I plan on posting the recipe tonight and I took some pics as I cooked last night, so maybe this will help since I don't have ways to make videos yet. Eventually one day maybe I will get a camera and broadcast my great achievements in weight loss like Rosalie. :) I would love to help others do this as well.