Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Weekend of Week 5

All I have to say for this weekend, is I am ashamed of myself.  I let the stress get the best of me, because I think we have to get our lines to the septic tank and the main tee replaced and that is $2400.00 that I don't have right now.  So I went into a sugar attack craving all weekend long.  I stayed under my carbs for the most part.  But the sugar, heck I don't even wanna share what I ate, because I am so mad at myself.  I was sooo good for 5 full weeks and now this.  I got that free menu for the fast track through Jorge's email club and next week starting tomorrow, I am going to try my best to use it for a full two weeks and see if I can survive.  Its going to be hard, because after this weekend I think I started to have sugar cravings again really bad.  But maybe its just my time of the month.  That should be coming soon and on top of all the stress, maybe I just feel into some black hole.  I don't know because I was doing so great.  UGH!!! I just wanna scream.  But I made this choice so I know I can't get mad at anyone for this, its all my fault.  =(    Well hopefully I didn't gain any weight atleast.  Maybe I will just stay the same as last week.  Keeping fingers crossed to not have any major setbacks.  I will post tomorrow.  Hope everyone had a great weekend. 


  1. Awww, I'm sorry Lindsay. You will get back on track, you always do. :) Just remember that a bump in the road is not the end of the road.

    Will you be able to set up a payment plan with the septic company if you do need to fork out so much money for repairs? If you haven't already, I suggest that you ask.

  2. I am so sorry too Lindsay, Like you said before - when it rains it pours. Don't beat yourself up about the sugar. I crave sweets all the time, thats why I make sure I have lots of BFC sweets. Like my dark chocolate, josephs cookies, clemmys, and the best of all RediWhip!!
    Don't be mad at yourself - just get up and try again.
    Wishing you a better day tomorrow :-)

  3. Lindsay, I'm sorry to hear that it looks like the septic problem is going to cost more than expected...been there, and it SUCKS!!!! Don't be too hard on yourself about sugar...we all fall off the wagon sometimes. Your monthly coming only makes things worse, all we can do is take it one day at a time.
    Maybe some tension tamer tea, or tea with chamomile or lavender would help.

  4. Hey Girl...its ok re: the sugar thing. We all have minor setbacks from time to time. I was craving peanut m&ms the week before my cruise and I ate an entire pound of them over the week!! But is it realistic to think that I will NEVR have peanut m&ms ever again? No! I dont want to live my life like that. It is in the past now, Forgive yourself and move on. Today is a new day! Put your right hand on your left should & left and on right shoulder and squeeze!!! Sending you a big ((HUG))!!! It will all be ok. Be sure to pray for God to help to get back on track and to find a way to paay for the septic repair....he always listens and will show you the way.

  5. Thank you everyone soooooo much!!

    I will try to ask about a payment plan minichick (thanks, never thought about asking) ;)

    @Rosalie, yes that saying is so very true. My store stopped selling Josephs so I am planning to purchase online soon.

    @Katie, I do need to try the tea trick, it might help me calm quite a bit.

    @Sherri, thank you for sending hugs, I could really use some right now. Glad to see your cruise was awesome.

  6. Lindsay, focus on the positive. You are on a journey, it will take some twists and turns, that is ok. Life is not easy sometimes, and we take comfort where we can. That was yesterday, today is a new day and you can make different choices. Don't even waste a minute worrying about the old ones, just step onward on your journey. I think Minichicks suggestion about setting up a payment plan is a good one. It never hurts to ask and all they can say is no. You will find a way, brainstorm it with your husband. And, I agree with Sherri, when I really cannot find my way, God does always help me. Hang in there kiddo. Sending you a hug! (()) Let us know how things are going, you are not alone, we have all fallen into that sugar craving hole and we are ALL still here, lol.

  7. THANKS A MILLION HELEN!!! :) You so very sweet to help me with the motivation and encouragement. It means the world to me. :)