Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Week 5, Day 3

Well what can I say about today....

When I got to work this morning, it started out as one crazy day.  Two delivery drivers didn't come to work today so I end up having to drive around delivering car parts this morning.  It was not my idea of how to start a work day, but since my work is my Dad's business he owns...we all have to work whatever position we need when people are out.  I usually work as the office manager and handle accounting.  I share this position with my mother who also works up front, but she only works part time.  But after lunch time it calmed down and things got less hectic.  But it did exhaust me a pretty good bit driving around from place to place and carrying around all the big car parts.  But one good thing, it helped the day pass really fast.

What I ate today:

Breakfast- Egg McMuffin with regular coffee plus the creamer and purevia sweetner

Lunch - salad with bacon bits, cheese, sunflower seeds, turkey, and Ken's salad dressing and 1 serving of vitamin zero water lemonade flavor.  It was tasty to have something different to drink for once.

Dinner - two small tilapia fillets made with Mrs. Dash and lemon juice, side salad with same stuff as lunch except turkey and sauteed zucchini and mushrooms tossed with curry & braggs.

Total Calories: 1253

Fat(g)   Carbs(g)   Fiber(g)  Sugar(g)  Prot(g)  KCals
91.07 56.76 7.1 7.99 58.21 1253


  1. I love when I'm busy like that. Makes the day pass so fast. Your dinner sounds so good.
    Have a better day tomorrow. :-)

  2. Sounds right on track to me. I love how you count your calories, carbs, sugars, and fiber. I do that too, but I have not been counting my proteins and fat as you do. I think I may start. Tracking everything really helps me know what I am doing, keeps me in control. Tommorrow is another day and I am wishing you the very best!