Friday, March 25, 2011

(Week 10) Day 5 FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooo!!!!

Well can you tell by my blog title, I am happy its Friday???????  Well I am.  I look forward to weekend every week.  I just enjoy to relax and do whatever I want instead of having to get up and drive an hour to work everyday.  (Well with traffic that is how long it takes)  On a good day it only takes 40 minutes.  But there aren't many good days because people drive so crazy and rush everywhere which is bound to cause traffic jams from accidents.  If only everyone could just slow down a little.

Today I ate:

B - Fast Flax Seed Muffin w/butter + coffee + 3 super cleanse (today I upped my dose to the max dose) and I will stay on this dosage until April 20th for my full 30 day cleanse)  Lets see if it works like I hope.  So far its doing pretty good.

L - High fiber wrap (Xtreme Ole) with baby spinach and tuna mixed with a little mayo (See pic below)... I use these because I never can find Smart & Delicious wraps.  I would think they are fairly common but can't find them where I shop.  I still need to go to Walmart and see if I can find those wraps Sherri showed on her blog.  I linked to her blog post about those called Josephs Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Pita Bread

D- Fajita combo with chicken, steak, shrimp mixed with peppers and onions.  I am not sure if the peppers and onions caused the sugars to go over, because there are a tiny amounts in peppers, but this is all I ate.  I didn't eat the rice, tortillas or extras that came with it except maybe 1/2 cup of some kinda watery refried beans.  The fajita part was good but the beans not so much.

A really really scary thing happened while eating dinner.  Me, my hubby and his friend picked up some mexican food at a restaurant for dinner because I was handling some crazy tax issue the IRS thinks I did wrong from 2009 (just got the notice today) ugh!!  Its only because something didn't print in the right field but I did report it.  ANYWAYS...our kitchen table is really small and I let me hubby and his friend sit at it.  I pulled the stool away and sat at the regular kitchen counter.  All a sudden the glass chandelier from the fan up above the table came falling straight down and shattered into a million pieces.  Well guess what I would have been knocked out or possibly seriously hurt if I was sitting at the table.  Cause it was right at the spot where I pulled the stool to sit at the other counter, but if I tried to sit there at the table I would have been knocked or cut in the head.  Lord have mercy this week and things breaking have been crazy.  I think I have a ghost or something in this house trying to kill me. ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hope not.  I hope its just all a coincidence that these crazy things keep happening.  But where ever there is glass, I better be careful because that seems like its the ghosts' object of choice.

Here is a recipe I made this morning:  (I saw this on Katie's blog one post as well as a couple others)

Fast Flax seed Muffins

Loads of fiber to keep you very full. Sorta like an English muffin with the nooks and crannies once cut in half.


Directions (if you add more flax = more fiber)

  1. Mix all dry ingredient together in large microwave safe coffee mug.
  2. Melt 1/2 tbsp of butter and mix with egg. Stir well.
  3. Mix egg/butter mixture into dry ingredients and stir well. Microwave for 2 minutes and the muffin should pop right out. You can either eat it like this with the other 1/2 tbsp of butter spread on or toast for a more cruncher version. Its extremely extremely filling and will not give you any of those hunger pains until lunch time. If you need a good dose of fiber, here is your recipe.


  1. Hey Lindsay watch out for the wraps that were on Sherris, I think they have sucralose. Check labels.
    I always feel that things happen for a reason, YOU MOVED - WOW! Lucky.
    I do believe in ghosts and maybe someone is trying to give you a message. try to listen.
    Be careful and have a nice weekend :-)

  2. Oh yea, I will watch for the wraps. If I find them, I will read the ingredients. I checked my wraps I use and there okay so I might just stick to those.

    Yea I am glad I moved. I hope nothing else crazy with the glass breaking around this house. I don't know what kinda crazy message the ghost is trying to tell me. Maybe its just that I am unlucky. Usually lots of bad luck comes at me at once and its always when things seem to get better. I will just have to look out for strange things. :)

  3. WOW Lindsay! That IS scary!!! Im so glad you listened to your instinct & sat somewhere else. Looks like you are doing great!!

  4. Hey girl!! I heard a rumor that you are in ONEDERLAND now?? I too am wearing a plain old large these days in tops but I still am wearing some XLs that are mor form fitting. I have this ADORABLE pink top that I havent been able to wear in FOREVER (like 8 yrs!!) and Im tellin you, Im gonna be wearing it this year!! It is still so cute & very stylish. Pink, 3/4 length sleeves with a neckline that is kind of a "V" but the 2 ends are joined together with a big sliver ring. Hard to describe but it is soooo cute but its pretty form fitting so cant have alot of lumps & bumps showing to wear it.
    I can tell that You are so much more focused now than you have been and look at whats are UNSTOPPABLE!!! Keep going sweetie!! You are on a roll and we are all cherring you on!!!! ((sherri))
    p.s I read the ingredients to the wraps and they have no sugars, sucralose or aspertame in the ones I bought. I am east coast so perhaps they are a little different on the west coast but I am 100% positive the ones I bought had no sugars whatsoever. BTW, the pkg you show in the pic above is not the ones I have, but then a gain, sometimes packaging is different too. Look at Edys ice cream. East coast its Edy's, west coast I think it is "Dreyers".

  5. Aww thank you Sherri!! :) I understand about the tops, I still have to wear some XL depending on the material of the shirt, but mostly larges now:) I am on the east coast too so maybe I can find the wraps. The picture I showed on my blog were the wraps I use which is by a different brand. (Ole brand)