Friday, March 18, 2011

Week 9 (Day 4)

First let me start by saying Yay!! Its Friday!! :)  Its suppose to be 81 here tomorrow in GA. : )  Great way to start the weekend and beginning of spring. =)

Since Rosalie asked if that was my real dog in the pic yesterday hehe!! I thought I would post some pics of my doggies for real. :)

RILEY, my Jack Russel Terrier,  He will be 8 yrs. old in May.  He has lots of energy and very sweet. 

This is Dante, my Lab/Pit bull mix I adopted 3 years ago from the animal shelter.  He is very loving and just like a big teddy bear.  He just wants to be where ever you are.

Well I hope everyone enjoys there weekend and I hope its as beautiful where you girls all are as it is here. =)

What I ate:  (Thursday)

Breakfast:  2 eggs scrambled, 3 small pieces of panela queso fresca cheese (this is super yummy cheese), two corn tortillas (24 g carbs per 2 & 0 sugars)  Coffee

Lunch:  Since I got to work so late because taking my friend for her DL test....I forgot to eat because I was busy catching up at work.  So I just at wheat thins toasted cracker (veggie style)  for 12 crackers (19g carbs, 3 g sugar)

Walk (1.48 miles) at Alexander Park

Dinner:  Zaxby's house salad grilled chicken breast with two packets of there dressing.  (26g carbs because the toast and 9 g of sugar)  I don't see how the sugar could be this high but it was.  Guess I better skip the toast next time and maybe the tomatoes on the salad. 


  1. God Morning, Your doggies are so cute!! I bet they would have fun playing with my 2. So you are getting the warm weather and we are supposed to get under 60 and rain, Oh Well.
    Your breakfast looked good - I want some, but the salad, maybe the sugar was in the dressing???
    Have a great weekend :-)

  2. Yep I bet they would have fun playing because my dogs love to play with other puppies. Just don't like cats ;) The salad dressing was only 1 gram of sugar per packet and I used two. So I guess the salad mixture and one slice of there toast was very usually sugary.

  3. Adorable Poochies Lindsay!! Im not a fan of Frappicions (latest post). I only like the hot coffee but thanks for sharing. Do you find that the Jay Robb whey powder is funky tasting? I had it once & thought it was gross. what kind do you use? Just curious....

  4. Hi Lindsay! Your doggies are darling. I love Jack Russells, they have so much personality and energy. My dog is a rescue too, and like your Dante, he always wants to be with me. I could not do without him.
    Congrats on your walk! I am so proud of you, keep it up! Every step is you being loving to your body and giving yourself the gift of health. And, every step will take you that much faster to your goal. We CAN do this! Have a great weekend!

  5. Your doggies are so cute, thanks for posting pics of them, make sure you tell them that your bfc friends love them. Dogs are so wonderful, my folks have a 2 year old golden retriever named Sadie, she loves to be with you all the time even when you are in the is very nosey but I love her and I wish she was my dog, but she has a sweet life at my folks :) Have a great day tomorrow!!!

  6. thanks ladies!! I told my puppies and they said thanks for saying they look cute. ;) hehe!!!

  7. Sherri, I don't use Jay Robb. I will post a pic of the protein I use in my next post. :)