Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 2 (Week 9)

Well yesterday most of the day was rainy and dreary so didn't get a chance to do my usual walk.  I just wanted to fall asleep at work all day.  Then when I got home I had this really weird thing happen to me, I almost passed out.  I was headed up the stairs to change before going to the store to get my hubby some running shoes and as I was walking BAM black out and really dizzy then my legs felt so weak.  It was very strange but it only lasted a second then I was fine.  Then we went to the mall to look at a couple of stores and we found some shoes on sale for $45 and got them for my hubby.  I have the shape ups to walk but he didn't have any good supportive running shoes, so we needed to get him some.  Shoes are crazy prices these days, I saw some air max shoes for $159.99 at Finishline and though they were cute I could never ever pay that much for a shoe.  Wow!  Anyways then me and hubby grabbed a bit to eat at Taco Depot, one of our fav places.  I did have a half order of nachos but only ate half of the half order cuz I wasn't that hungry.  I did have horchata, ugh!!  I have a weakness for that stuff (it has 7 g of sugar in the size I got, not terrible, but still over the limit).  When I got home the same black out/dizzy/weak leg feeling came over me again.  I couldn't walk straight because my legs just were so weak.  It is the weirdest feeling I think I have ever experienced.  If it keeps happening, I might go to the doctor, but so far this morning no dizzy spells.  I wonder if its my blood pressure.  When I went to the doc last week it was a little high, but I think that was because I was nervous.  It high on rare occasions, but not often.  Do you think my blood sugar could be too low or something?  I had almost my full 15 g of sugar yesterday and about 90 g of carbs in the whole day.  hmmmm I wonder....

What I ate:  (Tuesday)

Breakfast:  Nature Own Double Fiber bread (2 slices) = 10g fiber, butter, and piece of cheese with my regular coffee +

Lunch:  Baby spinach salad with fat free cheddar cheese, bacon bits, a couple pieces of raw broccoli, kens steak house dressing and one 7 oz. can of tuna mixed with a little mayo

Dinner:  Taco Depot - 1/2 order of nacho (about 20 tortilla chips) with cheese, al pastor (seasoned pork), lettuce, pico de gallo, small amount of re-fried beans, and a little sour cream and of course my horchata  I went over my sugars on this meal because it had 8 g of sugar in the meal and about 50 g of carbs.  Guess it wasn't a good choice for dinner, but I have decided I just don't need to eat out at these places with Horchata...its like calling my name DRINK ME!! DRINK ME!! haha! 

I stayed under for the day very well, but I need to flop dinners with lunch and have my larger meal earlier in the day like I was doing in the past.  Either that or just tell my hubby lets eat at home instead of out.  But we been running so many errands lately, its just been more convenient to grab something out instead of waiting to eat until late when we get home.


  1. Hey Girl! I would definitely get that blackout/nearly passing out incident checked out. It could be blood pressure, it could be blood sugar, hard to say. It could be something else...but please let your Dr know and get it checked out, ok? My guess would be blood pressure as low blood sugar usually gives you the shakes & feeling lightheaded. Just my 2 cents.
    You are making great food choices and no worries about whatever that was that had 7 gms of sugar... horchata? (never heard of it) Life happens and you dont do it every day. Enjoy it & move on and maybe exercise a little tonight. I have been riding my stationary bike in the eves and it is such a nice workout that is easy on my heels. If anything, I will have some rockin legs by summertime!! Nothing wrong with that!!
    Hope you are doing great! ((sherri))

  2. Hi Lindsay, Sherri's the Nurse, and I'm not, but I don't think you should wait to see if it happens again. 2x's in one day is enough to go to the Dr. and get a check up. I had my blood profile workup done for the first time when I was your age where they drew blood and ran everything from soup to nuts. It's good to know all this anyway so when you lose your weight you can have it drawn again and compare the results like Rosalie is doing now. You might want to take Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and a Woman's Multi Vitamin. They do add pep to your step! I've never been a great Vitamin taker, but if you can find the First magazine out this month that I have posted on my blog check out what Dr. Oz is saying. I do feel the vitamins are helping me feel less sluggish. Just suggestions for you young thing:) At least make a phone call to your Dr. nurse and let her know what happened please.

  3. Hi Lindsay, That happened to me before I started the BFC, but for the life of me - I can't remember why. Vitamins are a great idea. Do you take them?
    You know I take a whole handful every morning. HAha. Feel better :-)

  4. thank you everyone!! I haven't had the feeling again except that one day and my blood pressure seems to be regular again so maybe it was just a weird day. Thanks for all the kinds thoughts and worries. :)