Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Week 10 (Day 2)

Good afternoon everyone!  Its another beautiful day here in GA.  The pollen count is crazy high though, luckily it doesn't bother me that much plus we are suppose to get tons of rain next week so hopefully it will wash a good bit away.

Last night while cooking a pork loin on broil in my oven, I had a crazy cooking experience.  Apparently its not a good idea to cook you mean in a glass baking dish.  I could find my metal plan so I use this glass dish for every other baking need and never had a problem.  Well I broiled my meat on each side first and then took it out and set it on the counter.  I poured a tiny bit of cooking wine on top of my meat before I was going to cover it and bake in the oven for the remaining time and BAMMMM!! The glass shattered into a gazillion pieces and shot across the room everywhere.  I mean you know how tiny pieces of glass can be so fine yet if you step on them and they go into your food its going to hurt like crazy.  Well I hope, I really hope I got all the shards of glass up.  I better walk around with shoes in the kitchen for a while.  I even had to throw away the meat just incase any tiny shards got stuck into the meat.  So it was crazy and scared me to death when the explosion happened.  But I am alive and here to remind.  Use a metal pan when broiling!!  Maybe this is something I should have known but like I said lesson learned. = )

Looking forward to American Idol tonight.  Hoping they will be singing some great tunes.  I was sad to see Karen get voted off because I thought she was so good, but oh well.

What I ate:  (Tuesday)

Breakfast:  McDonalds Sausage Egg McMuffin with coffee + creamer + truvia

Lunch:  Quiznos small cobb salad with unsweet tea (+one truvia)  I didn't eat but a few bits of the salad because it had all these huge blue cheese chunks and it made everything taste funky.  I hate blue cheese chunks so hardly had any lunch.  :(

Dinner:  Pork loin (after I bought a second glass free piece at the store), side of sauteed in butter veggies (mushrooms, onions, broccoli) and a 1/4 cup of rice. 

Here is a new simple menu link I was emailed today in the email club for the BFC, incase anyone missed it.


  1. Oh Lindsay, I am SO GLAD you were not hurt! Was this an oven safe dish? Was it an old one? If so, sometimes they fatigue over time and have microscopic cracks we cannot see which finally give out due to temperature and stress, and then KABOOM as you saw. So glad you were not hurt. Thanks for the BFC link, I have saved all the ones you posted and really appreciate them. I posted my protein shake for you in the comment section on my last post. Tweak as needed to make it your own, just as I did when I got it on Jorge's BFC site months ago. (()) H

  2. Thank you Helen :) And thank you for the protein drink recipe :) I always figure an menus he email I will share because sometimes we need to start over or get more ideas and I really like these things he shares.

  3. Lindsay - I had my hand over my mouth as I was reading that... You will be picking up glass for quite a while. I am so glad the glass didn't hit YOU!!
    I too am looking forward to Idol. It comes on in almost an hour.
    Take care and be careful! :-)

  4. I'm glad you were not hurt, how scary. You are doin so good, I am so proud of you and so happy for you! We have similar goals, to get healthy before we try for a family and we are very close in age, so I find myself thinking about you a lot. Keep up the good work, everything you are doing is paying off!!!! :)

  5. Thank you girls!! My heart jumped outta my chest when it happened but yea it was so unexpected. Yea I still find glass, like tiny little shards. Well my feet find them, so shoes from now on, or at least a week or two until I know I got all of it up. @Katie, yea I think we are about the same age. Your 28 right and I will be 28 in one month. April 20th. I want to have children and think I am pretty ready now, but I wanna lose the weight first so then it won't be so hard for me to lose it after pregnancy. Because I will know just what to do. Plus if I got prego at 222 then gained another 30 lbs. that would be way to hard on my body I think so I am glad I have dropped a good bit of weight and hope the rest comes off just as easily. :)