Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 3 (Week 8)

Well good morning everyone!! The sun is out, but its super windy here.  Today's high is only 48, but its suppose to be high 60's and low 70's next week.  I hope the warm weather stays around for a while...I don't like this going from cold to warm back to cold.  Its going to make me sick. 

Did everyone watch American Idol last night?  Wow, I just love Scotty, Kasey, Pia, and Thia!!  I like the rest too, but those are my favs.  Stefano is really good too especially with last nights performance of a Stevie Wonder song.  I like the judges, but I sorta miss Simon because he gave honest critique even though it was sometimes mean.  This year the judges I think are a little too nice which isn't going to help the contestants learn from their mistakes enough.  Anyways just my opinion.

I have been reading everyone blog post and noticing more and more people are starting to have little workouts and I think I need to add that into my routine somehow.  Exercise does help with digestion too.  I always heard it was good to go for a walk after you eat instead of just sitting down.  Of course that is probably common sense, but anyways.  I use to be addicted to buying all those DVD sets from the infomercials like hip hop abs, p90x, core rhythms, yoga booty ballet, etc... Plus my on demand has tons of free work out videos, yet I never ever use them because I always come up with some lazy excuse.  I need to apply myself to doing this because as I lose weight, I would like to tone as well.  I wanted to join a gym, but its a rip off with the application or enrollment fees these days.  I mean they say its only $10 per month, but like $249 to join initially.  What craziness!!  I admire Katie for starting to do her pilates, Helen for all her working out she does everyday, and Rosalie for always taking her daily walks and I wanna add a workout in too. 

Just wanted to share thoughts that were on my mind. = )

What I ate:  (Wednesday)

Breakfast:  Met Rx Protein Plus bar (I could barely finish this big thing, it was super filling)  I did suggest we could have this as a meal replacement, but found out the very last ingredient is sucralose...thats an artificial sugar right??  I know the bar had 2 g of sugar which isn't bad, but anyways I don't think I could eat it again anyways because it was just too thick and hard to eat.)

Lunch:  Sandwich made with Nature's Own sugar free bread with deli chicken, fat free swiss, mayo and mustard

Dinner:  Grilled shrimp (approx. 30 small shrimps) (I grilled them with olive oil, creole seasoning, and lemon juice)  also I had a side spinach salad with cheese, bacon bits, and BFC approved dressing


  1. HI Lindsay, I love american idol too and I definitely think that the top 3 will be james, casey and pia. That's my picks. I really miss Simon also. It's just not the same.
    If you not a workout kind of person - like me, then just walk a little every day. You will be surprised at how good it makes you feel. Just play music, I use my phone with the music on it. That way if anything happens - I can call for help.
    Your food choices look great!
    Have a great day.

  2. Boy those shrimp sound terrific! As soon as it warms up here I will be having me some shrimpies! Love them! I am a fan of exercise and movement, preferably whole body exercise which is why I use the pool. Now that the weather is warmer, walking sounds like a good start...or as I recall you used to be a swimmer...if you still like the pool, why not? Whatever works for you Lindsay. Our bodies are designed to MOVE. If you begin slowly and pay attention to your body I say go for it!

  3. Yea I think I will begin with walking when it warms up a bit. It very windy today, but I am looking forward to the summer because we have a pool in our backyard and then I can swim laps. Its not a huge pool but I can just go back in forth a bunch of times (its big enough to get a workout). :) Thanks for the comments ladies!

  4. Hey Lindsay, I love american idol too and think this year is gonna be tough to pick. I miss simon too because he was the only once who told the truth and did not sugar coat anything. Anyway with the exercise you just have to take small baby steps and then it will become something you will want to do....sounds crazy but so true just because you feel so good after doing it and it helps with the weight loss.

  5. I can totally relate to finding out that a product you thought would be bfc friendly has suclarose, we bought low carb tortillas, and after we go them home, bam we saw suclarose. Your shrimp and salad sounded super yummy.

    Thanks for the shout out...I am starting small aiming to do 20 mins in the morning. I bet you could do small segements somewhere between 10-20 mins of one of your workout tapes and that would help you to tone up as well. I think what we are doing is trying to make changes that will work in the long run, rather than just for a time like traditional diets do.

    Anyway, you are doing great, we are all in this bfc thing together! Have a great friday!!! :)

  6. Thank you Diana, I think I will try the small steps to build up a work out routine. :)

    Also thank you to Katie! :) If I can pull myself out of bed in the morning before work, which I wish I could...I would love to work out because they say the morning is the best time. I am just so lazy lol!!