Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 4 (Week 8)

Well just another day in the life of BFC eating....

I don't have to much to talk about today so I think I will just post what I ate to share.

Thursday I ate:

Breakfast:  Egg, Sausage McMuffin with my coffee

Lunch:  Sandwich on natures own sugar free bread with chicken deli meat, fat free swiss, mayo, and dijon mustard

Dinner:  Las Tortas Locas (went out to eat)  I wanted something so bad, but with all my power I resisted.  I didn't eat a Torta (which is spanish for sandwich) and my normal Horchata that I love sooooo much.  I ate a Loca Salad which was just romaine lettuce, al pastor (seasoned pork- crunchy like bacon bits), 1 tbsp sour cream, 1/4 cup of tomatoes, like five of those thin little tortillas strip chips, white shredded cheese and no dressing because can you believe it this place doesn't offer dressing.  The salad was still yummy but a little dry.  Oh well held off on those extra calories.

Well I haven't lost anymore weight yet per my scale that I step on to check every morning.  But I am hoping I will lost a couple this week and if I don't get under 200 for some reason, it won't be because I failed with bad food choices this week.  It will be just because sometimes our bodies can't lose crazy amounts of weight in one weeks time always.  I know our bodies get use to this way of eating and then the weight loss slows a bit and then comes off more steadily so I won't get discouraged if I don't see 199 on Monday.  I will just keep trying to hit that goal the following week. : )

Hope everyone has a wonderfull weekend!!!


  1. I am so proud of you for resisting you fav's at the restaurant. I used to love Tortas and horchata. in my past life lol.
    I know it's silly to get so discouraged over 1 lb. But Please try not to. YOu are doing so good - Keep It Up :-)

  2. Thank you Rosalie! :) I am trying not to get discouraged, it may be the digestion thing again. I seem to have a little trouble with that area since being on this diet. Hopefully it will get better. :)