Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Weekend (Week 8)

Well this weekend was absolutely beautiful!! It was sunny and 70s all weekend long. : )  Saturday I spent the whole day with my grandmother because my hubby had plans to watch a boxing fight with his buddies.  My grandmother may be about to turn 80, but she sure doesn't act like it.  hehe!!  She is a lot of fun to hang out with.  I do help her drive because she has perihapal neuropy which is where she can't feel her feet to well.  So it permanently feels like her feet are asleep all the time.  That I can't imagine, cause I hate it when my feet or hang falls asleep.  She only drives to get her hair done and to the grocery store and I take her on most of the other errands on Saturdays.  Anyways we went shopping, and out to eat for lunch and for dinner.  I like to think I did really good even though it was super hard.

Breakfast - Protein bar (only 2 g sugar)
Lunch - Mellow Mushroom pizza with my grandmother, but I had the greek salad and one slice of pizza with no crust except about 3 bites of the end piece.  I just basically ate the toppings off.

Dinner - Me and my grandmother went to the Piccadilly and I had roast beef in au jus, with a couple pieces of fried okra, and green beans, unsweet tea


Breakfast/Lunch:  Nature Own sugar free bread (2 slices) buttered and toasted with one slice of cheese
(I was sorta late to eat, because I was cleaning and preparing for church and the get together of friends and family later that afternoon

Dinner:  One slice of carne asada, guacamole, one small corn tortilla, 1/4 cup refried black beans, chimichurri (1 tbsp)  (I did have a diet pepsi)

Getting together with friends for our cook out was a lot of fun on this beautiful day. :)  My really good friends came over with there two children and my mom and dad came as well.  We sat out on the porch listening to the birds chirping and felt the wonderful sun shining.  =)  I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend as well. : )


  1. You are so sweet to do all those nice things for your grandma. I never had one from either side. You are lucky. All your food choices were great. Have a nice day tomorrow. :-)

  2. I'm glad you had a nice weekend, good job on not eating too much pizza, I know that can be tough. I love greek salads, I used to add more roasted peppers to mine until I started the bfc and learned how high in sugar they are. Your get together sounded so nice :)