Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 1 Week 9 (Weigh in Day)

Well good afternoon ladies!! =)

I am sitting here on this dreary rainy work day typing a post real quick while I take my lunch break.  I sorta just wanna go back home right now, but gotta work to pay those bills.  It was so beautiful yesterday and 76 degrees.  Me and my hubby took a walk in the park that is just on the next street over from our neighborhood.  It has about 4 different trails and they all are about a mile long or just a bit longer.  I wanna start trying to do this a couple times of week now that the time changed and we have more time after work to walk before it gets dark.  I was out of shape to say the least because it started out nice and at the end I was pooped.  I thought I would sleep really good but I didn't because I can't fall asleep and wake up when I am suppose too.  Weird how one hour time change can make that much of a difference, but it does.

Yesterday was my weigh in day and it wasn't as much as I hope, but it was a loss.  I weighed in at 204 which is a 2.4 lb. loss.  I wanted to get below 200 this week because at the start of the week I dropped down to 203 and though it was possible, but just as we all know...our weight goes crazy from one day to another with those few up and down pounds.  Oh well maybe this week, or really sometime soon.

What I ate:  (Monday)

Breakfast:  Egg Sausage McMuffin and regular coffee

Lunch:  Wendy's Spicy chicken Go Wrap (1)

Dinner:  Subway Melt (stay away from subway) WOW I didn't know 48g of carb per 6 inch even on wheat and lots of sugar hidden in there too!! Me and hubby had gone to Walmart and walked around looking for something after our walk in the park and we grabbed a bit at Subway inside the store.  I thought this can't be more then 40g of carbs right, nope WRONG!!  I learned and next time I know, NO subway!

Reason for all the eating out = needed to go grocery shopping big time! ;)


  1. I eat out too during work for breakfast and lunch. I usually eat a Bacon, Egg Chibata from Starbucks. Today I had a Sausage McMuffin. It's funny how we think something is alright to eat, and couldn't possibly be that loaded with sugar/carbs but they turn out to be. Now I read labels first! Used to grind first, and then read labels. I've been surprised many times, specially on the Frappe's from McDonalds. Three days worth of sugar in a small, and about what one soda has in it. Oh, why do they have to taste so good too! Keep walking, it sounds like a great place to do so.

  2. Whoo hoo, you are so close to 200!!!! You are doing so good. Your walk sounds great, I hope you and hubby keep it up. My hubby and I love to go for walks we have had some really good talks while walking

    It is so easy to miss hidden sugars and not know carbs, yesterday I bought Jorge's carb counter and so far it looks good...my only complaint is it doesn't indicate when fake sugars are used..I remember Amber saying the same thing. Anyway I will keep sharing more as I use it...I bought it at a bookstore and it was only $7.95
    Keep up the good work, you are doing awesome I hope you have a nice day tomorrow :)