Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Weekend of Week 10

Well the weekend was pretty good.  It could have been nicer weather, but we had nice weather all week so it was time for some rain.  Well the storm last night was super bad with the hail and the power shutting off.  Today it was cool outside and very dreary.  I spent the WHOLE day cleaning.  I definitely should have gotten a super duper workout because I cleaned all the fans, cleaned more of the woodwork in the upstairs, did lots of laundry, vacuumed, etc.  Needless to say I am pooped out.  Its time to get on my jammies and watch some movies.  First I just wanted to write a bit and post what I ate with all you gals.  Hope all you girls had a great weekend.  I saw Rosalie shopped at Kohl's.  Me too!! I took my grandmother and she had one of those 30% coupons too so we got a few cute things.  I officially can start to buy large shirts now and not XL anymore ;)  I am so excited about that.  Can't wait til I can start buying smaller pants.  Right now I could wear smaller in the waist, but the hip and thigh area need the extra room right now.  But soon so for now I just wear a belt to hold up the baggy pants that are still size 16/18.

What I ate:

B- Fiber toast with cheese and butter
L- Applebees Dijon Chicken with portbella mushrooms, side of broccoli, one small red potato, and unsweet tea  (BFC approved meal per my counter)
D- Smoked ribs (no sauce) with potato salad (my grandmas homemade recipe (couldn't pass up, but I just had a little)

B- 3 eggs scrambled with cheese, 2 slices fiber toast w/butter, 3 slices of bacon
L- Little more potato salad
S- Kettle corn (gotta watch out for sugar on this one, but I was craving a little something sweet)  Its my time of the month as of today so the water retaining and sugar cravings start)  blah!! I do so good except these couple of days of each month.  I am just moving on and not worrying to much about this...trying to stay busy so I don't just eat sweets.

Well hope everyone had a great weekend!! I hope that the scaled went from 200 to 199 tomorrow, but I seriously doubt it because of my monthly visitor.  I can always try to keep my fingers crossed though.  = )


  1. Whoo Hoo on smaller clothes, you must feel so good!!! You will be buying smaller pants in no time. Have a great day, I hope you are not too miserable on you monthly.

  2. Well it sounds like you enough cleaning for the both of us. A little cheating in not bad only once in a while, so get back on board Girl :-)

    By the Way - SO PROUD OF YOU!! Onderlands.....

  3. So proud of you Lindsay! Onderlands! Whoo hoo! A really great way to start your week!

  4. Thank you!!!! girls!!! I am going to post about it today. I just wasn't in the writing mood yesterday for some reason. ;)