Friday, March 18, 2011

Found a new blogger and sharing a good recipe

I would like to share a great recipe =)  Anyone love Frappacinos????  I do, but I have missed them.  Well I tried to make a little concoction this morning because I had a few extra minutes before work and wasn't feeling like hot coffee.  Well this may very well be a big winner that I have created. : )  Others may have already tried this, but I don't remember seeing a post so I will share mine.

Frappacino BFC Style

*One cup of coffee (you favorite size coffee cup)

*One scoop vanilla protein or you could use creamer, but be more carbs depending the creamer used

*Truvia or allowed sweetened if you would like sweeter (I didn't use any extra sweeteners)

*1 cup of unsweet coconut milk or almond breeze (you could change up the flavors here if you use chocolate)

*Ice to your liking to make it thicker

Blend all ingredients together in a blender and top with a squirt of whipped cream mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

It was sooooo yummy and it only has 3g carbs, not even 1 g of sugar, and a good helping of protein because the protein powder.

Also today I was on Belly Fat Cure facebook page and I came across a new blog.
Called Randi's Rants and she writes a lot about the BFC and I saw her trying to share her blog so I thought I would share it incase anyone doesn't get to look in the discussion sections of the BFC facebook page.  She has some great stuff to say!  So check it out girls. : )

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  1. Lindsay, I love those fraps and have tried mine just like yours and they are so yummy. It makes you feel like you are almost cheating huh? Hope you have a super weekend. Thanks for sharing Randi's link she is a member on my spark team.