Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week 11 (Day 2)

Well another rainy dreary day here in Georgia. :(   "Rain, rain go away come again another day."  That is my thoughts right now.  I hardly wanna get up normally.  But the rain and my monthly visitor make it tens times worse.  Boo hoo!!!  I just feel like turning the lights off in my office and laying my head on the desk and snoozing.  Zzzzzzzzz!!  I mean the phone is barely ringing.  Other then that, all I have is filing.  Boring!!  Why not nap?  hehe!!

I have been making muffins for my hubby for breakfast snacks and I have been wanting some so bad, but nope too much sugars!  I have been with holding pretty good.  I did have two bites of a banana muffin last night and my hubby finished the rest.  He keeps buying breads from the Panaderia (spanish for bakery).  Though its not that expensive.  I feel like I wanted to make some for him myself.  I love to cook so even though I can't eat all this stuff, I still love to cook for him.  He is suppose to diet, but he isn't really doing it.  Pretty much he doesn't eat anything during the day and then eats a HUGE meal at dinner time and has late night snacks.  I can't get him out of that routine.  I try and he always says wow you are looking skinny, your doing good.  I try to get people jealous into wanted to follow the diet with me.  hehe!!  Like telling them wow, look how much I lost or look how lose my pants are getting.  I don't mean in a mean way, just wanna help them help themselves.  You girls know what I mean, I am sure.   Like my mom and dad could use it too but my mom just feels tired and full of other thoughts and doesn't wanna try she says.  I think she may be depressed about some things.  I hate that she feels this way, but nothing I do makes her see things different so I just gotta let that go.  I forwarded a couple friends some info on the BFC and they are excited to start it.  Also I have a couple other friends doing the plan and losing weight.  They are excited too!!  I hope I can help a lot of people.  I love how much help Rosalie and Amber's blog have been.  They have shared lots of info and that is what I would love to do for others do as I progress through my weight loss journey.  Anyone I can help to become a healthier person would make me very happy.

What I ate:

B- (Running late) McDonalds Sausage Egg McMuffin (this is my typical running late meal) (2/2)

L- Left over smoked ribs, only 4 small pieces off the rack (I ate on the whole rack for about 4 different total meals)  small homemade helping of my grandmas potato salad.  (it was almost a cup, probably about 3/4 cup)

D- Garlic butter chicken with about 10 steamed asparagus (yum!!)  I figured I would try veggies I always hated as a kid this week so I bought asparagus and brussel sprouts to try again as an adult)  Asparagus were actually pretty yummy, next I try brussel sprouts....I gotta figure how to season those so I will like them.

Anyone have any good ways of cooking brussel sprouts?????  Share if you do. : )

Well off to do some work here on this dreary day!  Hope everyone else has some sun because someone needs too. =)


  1. Martha Stewart has a terrific Brussell Sprout recipe. It was in the Thanksgiving meal 2 years ago, in the Everday Foods magazine issue for that Thanksgiving. If I can find it, I will post the recipe. Don't know if you will like it, but I thought it was delish.

    Though you are having a blah day Linsay, your post is anything but, lol. I want to say that you DO help others, just by posting. Your positive attitude and sweetness come through and I for one find that VERY inspiring, and it makes me feel good.

    Helping those we love is what we all want to do. We want to share our good feelings and success with them. Unfortunately, they themselves have to be ready for change, and if they are not, we cannot hurry the process for them. Easy for me to say I know, and hard to watch those we love struggle with poor choices.

    Keep showing them by your good example, you never know when you will made a difference for them. Or who you are reaching with your blog.

  2. Wow!! Helen Thank you for those super kind words!! I am glad my blog can be inspiring to others. I figure if I just help one person and then they go to help, it will make a chain and it will just be wonderful. :) I will see if I can find the Martha Steward recipe online. I just wanted to get a idea of recipes people have tried with tasty success. :)

  3. I am kind of feeling the same way today. Blah - but we have to get up and life goes on right?
    I always tell everyone also about the BFC - but they will not do it with us unless they really want to.
    My hubby eats healthy to a certain extent, but not like me either.
    You are doing so well and keep sharing - they will come around. :-)

  4. Brussel Sprouts are good lots of ways, but recently just cutting them in half and roasting them with a little salt & olive oil is my favorite.

    In the past I have loved doing ribs in the summer on the grill. Im bummed though, since my Husband has gone vegan I cant see myself going to the trouble for just me (the kids wont eat them either!)

    Love the fish! ;-)

  5. I love fish, lots and lots of it. I eat probably 2 to 3 times per week. Brussel sprouts I gotta work on getting them flavored to how I will like them.