Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Week 11 Day 1 (Weigh In Day)

Last Monday 200.4 and this Monday --> 197.6 (yay!!)

Lost 2.8 lbs 

Now in Onederland!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Well I was very surprised to see this on the scale Monday morning, but wayyyyy excited too.  I started my monthly so I for sure thought I would be bloated or retaining water.  As of this morning I am, but I know it will go back down again when the week is over.  But Monday morning the scale didn't show this, it showed I was in onderland finally!!  Its been over 4 years since I have been under 200.  I use to be a skinny person, when I was in my early 20's I was around 130-140 then I developed the thyroid condition (underactive) and met my hubby and we all know what happens then.  You get comfortable and gain weight.  Well I gained tons and it makes it hard with my slow metabolism to lose, but I am losing slowly and steadily and its exciting!!  I have been taking super cleanse to help with the digestion issue because on this healthy eating lifestyle sometimes that can be a difficult area because your eating so healthy.  Well let me give one word of advice.  Don't take super cleanse while on your monthly!!  It makes your belly hurt pretty bad or maybe its just me.  Or at least it did mine.  I don't eat many carbs during this time of the month because it seems to hurt my belly.  I have been really out of it these last couple of days.  I have felt week.  I hate my monthly visitor!  It really just is a pain! ugh!!

Well enough complaining.

Here is what I ate:

B- Nature Own double fiber toast (2 slices) with butter and cheese.  Plus coffee and 3 SC
L- Tuna mixed with mayo and 12 celery sticks (4" size strips)  
D- Salmon with aioli sauce (mayo mixed with cooking wine, garlic, mrs. dash italian, and lime juice) mmm plus a side of sauteed broccoli with mushrooms, and small spinach salad with newmans own dressing, feta cheese, and bacon bits.

I am just plan tired today, all I can say is I hope I sleep better tonight, because I feel totally drained and weak today.  Its just one of those blah days!!  


  1. Holy moley that is so awesome! I am so happy for you!!! Under 200 whoo hoo!!!! You rock, and I hope you feel proud of yourself, you have been doing so good!!! Big hugs and pats on the back :) :) :) Have an awesome day tomorrow!

  2. Congrats Lindsay! That is wonderful news! You should be very proud of yourself. :)

  3. Well my friend - I am so proud of you and you already know that. And one of these days my monthly will not be a commin round any more - woo hoo for that day!
    Hope your tummy feels better. :-)

  4. Thank you Katie!! I was so excited I went and woke up my hubby jumping up and down and told all my friends :)

    Thank you Shery1!! :)

    Thank you Rosalie! :) My tummy is feeling better thanks to Midol, ready for this week to be over though, between the rain and my week, I just don't wanna get out of bed.