Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 3 - Week 14

Well hello all!!  :)  Didn't get a chance to post yesterday because it was my birthday!! =)  I turned 28 so only two more years to 30 which my husband's friend seems to think is the perfect age.  Not sure if he is right or not.  I would say 25 is the perfect age because then you can pretty much do anything.  Like rent a car, get a hotel room without a huge deposit (guess the think the young ens are going to trash the rooms)-we aren't all like that, but I do remember having to put a $500 deposit on a hotel room in Panama City, FL when I was 21.  Craziness I say!  Anyways just memories hehe!!  Yesterday was a great day after I got home from work.  Well it was nice int he morning too!  My hubby put some flowers on our bed so when I woke up I saw roses and tulips.  He always got a big huge heart balloon.  And my card said "see you facebook wall, love you!" Lol!! Guess he knows I am addicted to facebook.  haha!! I will post a couple pics to share.  When I got home my friends surprised me and she brought her two kids.  They came right as I was coming home from work.  Her little boy gave me a flower and her little girl gave me a little cute make up bag and they wrote the sweetest card.  I am so happy to have wonderful friends like them.  :)  I don't have many close friends, that even live close, but this couple is so sweet!!  After they left my hubby said get in the car we are going somewhere.  We showed up at a store and he got me an Ipod dock for my ipod.  I was so surprised cause I thought we didn't have money to get a present and I told him don't worry.  But he saved and surprised me because he doesn't often do that.  But after our last fight we really talked and both decided to work on our ways.  So now I am happy to say....I am so happy with how sweet my hubby is, and I know through thick and thin we will always be there for one another. =)  I don't mean to sound all mushy or anything just wanted to share. 

What I ate: (Wednesday)

B- Sausage, egg, and cheese with english muffin
L- Taco Bell taco supreme (with in limits)
S- one vanilla slice of cake very thin no icing (it was my bday- so I wanted a tiny slice of cake)
D- Pork tacos with sour cream, few tomatoes, cheese and lettuce (my hubby took me out for my bday to mexican)  Mmmm it was yummy!!

Today I am eating super low carbs because all the carbs I ate yesterday.  Just trying to even it out. ;)


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Lindsay!!!! I am so glad you had such a nice birthday, YOU DESERVE IT!!! Did you blow out your candles and make a wish?? If you did, I hope your wish comes true! Your flowers are lovely, how nice to wake up to them! And how thoughtful of your husband too! Thank you for sharing the pics.
    (())'s to you.

  2. Happy Birthday dear Lindsay...I wish I was only 28. Such beatiful flowers your husband bought you and so sweet to plan things for your birthday. I think I am gonna enjoy a little piece of dessert for my b-day too.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Your hubby knocked it out of the park, what a sweetie!!! I think 28 will be a great year for you. I'm glad you had such a great day!!!! :) :) :)

  4. Happy Birthday Lindsay!!! Your husband made your day, from beginning to end---he loves you so much and it shows! Kudos to you for being able to enjoy some of your birthday cake. I agree with Katie, you are in for a wonderful year!

  5. Hi Lindsay,
    I am so glad he made up for being a jerk before. What a surprise with the ipod dock. So sweet. I hope you had a great day after you left work.
    Big Hug (---)

  6. Happy Birthday!!! I'm so glad that your husband was so sweet to you:) You must be a keeper!
    Good job!!!

  7. Those are beautiful flowers Lindsay! Happy Birthday too! Just say your post today. You look great in your pictures and you are losing weight too and becoming so healthy.