Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 12 (Day 2)

Okay girls, your going to think I am completely crazy, but I am telling the truth.  I promise!!

This morning I stepped on the scale as I do every morning before getting in the shower.  Well to my amazement, the scale said 194.6 !! Can you believe this???  And yesterday morning it said 199.8 or something like that.  My lord, our weight is up and down crazy.  I mean I am not complaining, but lord.  I guess your all right.  Its just a number and its how I feel in my clothes right.  I am going to reply to you guys comments here, because its easier to reply all at once plus I think more people read here then go back and read follow up comments.  I know I forget to look at comments after I posted a question, etc on someones comment section.  I must say Rosalie's comment cracked me up about my sewn on arm, lol!! Just want I needed for this morning, was a great laugh.  Thank you for that!!  I may take your advice on waiting for the book possibly for the full fledged fast track eating plan.  Right now I was basically just going off that VIP Fast track menu I got in the email club a couple weeks ago and eating from those food choices.  But I do know a carb for breakfast wouldn't hurt.  It would help the morning energy.  I don't know I am always in a twist between the two.  I wanna lose weight fast, but I know that isn't always the best option.  I know slow and steady wins the race.  I just saw that one girl, that lost like 50 lbs or something over three months on the fast track.  She was somewhere on his website one time and she was young like 18 or 19 and I thought wow that would be awesome because that is basically how much more I have to lose.  But I don't know what all she did.  I don't see myself losing that much weight that fast with this thyroid issue of mine.  So maybe slow and steady is just the way to go.  I might do a variation of the fast track and mix in a couple high fiber carbs here and there because I don't wanna go to low in calories, just wouldn't be healthy.  I have basically become a health freak lately.  I always am telling everyone OMG that is crazy full of sugar and wow this and wow that!!  My mother says she feels like I have become her dietician now lol always telling her that isn't the best choice to eat.  haha!! But she thinks I am doing great.  I actually wanna get her on this plan too because she is sorta not happy with her weight among other things in life.  I think her fitting into a size 10 again would be a happy moment for her and I want her to be really happy.  She is 5'2" and like 150.  All she needs to lose is maybe 20-30 lbs and I think she could do that pretty easily.  Right now she doesn't eat much breakfast and snacks on fruit or crackers for lunch and then dinner is where she gets in trouble, because she eats a big meal and snacks while watching tv.  Wow sorryyyy, I just babbled off on a tangent here.  Sometimes you honestly don't know how my fingers get carried away when I have something good to talk about.  Hehe I am a pretty fast typer because that is what I do all day at work, so when something springs into my mind...watch out because here comes a book.  lol!!!

Thank you Beechy, Katie, Diana, Kasey, Rosalie, Helen for all the supportive comments.  I always love hearing what everyone has to say. :)

Diana - Read my super cleanse post.  (I wrote a couple weeks ago)  Here is the link.  It works really good in my opinion.  : )

What I ate today:

B- Thomas English muffin multi grain lite (5g fiber)  plus cowpals cheese stick, coffee

L- High fiber wrap with tuna and baby spinach

D- Leftover turkey breast tenderloin with homestyle gravy and broccoli


  1. Hi girl, while you are waiting for the book, just do like I did. When I noticed a slow in the loss, I just tried to tweak the BFC a bit. I tried to eat 2-3 carbs a day instead of the allotted 6.
    Don't worry you will find your niche.
    Have a great day :-)

  2. Thank you Rosalie, that is what I am going to try. :)

  3. I think you are losing weight really fast in my opinion. It took me 5 mo. to lose 22lb. It's taken me another 3 weeks to put 5 lb.back on, so keep learning, keep reading, keep searching for answers on how to become a healthier you! You are moving in the right direction, and eating very healthy. Your Mom is my height, and when she starts getting serious she's going to feel so much better, to get that little bit of weight off. I wish I was 150lb. My new goal...

  4. Thank you Kasey! Your a sweetheart! :) I guess I am just impatient to see more results. But I know I can't expect to lose it all really fast.