Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 15 --- I am starting to get peeved!!!

Well I am officially starting to get peeved!!  I lost nothing again so for 3 weeks I have been stuck at 197.6  I was at one point 197 even but its really making me mad.  I want to start losing again and this plateau is irking me big time.  I figured I would plateau later towards the end but not now.  :(  Booo hooo!!  I am very tired of seeing the same number on the scale.  But still I will not stop!! Don't worry gals.  I will not give up.  I will power through and make that scale go down again.  I just wanted to share how peeved I was, lol!! I needed to wine I guess.

Easter was nice, but there was lots of food.  I tried to only get one plate of food and I believe everything was okay to eat.  Not positive, I may have gone over slightly.  But we had things like smoked ham, very small helping of potato salad, squash casserole made with only bfc approved ingredients, deviled eggs, and well I did have one small helping of strawberry pretzel salad (it was my bday celebration with family as well as Easter).  So I did fudge on that part. 

Today I ate:

B - Uncle sams 1/2 cup with vanilla almond milk (unsweet) with one sliced up strawberry + one truvia sprinkled on top

L - Cow pal cheese stick, tuna and light mayo on a pita bread

D - left overs smoked ham, squash, deviled eggs

I wanted to share one ymmy thing....

I made coffee this weekend and it was the yummiest way I have ever had it so I thought I would share.
  1. one cup of coffee
  2. one truiva
  3. cinnamon
  4. unsweet almond vanilla milk
  5. one squirt of whip cream
TASTES just like cappuccino!!! mmmm but sugar free!

Well this week I am starting Zumba so wish me luck that I have a weight loss after this week is over or I might scream! ;)


  1. The weight will come off! It sounds like you are doing really well on your food.
    I tried to see if my food calculator had the strawberry pretzel salad in it, it didn't. That is truly one of my FAVORITE Holiday treats. My sister makes it with huckleberries. Yummy.
    Good luck and keep up the good work:)

  2. Lindsay, just a thought ... if your scale doesn't have a body fat monitor on it, you might want to see about getting one. I find it to be encouraging that even when the pounds don't drop, I usually see my body fat % decreasing. Plus, keep measuring. I'd bet you're losing inches if not pounds. :)

    Keep up the good work! You're an inspiration to all of us! :)

  3. It is hard to keep going when the scale is not moving. I struggle with this all the time, ALL the time. I KNOW how frustrating this is! It makes you want to give up, it makes you wonder if your hard work will ever pay off...But, keep going Lindsay. The scale WILL catch up with your intention. WE CAN DO THIS!! Sheryl is right, you ARE an inspiration. PLUK how the Zumba goes, it sounds like fun. (())

  4. Don't be discouraged I know the scale will catch up with you. I love your new pic, it looks like you were having a fun time when it was taken. I hope you like zumba, the more I do it the more I like it :)

  5. Lindsay I totally understand where you are coming from when you dont see that scale budge and I know you dont need to hear me say it will happen because you already know it will. The coffee sounds so good. I just started making mine at home since my habit at Starbucks is costing me a small fortune. Hope you have a great week!

  6. Yep, the coffee sounds great! I've made mine with cinnamon for years, which lowers the blood sugars for anyone with problems of having diabetes. Take 1 or 2 cinnamon capsules a day, in the morning. Not at night because it will make you stay up, and try to get off Metforum. I love your new picture too. You are dropping the weight even if the scale is stuck! You're on track girl!

  7. You know I had many weeks just like this where the weight did not come off. I just kept doing it and eventually it came off.
    Just keep going and like I always say - the weight has nowhere to go but off.
    Have a great day :-)