Friday, April 22, 2011

Week 14 (Day 4 & 5)

Good morning, afternoon, evening!! Whichever it is for you all :)  I would like to say a BIG thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes from everyone yesterday!!  Thank you girls!! Your all sweet hearts =)

In response to Sheryl's post.  I am glad you found the pitas at Walmart. =)  Now I will have to venture over to my Super Target and look for that smuckers sugar free jelly made with Truvia.  I would love to have some jelly on my toast!!  I just haven't wanted to buy those nature hallow preserves online yet.  I do order a few things, but not much.  I prefer to save and just buy what I find in stores.  Cause I don't like to pay shipping.  Thanks for the pointer.  I will definitely go to Super Target next week.

I hope 28 is the year for me, and my goal of a successful weight loss! : )  I really do!  @Helen, I didn't have any candles on the one piece of cake.  hehe!! All I bought was some vanilla cake slices at Walmart and happened to eat one piece when all my friends were over the other night and called it my bday cake.  I told hubby and friends not to buy a whole cake because then it would stare at me and say "Eat ME, Eat ME" haha I couldn't have that happen.  ; )  I have will power but not that much to see a whole cake on the counter and not eat little slivers here and there and then find myself have finished it off completely. lol!!

What I ate yesterday and so far today:

B-2 eggs scrambled with cheese and 3 slices of pre cooked bacon + coffee with the usual truvia and creamer

L-Baby spinach salad with cheese, like 6 croutons, and one small packet of ranch (I always ask for extra at Wendy's if I ever go there and that way I use one packet on my salad that I make from home-only has 1 g of sugar - 100 calories in packet) and then I high my high fiber wrap with pieces of rotisserie chicken mixed up with about a tsp. of mayo.  Lunch was delicious!!!

S- few pringles (plain)

D- Rotesserie chicken pulled apart with a little mayo on some bread, (I was lazy - didn't sleep good the night before and by the time I got home from work I was to lazy to cook)  I should haven't had the carbs at night, but it stayed in the limits for the meal.

B- Uncle Sams 3/4 cup with unsweet vanilla almond milk with one packet of truvia and one large strawberry chopped up on top of cereal.  + coffee

L- Rotisserie chicken pulled apart on high fiber wrap with a little mayo

D- no ideas yet....I am thinking about finishing this rotisserie chicken up and having a green veggie for tonight

Walmart has great prices of a whole cooked Rotisserie chicken so Tuesday I bought two at $4.98 each and been eating on it a couple nights this week.  Its just as cheap to buy a uncooked chicken as a cooked one and saves time too.  Makes for quick simple meals and you can eat the chicken a variety of ways.  For me, I like simple.  I do like to cook but mostly just on weekends because when I get home from work, I like to make quick things and then relax or finish the many chores I have with keeping up with this house.  Those are the days I miss apartments.  Apartments = no yard work, no pool maintenance, etc etc.  All this added stuff sometimes get a little hard.  But hey when I lose more weight, I am hoping I have more energy to keep up with all this stuff on top of the inside cleaning and maintenance.

Happy Easter Weekend everyone!!! If anyone is traveling, be careful....the coppers were out this morning on my why to work checking for speeders big time.  There were too many to count.  So I am sure it will be like that on highways everywhere.  Be safe and have a wonderful weekend!!

This picture is from September 2009, but I just took my measurements as of right now (April 22, 2011)  I saw Rosalie's picture and figure I should go by measurements vs weight loss all the time.  I measured everything I could think of that will shrink, lol!!! I meant to say pooch, not pouch.  Didn't feel like going to edit the pic again. hehe!!


  1. Smuckers with truvia I had no idea..awesome!!! What a good idea to buy some cake slices instead of a whole cake. And I also love buying rotisserie chicken, sometimes we just have to be realistic with our time and cooking a whole chicken during the work week takes too much time.

    I know what you mean about apt living vs a house last yr we took care of a friend's family farm and it was soo much work, right now we are in an apt and enjoying the low mainatance life. Although we are starting to look for a starter house.

    Have a great day and a great weekend :)

  2. HI Lindsay - first you look beautiful in your picture. I never knew about the smuckers w/truvia either. I will look for it. I love rotisserie chicken also. I have bought it at walmart many times.
    Have a great weekend :-)

  3. Count me in as another fan of rotisserie chicken. It is delicious, it is cheap, and I don't have to to cook it, Whoo hoo! I am not a fan of cooking really. And honestly, I am not that interested in food either, lol. I think I got fat just eating lots of carby snacks between meals. It sure wasn't all the elaborate meals I cooked, lol.

    Taking measurements is a good idea, it gives you another way to tell if you are losing. I have found myself shrinking measurement wise some weeks without losing a pound.

    And, you look beautiful in your picture kiddo.

  4. You look so pretty in your picture:)
    Have a wonderful and "Blessed" Easter weekend:)

  5. Lindsay you can really tell a difference in your pictures and you look awesome. I was just at Target and I wish I would have know about the Jelly. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter and I think 28 is gonna be your year!

  6. HEy Girl!!! Sorry I havent visited in a while. Happy BElated Bday to you!!! Looks like you had a great day and very sweet of hubby to spoil you a bit. YOu deserve it!!!
    Have a wonderful Easter and keep in touch!