Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week 13 (day3)

Well I am going to go ahead and write while I have time because tonight at home probably won't since we only have one computer and my hubby is always on it.  I don't feel like talking about the hubby topic again in great detail.  Seems to just ruin my mood for the day.  We still aren't talking, I am waiting on him to come around when he wants to.  If he truly loves me after saying what he did then he should come to me.  That is my main thought.  Anyways new topic.

I have been trying to do low carb this week like (atkins low carb induction phase) but still following BFC of course.  Its just my weight has been staying at 197 but guess it has been some bad food choices and stress too.  I just want this weight to come off faster so I can feel better about myself because everything else right now sorta feels blah in my life.  I mean I have good days and bad days, but I would like to have more good days.  I am going to start living for just "me" now and no one else.  I am going to finish my Bachelors degree hopefully by the end of next summer and my goal is to be 140 by Christmas or hopefully sooner.  Right now this low carb eating is super easy.  I don't feel like I am about to bite off my arm any more because I think I have hit the point in the diet where I don't have cravings anymore.  I mainly just eat the bad choices when I am lazy or feeling blah.  So now that I kicked the cravings, I need to learn to kick the emotional eating.  Like today I had to force myself to eat, I wasn't even hungry, but I know I need to eat.  I am like this almost every day.  Its really strange.  Let me ask a question...  Do you think we have a calorie minimum?  I mean eating low carb makes the calories sorta low and I have read a lot of articles about starvation mode.  If we don't eat enough do you think our bodies are just going to hold onto everything thinking it needs it and then we won't lose weight?  I wonder if this is true.  What are your opinions?  A lot of articles say starvation mode for women is under 1200 calories for the average woman.  Somedays I eat like only 1000 calories so I wonder if my body just holds onto the food.  Maybe I should make sure I eat over 1200 calories everyday...

Well here is what I ate today:

B- 3 eggs scrambled with cheese + 3 slices of bacon (that precooked kind) + coffee + 2 SC

L- Spinach salad with spritzer dressing (that light spray type dressing-not bad), topped with 1/2 cup fiber one cottage cheese, one slice each of turkey and smoked ham, and 5 slices of cucumbers.  I had to force myself to eat a good bit of this because I just didn't want to eat.  Not because I don't like, but it was making me gag as I tried to force myself to eat, because I felt full.  Strange I must say cause I hardly ate anything today. 

D- If I can eat, I will plan to have a baked piece of Cod and some steamed asparagus with butter + 2 SC after dinner + One A Day Women's Vitamin (trying to be good about taking vitamins now too)

Well again and as always thanks for reading!! Wish you all the best when choosing your BFC approved foods and hope you have great will power. : )


  1. I would like to thank you for sharing. I started BFC in Jan 2010. I did really well and lost 50lbs. After Thanksgiving I got sick. It has been down hill ever since. I have gained back 24lbs. Today I decided to look back at the websites that I followed. I found your blog. I am going to get back on the BFC plan. I bing eat on sugar bad. It is just me at home so cooking isn't something I do a lot of.
    Your posts are good information. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you Teresa, Hope your back to full health now. Its hard once you go off but I did go off after losing 15 lbs and gained back a while back and this time I have tried not to allow anything to stop me. Good luck with your BFC journey. We all can do this. :)

  3. The emotional eating was a problem for me before, but not any more.
    You know what I think about the atkins thing.
    I think you will do better if you eat 1 grain carb with breakfast and lunch. But that's just me.
    I know Jorge says to not count calories - but I check them anyways, just a little.
    It seems like what you ate today is not enough. Just don't let yourself get hungry - that's all..
    Have a good day :-)

  4. You might be right Rosalie, I don't know why, but I rush myself into losing the weight because I am frustrated lately. I probably do need to add that grain carb into my eating most days because I was hungry after dinner since I had a hard time finishing my lunch and all a sudden it hit me. Well it was 9 pm and I ate something with 30 g of carbs. :( I need to stop rushing my weight loss. Thank you for the help seeing that heh!!! :) I am stubborn when it comes to this sometimes I guess.

  5. I would think 1200 calories would be the minimum that you should eat. Back in the days of owning my gym, it depended on your current weight, kind of like weight watchers. You start with more points the more you have to lose and then lose the points as your weight goes down. Do you have access to a Body Fat scale? It will tell you the calories that your body is using at rest, and then that gives you a starting point. Good luck. I agree with Rosie, carbs are not all bad!

  6. I have been thinking about you a lot today, and I really hope you and hubby get to a better place. I understand how it is to feel blah, and the weight isn't coming off fast enough. I'm proud of you going back to school, I need to go back I have a lot of negative feelings surrounding the fact that I haven't finished...even though I believe you are never to old to go back to school.

    You are doing so good not turning to food to deal with money and marriage stress, I hope you give yourself credit for that. Hang in there and keep sharing, we are all here for you :)