Monday, April 18, 2011

Start of Week 14 (weigh in day)

Well I am sad to report no weight loss again this week!!!  That is two weeks I have stayed at 197 :(  What a bummer!  But hey I am not giving up until I reach my goal.  NO matter what it takes, I WILL SUCCEED!!

New goals:
Eat better on the weekends (more regular meals)
Drink more water
Eat more fiber rich carbs

I had a very busy weekend and didn't eat like I was suppose to.  I went to an Italian restaurant with my grandma and there was hardly anything I could eat except maybe a side salad.  So I ate  baked veal roma I split it into three meals so I just ate a small bit.  I am not sure of the counts.  Sunday at a friends house I probably ate a little over my carbs because I was starving from not eating breakfast or lunch. <---my own fault, crazy me!! I need to eat something little whether I am hungry or not because later I know I will go on a eating binge.

Well today this is what I ate:
B- Egg Mcmuffin with coffee
L- Angus Bacon and cheese wrap
D-Carne Asada (two pieces) with a few corn tortillas, homemade avocado salsa, pica de gallo.
***I won't lie, I ate something awful today (a snickers) ahhhh!! I fought with myself like crazy about this, but I did it and I know it wasn't a wise choice.  I blame PMS for craving chocolate today.  I thought I was over cravings but driving home from work, all I could think about was CHOCOLATE!!

Well I will post more later, but I tired tonight and a little depressed about not losing weight.


  1. Don't feel bad about the chocolate Lindsay, we ALL go there sometimes. And right now, with Easter the chocolate is EVERYWHERE.

    And, you are right, you WILL get where you want to go. Keep trying, keep working on your food choices to make them more in line with what you want tham to be. If you do, the scale WILL catch up with your intention.

    Focus on the positive, tommorrow is another day to try again! And, you won't be trying alone! We are all trying too.

  2. Keep on keeping on!!! You can do it!

  3. You should really try ghirardelli intense dark midnight reverie 86% cacao it is the best low sugar dark chocolate I have found, I love it 1-2 squares is perfect.

    I know you can get to your goals, don't be discouraged especially since you are on your monthly and probably retaining water. You should try to have some good snacks around to help you from going so long in between meals, nuts and cheese and olives are some of my favorite snacks.

    I like what Helen says, "we are all trying too" amen to that! :)

  4. Hey dont beat yourself up we all have our moments. You will lose if you keep at it. I have stayed at 190 since the end of DEC so dont be to discouraged it happens. Just know if you feel better then you are doing something right.

  5. Yep, we've all been there and done that. I'm still 170, but was starting to put it on again, after getting down to 165. Now I'm in the same boat, and trying to get down to that #, and beyond! Great suggestions from the girls. Keep snacks- also no carbs past 3:00 pm helps. When I'm super craving, I make hot tea, and eat 85% + of chocolate, just a piece or two, but read labels for sugar/carb content. I usually have Greek Yogurt 1/2 cup with a little black, blue, or strawberries. Takes the sweet tooth edge away. When you start adding more veges to your meals, you will see the weight come off faster. Veges seem to move things right along, and your food doesn't get stuck, and will turn to fat. Keep your goal insight! We are climbing this hill!

  6. MANY hugs to you all!!! Thank you! I am trying to keep on keeping on :)

  7. Lindsay, have you tried microwaving frozen berries with some truvia on top for about 40 seconds, they will be slightly warm and then I put whipped cream on top. It is like a berry cobbler without the crust or carbs! It is so yummy!

  8. MMMM Kay that sounds yummy! I am going to try that! Thanks for the idea