Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week 11 (Day 6)

Well today is a beautiful day!! Filled with pollen though, ready for that to wash away.  Tired of driving a yellow car, when normally its suppose to be blue. hehe!!  This morning I went to church and they just started a new series this week called "Whatever"  (about apathy, anxiety, and anger).  They are talking about the story of Jonah and todays sermon was awesome.  I really related with it a lot.  Well now that I am home, its time to catch up on some cleaning and chores.  But first thing I decided to do today was go to the basement and pull out some old tops and capris that I use to wear a couple years ago.  Well I was down there trying things on and its like I went shopping and got a ton of clothes lol!! A bunch of 14s fit.  They are snug, but the stretchy material ones fit pretty good.  I got a couple tops out too, that will be nice for spring time.  I am excited.  Can't wait til I can fit in more of my old stuff. :) yay!!  So far no weight loss this week, but its okay I have come so far and I am not stopping.  I ate a couple things yesterday that I didn't know where going to affect me.  I guess I better ask for the nutrition guide at Olive Garden next time.  Either that or prepare myself before we go.

What I ate:  (Saturday)

B- nothing slept late

L- Ruby Tuesday's with my grandmother.  I had the fresh chicken sandwich without the bun.  I usually tell them just don't even bring the bun because its a waste.  And I subbed the fries for a garden side salad with balsamic vinegarette.  So basically the sandwich was just a piece of grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, and swiss cheese.  Quite tasty!!

D- Olive Garden (I got in a little trouble here from lack of knowing the nutrition facts)  I ordered Seafood Brodetto (which said different seafoods in a lite wine sauce)  So I figured this was okay, well it came out in a tomato saffron wine sauce.  Too much sugars and carbs.  So I just picked out some of the seafood which I don't think I would order again because it was too tomatoey (making up words--this I always do) lol!!  I had a bowl of there salad and two bits of the appetizer Lasagna fritta (this I could have ate all, because it was sooooo good, but to bad for us on the BFC)

Today I ate:

B- nothing (slept)  I am a major sleeper inner on the weekends ;)

L- Thin bun sandwich with turkey, chipotle cheese, and mayo (yummmm)

D- Turkey breast tenderloin, broccoli, and side salad with BFC friendly dressing.

Well I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!! :)

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  1. How awesome that your old clothes are fitting again...I had a moment like that too this weekend I wore jeans I haven't worn in years :) Going out to eat can be tough, I've found that even if the info is available often it doesn't include sugar, it's all about the fat, carb, protein and fiber. Anyway it sounds like you had a nice weekend...have a great day at work tomorrow :)