Friday, April 15, 2011

Week 13 (Day 4) Happy Friday!!!

Well hello everybody!  Happy Friday! : )  I know I am happy the weekend is almost here, just gotta work a couple more hours and its pretty slow for a Friday.  I am manning the office by myself today because my mom and dad decided to take a vacation day and go up the North Carolina for the weekend.  So I am glad nothing to crazy is going on so far.  There is still time left in the day so better not say to much about that or I will be jinxed.  Well me and hubby made up.  He missed me and not talking for a 24 hr. period made him realize.  We sorta agreed to both be better about things and he said he just said what he said in the heat of the argument.  I just gotta learn how to do the famous task of making him think he is the one that made certain decisions even though it was me that made the decision.  LOL!! You know the famous trick they say all women should learn how to master.  haha!! Trick you man into thinking it was his idea in the first place and you should never have a problem.  Except on certain men, its easier said then done, lol!! For example my husband who thinks he wrote the book on life and how your suppose to do certain things.  He is easy going for the most part and likes things simple, but there are a few specifics that he has a very strong opinion on.  Any advice from some of those women who have been married for years on mastering the secret trick?  hahah!! It may never be able to be mastered by me, but I sure as heck will try.  Just gotta be sneakier hehe!!  Haha found some silly pics!!  

This is me planning my secret plan to master the secret trick that every wife should know!!! Muahahaha! (evil laugh)

Planning for my secret Ninja spy attack!! (LoL)  These really are just silly pics, just felt like being a little funny today.  I don't really practice how to plan attacks against my hubby.  hehe!!

I wanted to share a couple things I found the other day.  First some carb swaps, not sure if I shared this link before that I got from the email club.  Made me think of it again when I posted a response to Katie's blog yesterday. 

Just a small little list of extra carb swaps and drink swaps.  It might help with some more ideas for some.

Also I am fans of a bunch of facebook low carb and low sugar pages.  There are so many out there and there is one called.!/ToneItUp

On there info page they have a blog plus an email club you can sign up for too.  I signed up a while back and they have some interesting things.  While we can't have some of the fruit they recommend, we can have a lot of other food stuff they use.  Plus they have tons of free work out videos on their page and blog.  I would kill to have a body like that.  Hehe!! Maybe one day.  They are a tad too skinny in my opinion, but hey I wouldn't mind getting close to that.  Anyways just thought I would share.

While on youtube, I saw some videos of people posting in with the above blog, because they had some type of contest and you get to win free stuff.  That is another cool reason for being part of some of these facebook pages.  So I heard about this peanut butter.  Sounded interesting.  So thought I would share.  May just be easier to find a low sugar peanut butter in your local store, but most the time I can't find a peanut butter that only has one gram of sugar or less in it.  So this would be a good option.

Also here is another link I found.  I just was finding lots of cool stuff yesterday.  : )  WOhoo!!  (lots of great stuff at this site)  This is actually the link where the PB2 is located for sale, but check out the rest of the site lots of low carb and low sugar stuff.  I know there are tons of low carb sites out there, Amber mentions one store in particular on here blog.
(This is a good site too, but the Viva Low Carb site seems to be with other options as well and somewhat cheaper on some products)

What I ate:  (yesterday - Thursday)

 B- 3 eggs scrambled with cheese, 3 slices of pre cooked bacon (that oscar meyer kind that you just microwave) since I am always in a hurry in the mornings, high fiber wrap (12g fiber) with melted cheese plus coffee + 2 SC  (I took the advice and added back some carbs)  I probably will lose just as good this way and stay more full)

L- Wendy's chicken nuggets (10) with ranch sauce and side garden salad with tomatoes and carrots picked out.  Unsweet tea with truvia

D- 8 oz. of tilapia cooked with a little olive oil, butter spray and adobo (I love this spice!!!)  Its good on EVERYTHING!  plus I hate one medium steamed zucchini tossed with some braggs for flavor.

Well I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!! Remember don't cheat over the weekend, that is usually my hardest two days of the week with the healthy eating, but we can do it!!


  1. Lindsay I am so glad that you guys made up. i know how miserable and alone it can be when you are not speaking.
    A lot of good stuff on here today.
    Have a great day :-)

  2. Life it too short to fight, so I'm glad you are working it out. That communication thing between a husband and wife is one of the hardest parts to deal with in a marriage. At least it is for me, who married the strong, and silent type. Well, it's all good. My guy is stubborn, so all that thinking about let the man think it's his idea, doesn't really work in most situation, since I get tired of waiting for an answer, and jump the gun almost every time. I give him a little chance but I'd be waiting a long time if I left everything up to him. So there's two school of thoughts, let him, or just do it! HeHe! 28 years baby!

  3. I'm so glad to hear you guys made up, it's crazy how the people we are the closest to can get under our skin and piss us off. I love my hubby so much, but sometimes I miss when I was single and lived alone lol. Anyway, I hope your folks have a nice get away, and you have a nice weekend :)

  4. Lol, I totally know what you mean Katie!!! haha Sometimes i miss the living alone part when I could just deal with myself and make my own easy decisions. Do whatever if I wanted hehe.

    I know also what you mean Kasey. Mine is stubborn and silent so I don't think the trick of making him think it was his idea would work either. I just always try. hehe