Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 13 (New start)

Well here I start on week 13 so that is officially 3 months behind my belt with this new healthy BFC lifestyle.  It was also weigh in day today and I don't have a weight loss to report unfortunately.  But no worries, I am going low carb this week because I said I was last week and that didn't happen very well.  I had several bad choices over the weekend because well I just don't have an excuse really.  Friday was a crazy day at work and to tell you the truth I barely can remember what I ate.  I am going to try to list what I ate over the weekend the best that I can remember, but its not going to look good.  I don't know what the heck was going through my mind when I made all these terrible choices.  But I am moving on and I will weigh in tomorrow and hopefully I will see some loss after eating low carb today, but maybe not.

Friday was a crazy crazy day at work so I had to work in the warehouse helping pulling orders and putting up this huge stock order.  And my family's company sells car parts so that was very tiring.  I got a good work out in though, I would say.  Then Saturday my mom came over and helped me paint my guest room this really pretty yellow color.  Like this butter cream yellow, previously it was an icky green that came with the house when we bought it.  It been sitting there since 2007 and finally I got around to decorating this room.  I am thinking to do a beach theme with the walls like a yellow sunshine.  I am hoping it will turn out cute.  But painting it hard work, climbing up and down the ladder edging around the crown molding, wheww!!  Glad that part is over.  Sunday I just went to church and did lots of laundry.  Nothing too exciting.

What I ate:

B- English muffin
L- Wendys wrap + diet coke
D- Fajitas just the meat, peppers and onions no tortilla.  I did have a few of my hubby's cheese fries + horchata

B- none
L- double fiber natures own bread with turkey and chiptle gouda cheese with a few veggie straws
D- Zaxbys chicken finger plate :( (wayyyy to many carbs) (see bad choice weekend)

D-2 tuna sandwiches (one on double fiber wheat and one on white) I think I need to eat better.  I wasn't hunger and then I went over board all weekend.  I know see what happened with falling into these bad choices.

B- coffee
L- wendys nuggets and garden side salad with tomatoes and carrots taken out with ranch dipping sauce
D- lemon pepper chicken thin breast and half a plate of broccoli with butter

My goal this week, don't skip any meals!!  I had been doing so good and then I just had the I don't care attitude this weekend because I was so tired and got lazy.  Really I don't need to have any excuses so I will just improve this week.

Thank you for listening everyone. :)


  1. Weekends are really hard for me too because my friend and I love to eat out for breakfast. She's doing really well with ordering eggs, ham, and toast, no potatoes but a salad or tomato slices, and me of course, has to order the Fresh Fruit Crepes, or Lilikoi Cream Cheese stuffed French Toast. Because coffee taste so good with these two favorite, but I pay a penalty even when I eat the BFC way the rest of the day. I go pretty good during the week, but weekends aghhhhhhh! I was going to say, Don't skip the most important meal of the day, BREAKFAST, but I see you know it already because it's your goal! New Start! I've had many of those on this, you just got to find a fast, efficient breakfast that is good for you! Lately mine is Rudy's English Muffin, toasted with Almond Spread, or Hummus, or Avocado, or cheese. Great with coffee too.

  2. Just keep on keeping on Lindsay. We all have those I don't give a bleep bad choice days. That's life sometimes. Tommorrow is another day to make a better choice.

    Your yellow room sounds lovely. I had a yellow room in my old house, I painted it a sort of buttery yellow and I loved it, it was so cheery.


  3. You are doing the right thing just getting back in there. You are doing great. We all have our moments of weakness and cheats just have to get back in it. I am going to be having a surgical consult on my neck so I am a little behind in the game as well. Just trying to eat best as possible and not to beat ourselves up.

  4. I too cheated this weekend...hubby and I went to cold stone to use a gift certificate adn even though I had the small love it size I know the sugar was sky high...but today is a new day and a new week. My old room at my folks is yellow and I still love it, even though it is now my Mom's sewing room.

  5. Hi Lindsay - I did not read this when I posted today. That might be a good idea for you to set you alarm on your phone to remember to eat.
    I know you love those things but you really need to cut off cold turkey the diet cokes and Horchata's. I miss them too.
    It's too bad I don't live near you - cause I sew really well and I could make you some cute curtains for you new room.
    Have a good day tomorrow. :-)