Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week 12 ( Day 3)

Well today has been a good day so far.  I am sorta tired.  I recently decided to go back to school to finish my Bachelor's degree.  I am so close to getting it that I need to finish this goal for myself and of course it would be great for a career move as well.  I am tired because I have gone back in forth in my mind about which concentration to specialize in.  See I am a very very very indecisive person well when it comes to choosing the rest of my life I would say.  I went to school for 4 years, but changed my major so much that it created a problem of never finishing one type of degree.  I started out specializing in Biology then transferred schools to specialize in Vet technology then decided to move home and just went to a community college to finish some sorta Associate degree.  Well I got an Associate degree in business administration back in 2005 and always wanted to finish my Bachelors, but was scared because the huge chunk of money I would have to pay.  I mean I would be happy just making a little money and being a stay at home mom one day, but on the other side I would love to have a degree and make good money as well.  So see the indecisiveness again.  So I decided to bite the bullet and finish.  As of Sept. 6th I will be starting my Bachelor's in Business Admin. and should be completed in about one year.  Maybe one or two classes would have to be taken in the first quarter of the following year, but not much at all left.  I am going to Walden University and they offer classes every six weeks so I should be able to finish quickly since I have a lot of free time at work.  I am going to finish online since I work full time.  I just have to decide my concentration within the Business Admin degree.  Any body wanna help me decide?  I have narrowed it down a bit to:  Management, Finance, or HR Managment...possibly accounting but that takes a little longer and that means more money to put on my student loan so sorta leaning away from Accounting.  Well geez I have babbled on about this enough.  See why this is tiring.... hah!!

Well what I ate today: 

B- Thomas Lite Multi Grain english muffin with butter + 3 super cleanse + coffee

L- Baby spinach salad topped with turkey, cucumbers, cheese, sunflower seeds, and I had a leftover wendys dressing packet (Lemon grass ceasar) (only 1g sugar in packet) 

D- Fish with broccoli, and maybe a side salad

S- few almonds (after lunch snack) but these weren't salted ones so sorta blah!

Thanks for reading all my blabbing about school, if you made it through to the end. ;)  hhehe!!! I just needed to vent, because I stress every time I start registering for school and then I chicken out and don't end up going through, but this time I am seriously determined no matter what.  Its just one year and I will be able to hang that diploma up and be so proud of myself.  I hope!! =)


  1. Not blabbing at all Lindsay. Writing it out is just another way of thinking it through. That's what you're doing, and it is a smart thing to do. Good decisions take time and thought. And we all need to be READY before we can do anything. Keep on thinking till you know what you want. Thumbs UP!

  2. I really admire you for going back to school. I never went to college so I might not be much help. I know you can do whatever you set your mind too.

  3. Thank you so much Helen and Rosalie!! =) I think with the help of my family, Finance is the way I am leaning. Accounting is way more expensive, HR - sorta limits me a little, Management isn't really what I want because I don't want to manage a store or business really. But I love me some numbers so finance I think is going to be my choice after thinking all day about it. Thank you for the support girls!!

  4. How awesome that you are going back to school to finish what you started. I'm in a simliar boat, I didnt' know what to do so I took a bunch of classes, now I know I want to do something nutrition related and I just need to go back an finish it up.

    Just like losing weight helps you to feel your best, finishing up school will give you confidence about yourself. I am so happy for you that you are taking such a big step. :)

  5. Having your education is a true gift, and it will open up a lot of doors for you Lindsey. Finance is a great choice if your good with numbers, and I am not, so I admire people who are! You're young and have so much time to follow your dreams, so I'm glad you made a great decision:)

  6. As a Mom, I say....get your degree!!! I wish desperately that I would have finished. I started a family instead, but in my later years, it would have helped a lot with job prospects! Good luck!!!

  7. Thank you girls!!! :) Katie you should do something in nutrition, that would be awesome! I would love to do something like that, but I really love my numbers hehe!! Guess I am crazy like that. Like Finance and sorta being an office manager like I am now. So maybe I can find something in that field after I finish. Thank you Kasey and Kay! My mom feels the same way, she wants me to get the chance to finish like she never got to do. I am hoping I don't pull out my hair trying to finish. Thank you all for the kind remarks. :)