Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week 2 Jan 26th What I ate

Okay well this morning when I woke up, I didn't quite feel myself yet, but I think the little cold I have developed will only last another day to two hopefully.  I no longer have that awful throat feeling, but some of the regular old fun head cold is still hanging around.  Anyways, I am sure no one wants to hear all about that, lol!!! 

I am glad its Wednesday because back to American Idol auditions! Woohoo!! I love that show and especially the auditions part.  It cracks me up sometimes.

Today I ate:

I am going to start including the S/C values I guess...helps to keep track better for me.  This is the only place I write it down, so if I don't lose weight I can go back and look at my past posts and see what choices I might need to stay away from next time.  Plus maybe it will help someone else too for meal ideas.  I know I have stolen a couple meal ideas from a couple other bloggers who post what they eat.  It helps me stick with some variety.  =)

Breakfast- Grilled cheese sandwich (2/2) and water, and of course the regular coffee, truvia, and powdered creamor

Lunch- One Wendy's Homestyle wrap (1/2) and water

Dinner - I tried a recipe from (called Skinny Tuna Casserole) except I substituted some things in her recipe to make it a bit more BFC friendly.  Like I used Shirataki noodles instead of her suggested noodles to make it lower carb and I used chicken instead of tuna (because I hate warm tuna).  You guys might like but not me.  The S/C value is 5/1  I didn't realize peas are very naturally sugary so my suggestion is to used another veggie like broccoli  I will know for next time.  I know its within the BFC limits....I just usually don't like to be right on the point...ya know what I mean.  And I added a small side salad with only cheese and Ken's Family Recipe dressing (no sugars or carbs in this flavor dressing)

I may have to have one of my dark choc. macadamia nut clusters for dessert later, but right now dinner filled me up big time. 

Alrighty signing off!! Goodnight girls!! Keep on making those good BFC choices and keep on blogging! =)


  1. Hi Lindsay, I hope you feel better soon. SOunds like you did good w/the meals today.
    I am watching now too.:-)

  2. Lindsay, I hope you feel better soon. I had that and it lasted for weeks. What is the wendys wrap sounds good. I am watching american idol right now.

  3. Thanks girls! :) Yea I think this cold isn't going away that fast. I felt so bad this morning, I had to stay home from work. I can't even breath ugh!