Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Weekend Post of week 2

Hello everyone!!  Well the weekend is over and so is my cold, almost.  I think by tomorrow I should be back to almost 100%.  Just got a little sinus pressure left,  but pretty much the rest is good.  I attending a new church today with friends and it was awesome.  Great upbeat music and great preacher.  Really got us all laughing and that helped to really understand and keep everyone interested.

Well this weekend wasn't totally awful for eating, but it wasn't great either.  All I felt like eating was chicken nuggets and sprite.  When I am sick, I eat like a little child.  Don't ask me why, but its all that soothes my stomach and makes me feel better.  That and I had lots of orange juice.  So basically I have been off the diet for three days (since Friday).  But in that time, I didn't eat tons of food or anything.  I probably actually ate fewer calories then on a normal BFC day.  Anyways....I will be back to regular healthy BFC eating tomorrow for a fresh start on week 3.  I still need to weigh myself tomorrow.  I don't know if it will truly show a lose or not.  But my main goal is to not have gained any weight this week.  This morning, the scale showed I had lost 2 lbs. for this week, but not sure if that is true or not.  We will see tomorrow.

Thank you everyone for all the well wishes and the motivation while having this awful cold.  I meant a lot to me!! Good luck BFC'n everyone!! : )


  1. Hey Lindsay I am glad you are feeling better those colds seem to last forever. We have been wanting to try a new church but have not found one yet. It is kind of nice to try something new and different. Hope you have a great week!

  2. HI Lindsay, I'm glad you feel better, and tomorrow is a new day. Just start fresh. Hope your weight is down. :-)