Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan 23 rd. What I ate...

Today I did a little cleaning and laundry around the house.  I prepared some estimates for my hubby's company and I really hope we get the jobs.  We really need them to stay a float in this drowning economy.  I know one of the jobs will be a yes, since its for my family. ; )  But I am also hoping my hubby gets an approval on the second estimate too to remodel someone's den.  Everyone please keep there fingers crossed, because work has been really slow and I really want things to turn around and start looking up for us in the job area.  Everything else is going really great right now, and I just say a prayer each night to God to be looking over us.  =)

What I ate today:

Breakfast & Lunch :  Kinda more like a brunch since I ate at a weird time.  I had two eggs, nitrate free bacon (which Jorge suggest is the best to use, but guess it doesn't truly matter), and two slices of toast with butter, and of course water.

Dinner:  Carne Asada (OMG all I can say is yummmmmm!!!) My hubby is the best Carne Asada maker ever!!! I only had one tortilla to stay within the carb limit, a tiny helping of black beans, homemade guacamole, and water again. = )  It was all soooooooooo yummmmy!!!!

If anyone wants the Carne Asada or Guacamole recipe, I will post later.

Everyone have a great night!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Weigh in is first thing tomorrow morning so I am praying for success. =)

Love to all my sisterhood bloggers!!!  I know quite a few of you are going to thru a rough time right now and we are all here for each other.  Goodnight girls!!!!


  1. Hey girl!! I will definitely say a prayer for you & your hubby to get those jobs. God hears the desires of our hearts so keep praying. I am sure he will listen.
    Doesnt look like you are eating much there girl! Maybe you arent getting enough in and thats why you havent been losing as fast as you would like. Ah heck, we never lose as fast as we would like, do we?
    Anyways, keep us posted how you did at your weigh in and remember no matter what,its just a doesnt define who you are and what you are worth cuz you are precious and priceless!
    ((HUGS)) Sherri

  2. Well yea I was feeling the lack of eating today about and hour or so ago, so I had a couple sugar free candies made with malitol and some cheese straw my grandma made me. And now I am trying to fill up on some water. Actually I might not be eating enough because my digestion seems to be off, even though I believe I am losing. We will find out tomorrow. Thank you for the extra prayers Sherri, it means a lot to me. Yea I would love to lose like at least 5 lbs. or more a week haha but yea its a same we never lose like we expect, but we can't give up. Plus I know sometimes we will have bad days and sometimes really good days. Your a sweetheart for your comment at the end. Thank you!!! Hugs!!! =)

  3. We hope the economy is turning around, and pray too for your husband to get both jobs as well. It's always a blessing to have family near, who needs work done, and everyone is happy. If you want to fill up on something early in the evening, try drinking a Hot Herbal Tea, or eat a Hard boiled egg, or drink a Protein shake. I've been having one of these during the evenings, and the scale is finally budging again in the right direction. AND WE DO WANT THOSE RECIPES! I GREW UP IN SAN DIEGO, AND MISS GREAT TASTING FOOD LIKE THIS! THANKS!

  4. Oh yes, we sure do want those recipes! :) Hard times everywhere, but California seems to be having an especially hard time. Praying that you stay afloat. Have you guys considered moving, or is that out of the question?

  5. Thank you girls for the good words about the potential jobs!! Very sweet of you all with the words of encouragement. I will post the recipe for Carne Asada and my Guacamole later today when I post what I ate for the day (probably this evening).

    @Kasey--I might have to try your protein shake idea is like a breakfast on the good thing, I have a vanilla one made with stevia. Maybe I will make a smoothie. Just wish I could put some fruit in it too.

    @Minichick--about the moving thing, I have thought of it, but we just bought the house in 2007 and its upside down right now because the economy has caused the value to be lower then what we owe on it right now so I don't think that would help unless I did some kinda bankruptcy thing, which I wanna stay away from. We are getting money help from my family this month and hopefully by the time the next payment is due, jobs will start rolling in. All we really need is one good job of approx. $2k profit a month for my husband and we should be good, but tight still, but manageable.

    So of course any prayers that anyone wants to say, would be a great help. And of course all you girls are in my thoughts in prayer for the various things I know we are all dealing with in this time. :)

    Much Love to all!!!