Sunday, January 23, 2011

What I ate Jan. 21st and Jan. 22nd.

Friday Jan. 21st

Breakfast - Grilled cheese on a low sugar/carb bread and coffee with my usual

Lunch - Turkey deli meat and cow pals cheese

Snack - few pork grinds

Dinner- 2 low carb wraps (2 still are within one carb limit) with pork carnitas, onion and cilantro

Snack - sugar free (made with malitol) 2 pieces of coconut choc.  (they are very very tiny, but get the choc. fix)

Water with all meals (I am trying to drink as much water as I can)

Saturday Jan. 22nd

Breakfast - Egg McMuffin with water

Lunch- Chinese (every other Saturday I visit my grandmother to take her on errands and help her around her house---because she can't get around like she use too, plus I really enjoy visiting her.)  She wants to go to this Chinese buffet after I took her to run to a couple stores.  I told her I was on a diet, but I could probably find some things I could eat there.  So I choose a couple meats that weren't drenched in sugary sauce, and had one tiny spoonful of rice with the veggies in it.  I had a couple pieces of sushi California rolls and drank water. I may have gone over on my sugars or carbs a bit, but I don't know all the contents of the sauces.  But I did try my hardest to make the best choices possible to me.  Oh and my grandmother loves to cook and she sent me home with some cheese straws (I can have one or two and stay within the carb limit since they have flour and rice crippsey in them)

Dinner - wasn't very hungry because of lunch but I did have a small sandwich with a piece of cheese and salami with a piece of the sugar free coconut choc. and again water.

When you go out with other people its sometimes hard, but we gotta try to find what we can to eat, I know everyone won't always be perfect, but tomorrow is always another day. : )  I can't wait to see how much I have lost tomorrow morning when I weigh myself.  I haven't weighed all week because I wanted to it to be a surprise after a week long of dieting.  Well see and hope for some good news.  I am hoping on 5 lbs. at least, but well see. =)


  1. Oh my gosh, you've posted a lot since I've last been here! It sounds like you're doing great. Hoping for the best at your weigh-in tomorrow. :)

  2. Yea hehe I redesigned my blog and started following my diet super duper strictly well except one or two little flub ups, but I don't think they hurt me to badly. Yea I decided that posted regularly makes me be more accountable for what I eat and I feel like people can critique me a bit or possibly my eating ideas might even help someone else that is new to our blogger site. :) I am glad to see you back Minichick. I was starting to miss everyone because no one was posting regularly or even commenting anymore. :( I don't know where they all have been. Probably just alot going on in everyone's life. =)