Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jan 18th---what I ate & some good news

Okay well today was a half successful day because the evening got a little out of whack, but I am making up for it today.

Breakfast-  Coffee with powdered creamer, 2 truvia, Egg McMuffin

Lunch - Several slices of turkey lunch meat and 2 slices of cow pals cheese with water

Dinner - this is where it got bad : ( two thin slices of pizza and a small piece of birthday cake. : (  I was doing so well, and I was sad about this choice.

The reason for the bad dinner choice is I actually had to go to my best friends house after work to drop off her wedding photos that my brother gave me since he was the photographer for her wedding.  So in trade she fed me dinner, but then I found out it was her husband's mothers' birthday and we celebrated and someone just started passing out cake and I feel rude not to accept what they give me.  Now it was a very small piece so I don't think its totally bad with carbs, but probably awful with sugars, b/c it tasted like some sort of tres leche/flan sorta thing.  It was yummy, but actually made me feel sorta sick so I guess that is a good thing so we know I want make this choice again as long as I can stand it.  Or next time I will just take Rosalie technique and have one or two bites of someones' just for taste. ; )

I am so so happy that I feel like I can really stick to this this time around, so far I haven't craved anything like uncontrollably so this is a very good thing.

Let me share some recipes I tried from which is a great great website.  You just have to watch out for the sugars in some recipes, because she doesn't sub the sugars we are allowed to have in the BFC diet, but I am sure we could figure out how to sub the right sugars (like truvia, stevia, etc).

I have tried:
Mexican Slow Cooked Pork Carnitas (which I must say were so flavorful) and you can put it on a low carb tortilla of your choice or on top a salad with cilantro, avocado, or onions.

Broiled or Grilled Pollo Sabroso (this literally is the juiciest most tasty chicken I have ever had and its all BFC approved.)

And on a good news size, I had a doctors appt. yesterday to get my blood checked for my thyroid levels and I had told them I was trying to diet and the dosage of 50 mcg just wasn't raising my TSH levels to were they needed to be so he tested my blood and decided to double my dosage to 100 mcg which I truly hope helps with the weight to come off.  I have lost weight doing this diet, but the the holidays had hit and I gained most back plus an extra 10. : (  I am have had the hardest time losing so I am happy for hopefully finding my right dosage for my thyroid because that would make things that much better for my weight loss journey.  : )

God Bless all!! And give us all the strength to succeed in our goals for weight loss this year!

I have included this picture in today's blog because in November I was in my best friends wedding as a bridesmaid and well my brother (who was the photographer of the wedding) just finished editing photos and I got to see them for the first time this week, and this is my main goal on why I will stop at nothing to fail at this diet.  I have to achieve the goal of 70 lbs weight lose this year, because I was discussed at this photo.  The dress was not flattering on me at all.  : (  I just shared a couple photos from one day at work when we were taking some Christmas photos and a couple from the wedding.  I can't wait til the day I lose enough weight I am not discussed by the size of my huge arms.  Sorry today's blog was just a venting about all these pictures I hate.  I mean I love pictures but one day I hope I like what I see in them. : )


  1. Your photo's are fun, thank you for sharing them. You are young and beautiful and you are treating yourself to the best life you can live by making healthier choices. Just delve into all the information you can about health so you can keep your energy levels going with your positive attitude Lindsay and you will make your goals, I have no doubt. I think red is your color! Nice blog too, I will link it on mine.

  2. Thank you so much Kasey! Very sweet of you to say :) I have been following my diet good all week and I am so happy that I have stuck to it. I actually feel a lot better, and a tiny bit of looseness in my jeans (not much but a little). So I just keep thinking keep this up for the whole month and can't wait to see how much I lose. Thank you for linking my blog. I wanna link others on mine too, but haven't really figured out how to put them on the side panel yet. Still working on that and when I do, I will link yours :)