Monday, January 24, 2011

Jan. 24th What I ate

I changed my font today, because I think it was hard to read.  I was noticing that too.  hehe!! =)

Breakfast- 1/2 bowl of oatmeal (it turned out tasting to sweet even though no real sugar)  I just wasn't feeling oatmeal this morning I guess.  Plus I had coffee w/truvia and creamer.

Lunch- Couple slices of Salami and Cow pals cheese

Dinner- Broiled Lemon buttered tilapia (super yummy), steamer brocolli & cauliflower in cheese sauce, and a side salad.

Recipe for Carne Asada:

Couple lbs. of Fajita Steak or Diezmillo (needs to be really thin)
Lime Juice
Onions sliced long and thin (sprinkle all over and toss around with meat)
Cilantro diced up (same as you do with onions)
Minced onion flakes or onion powder
Season All Spice or Adobo Seasoning
Meat Tenderizer
Worcestershire sauce
Small amount of Red Cooking Wine or Can of Beer
A tiny bit of oil (can be olive oil or whatever you have)
Garlic salt (just a little sprinkle all over)

I didn't put measurements, because everything is just sprinkled all over the meat.  It doesn't have to be the exact on both sides, as long as it gets on there.  Then let it marinate at least an hour, but of course the longer the better (as always when marinating).

Lindsay's Homemade Guacamole =)

Depending how much your going to make, you will need more or less avocados.
But this recipe will be enough for four-six servings

3 large avocados
Lime Juice
Yellow or Red onions
Cilantro diced

First cut open the avocados and scoop all out into a bowl and smash with whatever works for you.  I use a fork.  Squirt for your taste some lime juice and add salt to your liking as well.  Stir around really good until smooth.  Then add diced onion and cilantro.  Probably about a 1/4 of cup of each or more if you like more onions in your guacamole.  And WALA!!! The yummiest guacamole has been made and ready for you to enjoy.  I love this stuff so much, I practically could just eat it with a spoon. LOL!!!


  1. HI Lindsay - boy your dinner sounds so good!! I hope you are doing well. So proud of you for the great loss lately. Keep going...:-)

  2. Hey Lindsay, great job on the 8lb weight loss that must make you want to jump up and down. Keep up all your great work. I like your new background.

  3. Yea the dinner was yummy, I could have eaten more, but I was trying not to overdo it. :) I am doing good except for an awful sore throat I developed this morning passed along from my hubby's cold he just got over. :( @Kasey--yes I definitely felt like jumping up and down. I think I told everyone I knew about my weight loss. I even am trying to get my mom to follow the diet, but she doesn't seem to wanna do it right now. I might convince her after she sees how much weight I hope to lose. ;)